Lobbying The British Government: Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar

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Lobbying The British Government: Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar

Over the past 4 weeks, the Rohingya, a community numbering nearly 1 million in Burma’s Arakan state have been under siege by local Rakhine community also living in Arakan.

The UN have described the Rohingya as ‘the most persecuted community in the world’ and have referenced the Rohingya as the Palestine of Asia. It is reported that the Rohingya have been living in Myanmar from as far back as the 8th Century, yet in 1962, the Burmese military junta began a programme of ethnic cleansing. Starting by denying birth certificates and citizenship to the Rohingya, right now, the community are in a perilous situation where they are being targeted because they are not of the same race and religion of the Buddhist majority Rakhine. Looking darker and closer to the South Asian race as opposed to the more oriental looking majority, and being Muslims as opposed to Buddhist, the Rohingya are being targeted by state sponsored ethnic cleansing.

In recent weeks, villages belonging to the Rohingya have been burnt to the ground, whilst refugees fleeing to other countries have been refused entry left to fend for themselves on board rickety boats on rough seas.

The Myanmerese Government refuse to accept Rohingya as citizens and as such have no rights in a country they call their motherland.

This issue is much larger than a Myanmar only problem, it is fast becoming one of the worst cases of ethnic cleansing alongside the likes of Rwanda, Bosnia and even the holocaust of the Second World War.

We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.

Rt Hon William Hague MP
First Secretary of State, Secretary of State For Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH

Rt Hon William Hague,

I am writing to you regarding the recent conflict between the Rohingya and Rakhine community in Western Myanmar over the past month and the increasing humanitarian crisis which is occurring there.

You visited Burma in January earlier this year and actually requested Burmese authorities to tackle this specific issue. Since then however, ethnic clashes have broken out in Rakhine state over the month of June with as many as 90,000 Rohingya displaced following the mass burning of many Rohingya villages. Innocent civilians are being targeted because of their ethnic background and religion. As you made inferences in January, this issue regards urgent attention.

Burma has begun its democratisation which can only be commended. However, the mere fact that since 1962 no Rohingya have been issued with birth certificates rendering them aliens to their own country means that they have no citizen rights and as a result their human rights are being abused.

The High Commissioner to Bangladesh, on June 27th, Robert Gibson, mentioned that the British Government had made contact with Myanmar authorities over these issues. We ask you to take a stand raising this issue publically to the House and further to the Burmese Government to ensure that Britain’s opposition to such human rights abuses can act as an example to other countries. Whilst the Government has shown a willingness to help Myanmar during this democratisation over recent months, this treatment of its inhabitants which is in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 3, 6, 13, 15, and 16. As such we urge you to advise that the British Government cease its economic ties with Burma and its support towards a state which is responsible for the massacres of thousands of Rohingyas. We hope that international diplomacy and pressure will ensure that the Rohingya are given fair and equal rights as citizens in Burma.

Many NGO’s and independent journalists have said that the situation in Burma with the Rohingya is a modern day ethnic cleansing. Reports covered even by the UK Guardian have suggested mass burning, looting and murder of Rohingya men, women and children. We strongly urge that Foreign Office voice its opposition to this ethnic cleansing and hopefully ensure that lives can be saved and dignity restored for the Rohingya.

We, the British public and members of the international community, urge you to take forward our collective calls to take a stand over this issue and further to voice the Rohingya community so that we can avoid large scale ethnic cleansing in the region. We also hope that Britain can assist in providing relief and aid to the displaced Rohingya of the region.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully
The Undersigned

Our target is 10,000 signatures

2434 Signatures

Mr. Zafar Ahmad s/o Abdul Ghani (Malaysia KL): Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)

27 JUNE 2012


Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) is deeply concerns over the Meeting between General Thein Sein and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

We fear the meeting will cause more harm to Rohingyas as the Bangladesh government never be in favour towards Rohingya. We do not know what will happen to us after their meeting. During the Nagamin Checking in 1978, more than 300 000 ethnic Rohingya fled to Bangladesh however thousands of them deported back to Burma by the Bangladesh government. Thousands of them faced prosecution by the military junta. Though Bangladesh is a Muslim country but they never treat us as Muslim brother and sisters. Thousands of Rohingyas fled to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and India.

Thousands of Rohingyas currently were arrested in the Bangladesh Prisons for many decades until they died. The condition in the prison is very bad. Thousands of Rohingyas currently staying in the UNHCR Refugee camp in Bangladesh in a very very bad conditions for many decades. There is lack of food, water, medicine and hygiene in the camps. Many people fall sick and died.

We the Rohingyas are not looking for the temporary solution. We look for the permanent solution which is recognition as the citizen of Myanmar. We are the origin people of the Arakan State @ Rakhine State. We are not belong to Bangladesh. We did not speak Bangladesh language and our culture is different. How come the junta claims that we belongs to Bangladesh. On top of this the Bangladesh government itself denied that we belongs to them. We are the origin people of the Arakan State @ Rakhine State of Burma.

The military junta, police and the security force are mainly Buddhist. They continue their plan for ethnic cleansing towards Rohingyas. Until now they continue killing Rohingya, arresting and demanding money, raping of women, burning our houses and Mosque. Recently the military, police and security force go to Rohingya’s houses and confiscated our document (family book). This is very serious as thousands of us left without document. We fear what will happen to us and our generations.

The military claims the situation in ARakan State @ RaKhine State are back to normal but the information we received from back home is still the same. Currently the military, police and security force killing Rohingya underground.

We cannot hope Aung San Suu Kyi to change our future as she cannot make her own decision as far as Rohingyas are concerns.

Who else we can hope for? The United Nations and the world leaders seems not to have power to stop it.

We hope Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to strongly condemn the brutal act of military junta towards Rohingyas. She must urge the military junta to stop persecution and prosecution towards Rohingyas and Recognize Rohingya as a citizen of Myanmar. If the problem is not resolve, Bangladesh will continue to be affected by our problem.

Junta has committed an international crimes towards its own people. The gross human rights violations such as arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, forced labour, killing of ordinary people, discrimination of ethnics, denial of freedom of movement, etc continues.

Below are some Updates from our Arakan State:

There are five Rohingya villages that were not burned down yet. Rohingya people from other villages those homes were burned down into ashes or destroyed have been taking shelter in the said villages. So far, a group of Rakhine racist mobs have been surrounding the villages with lethal weapons such as— knives, sticks, swords— though the armies were deployed in Akyab. Few Rohingyas were sneaking out in fear of death and the rest are staying to face whatever happens to them at night, according to an elder from Akyab.

So far, there is no international representative to monitor the situation. The UN representative sent to Burma last week was taken to the military’s selected places, not to original places of Rohingya villages where people have been locked in the homes, where food is quickly running out in that areas and no international journalists are able to cover the situation, he more add.
The government sent a few Burmese military personnel to protect in those villages, is only watching them. This is a shame.

What is happening in the Arakan is not a communal riot and it is a controlled genocide? We urge the international community to force Burma to allow International observers and media personal, which appear to be the only way to stop the ongoing genocide, said a Rohingya leader from Akyab.
“In Akyab only, over 30,000 Rohingya Muslims become homeless due to burning homes by police and Hluntin accompanied by a group of Rakhines mob. The security forces totally give security to the Rakhine people while they were torching the homes of Rohingyas or Rohingya villages. The security forces shot on fire to the villagers while they protected their homes from torching by Rakhine mobs. The security forces killed and wounded many villagers along with Rakhines racists and many women including girl were raped.”
No Rohingya can go out due to curfew order, if any one is found out side of the home or village, he/she can be shot dead. Most affected villages are East and west Barsara village, Rohingya Para (old market of Mawlake), Nazir Para including seven small villages. Half of the villagers were killed accompanied by wounded. This is very difficult to communicate each other in Akyab and to counts the dead bodies, missing people and wounded persons are very difficult as the security personnel were taking the dead bodies with them where the arrested persons are unknown where the arrestees are, said a ward administration member.
About 2,000 villagers had been killed from Nazir Para only by police, Hluntin and Rakhine mobs,” according to the villagers.
Maungdaw Township:
Fake Army – Rakhine (Settler) – rob Rohingya village in Maungdaw
Today, at about 4:00pm, a group of Natala villagers — Rakhine (settlers) who were brought from Barisal town of Bangladesh by Military intelligence in 1980 and settled in Bagonena village east side– with the uniforms of army, numbering in 15 with two guns and lethal weapons entered the Nyaung Chaung Village of Maungdaw Township and try to loot the villager – Abul Kalam’s house- where he realized that the army was fake and shouted for help. Hearing the hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and Bangladeshi Rakhines run away from the spot seeing the villagers approaching. However, they fired to the villagers wounding three villagers, said villagers from Nyaung Chaung.

The village administration officer informed to the three miles camp about the incident, but the Nasaka came lately and sent two wounded villagers to the Maungdaw hospital and the another one was given fast aid.
The villagers now believe that all the robberies and looting in the villages of Nurullah para and Bagonena were committed by Natala villagers after pretending as army.
Another thing is very serious matter that is concerned authority equipped the Natala villagers to harass the Rohingya villagers.
Forced signature
Today, Nasaka from three miles camp of Maungdaw town forcibly took signature from a current village Administration officer of Myothugyi village of Maungdaw, in which 50 villagers were involved in the recent communal riots. The authority intends to extort money from the listed villagers and to arrest some of them who are not able to pay the money they demand.
Kill, loot and wounded
Today at about 11:00 am, a group of army and another group of Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) went to Sanda Para (village) and arrested 35 villagers, mostly young. The villagers were running away while the army was firing bullets to the villagers. However, two youths were killed on the spot and seven villagers were wounded.  One of the wounded is a 12-year-old boy and a son of Mohamed Ali, age 80, was severely tortured by army after entering his house. The arrested villagers were brought to unknown place by truck, so the relatives and villagers are very sad regarding their fate.
Besides, today in the evening, 40 villagers from Khorza Bill  south (Kanhpoo), mostly young villagers including Sayed Hussain  and his brother were arrested by army/ Nasaka and were brought to the Nasaka camp. The Natala villagers who accompanied by the Nasaka and army looted four shops owned by Rohingyas and destroyed them.

In recent visit by UN envoy- Vijay Nambiar to Arakan, he was warmly welcome by military general in the Sittwe airport. The government assigned Rohingya MP for Buthidaung township, U Shwe Maung and Rakhine MP accompanied by military generals were also there.

The UN envoy who came from U.S.A.(UN) to survey the dept of deaths and damages in where violence occurred, was unable to visit the most affected areas and to meet with Rohingya victims.Beside, Buthidaung MP U Shwe Maung who does not represent for Sittwe township deliberately lied with UN envoy by misquoting that the death tool of Rohingya from Sittwe is around 20 to 25 only.He has to lie too since he and his family were early given protection and shifted to Naypyidaw from Buthidaung township of Arakan by the help of government.

It is another lie and insulting the whole Rohingya community and victims of those lost lives in ongoing sectarian attacks. Recently, we had also discovered Mr U Hla Tan’s misrepresentation on behalf of the Sittwe Township local Muslims and his misinforming letter sent to MP U Shwe Maung and then the letter circulated across the net that written 159 muslims murdered in Sittwe up to 18 June.

However, the truth could not hidden that the most effected areas in Sittwe are East and West Barsara (Sanpya), Fishing village, Shwe Bya, Rohingya fara(Zay-haung Mawleik) and Nazi village consisting seven small villages around it. The victims’ relatives based in these villages confirmed that half of the population from East and West Barsara (Sanpya), Fishing village, Shwe Bya and about 8,500 Rohingyans from Nazi village were killed.

In deed, Yangon based Rohingyan politicians MP U Shwe Maung and others from Religious Affairs Council, are hiding with fear or avoiding the crisis from the beginning of the violence. When one of our colleague well known by them questioned about their silent, they refused to explain over the phone as they are under watch and authority are tracking their phone lines.

It’s cleared that current Rohingya politicians are betraying with its own people and enjoying the power of luxury by monopolizing over Rohingya. Ironically, they ever do abide within the government’s instructions. It is only their priority and their goal in order to maintain their positions. They will never voice out for own people because they are government back USDP’s members and assigned by government.

It is a bitter chapter to turn old pages of how some of our former Rohingya politicians responded during the flows of refugees in 1978-Nagamin and 1991-Pyitaya. They said that those Rohingyas fleeing were for their own, for religious purposes and they back to their lands.
A former political prisoner and leader of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand-BRAT, recalled about Mr Saleh Master elected Rohingya representative of general Ne Win BSPP who misquoted against the refugees influx during a group of international agency visited in Bawlibazar (Kyien Chaung) in 1978.

But Maung Kyaw Nu continued that Rohingya ever proud for a man like Mr Eliyas who was NLD member of state level but he was killed after he refused to accept the fake scheme of 1991 refugees influx instructed by general Khin Nyunt.

From 23 June, the government authority in Sittwe are saying that they are assisting to relocate unregistered illegal Bengali immigrants to temporarily erected tents along the townside from inside the town. It was already reported in RFA news. While local Burmese newspapers and tv are continued to portray the false image of Rohingya across the country.

Now even in Yangon, people are heard that the authority will soon conduct an operation to check immigration status of Muslims living in Yangon. It is very visible view ofhow the government hates against Muslims in Burma. Nevertheless, it’s a per-pogrom of cleansing of unwanted people because it does not want to include unwanted groups in the first Burma’s census which would be conducted in 2014.

In brief, we must aware from the past Cyclone Nargis hit in Irrawaddy Delta during 2008. Than Shwe government responded that only seven people were killed and a few houses were damaged and it might be manageable. After two days he used to say 2-3 dozens people were killed. After seven days when international observers reached the areas, the death tool was crossed over 150,000 and displaced more than a million?

Therefore, UN envoy must be very cautious and used its super power urgently to monitor to access the situation in order to stop further violation and deaths because there are daily 4 to 12 people are dying from starvation and diseases while arbitrary dealing, arrest and tortures by authorities are taking place silently.

It is also note that until international observers and international communities do not access the situation, the truth will not be revealed, the remaining homeless victims will be perished byauthority’s harsh ealingsand more death tool would be occurred day after day.

Report of Ongoing crisis in Arakan (23-24 June)

Sittwe township
24 June, Night: Authority checked the mosque of Mole Fara (Aungmingala quarter) with the suspect of homeless Bengali hiding into it.

Evening: Immigration authority warned a few Rohingya villagers remaining in the town not to shelter any homeless Bengali illegal immigrants. Immigration also told that they will conduct an operation to check guestfrom the night of 25 June.

About dozen of Rohingya including boys those arrested from Rathedaung township were taken into Sittwe Prison.23 June: Thegovernment authority are saying that they are assisting to relocate unregistered illegal Bengali immigrants to temporarily erected tents along the townside from inside the town. It was already reported in RFA news. It is very visible view of how the government hates on Muslims. While local Burmese newspapers and tv are continued to portray the false image of Rohingya across the country.

Maungdaw township
23 June, The government forces are continuously arresting all Rohingya elders mainly from Maungdaw and about hundred from Rathedaung township. The authorities in Maungdaw are telling that they will arrest all boys above 13yo and would take away. It is feared that the government forces would bury them alive in own digging grave after torturing like in 1994.

Rathedaung township
23-24 June, Night: Police, Paramilitary forces, Sa-Ra-Pa(Intelligence), military and a group of Rakhines well equipped with swords were entered into the tents of homeless Rohingyans. After they asked to line up all elders, boys over 11yo and women, about 100Rohingyas including around 12yo boys were taken away, women were raped there and about 10 families about 30 persons total were beaten to death as a result of they refused to follow. Escalated some remaining
cellphones were also seized from them.

The authorities’ decades-long discriminatory policies and practices targeting Rohingya have reinforced the racial and religious animosity between the two communities in Arakan State. Rohingya have suffered restrictions on marriage, freedom of movement, and religious practice. In addition, the regime has routinely subjected Rohingya to forced labor, extortion, land confiscation, and other human rights abuses.

In Paletwa township, Chin State

According to Mr. Zafar Ahmad President Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia(MERHROM) a group of Rakhines with arms mostly who are not from Paletwa were entered into the muslim village and attacked against the villager in the evening of about 21 June. Fortunately, the government authority arrived there in good time and seized all arms from Rakhines and drove them away. The authority promised to look after the villagers. However, up to today 25 June, they are confined within the village and their properties and they own shops in the bazaar are likely to be destroyed.

FYI: Three are about 17 houses with estimated less than a hundred muslims belong to Rohingya are living in a hillside village, part of Myoatma Quarter, beside Rabyit Taung (Rabyit Mountain) of Chin people. It is only one muslim village in all over Paletwa town and Chins state as well. The town is 45 miles far from Kyauktaw township and situated along the Kaladan River. Originally, majority of the people of Paletwa are Khami and Chin people and some Rakhine people living in the town were later arrivals from Arakan Rakhine state.

In Kyauktaw township
Rakhines are still patrolling in all 11 Rohingya villages near by the town and trying to attack continuously therefore police and military are subsequently guarding the villages. Rakhines people openly declared that all Rohingya villagers should abandon their houses and leave immediately from the village. The deadline given is the 5th of July.

During Rohingyans are confined within their houses, their properties such as cattle, goats, farming lands, crops and carts were already took over by Rakhine people. There is nothing left for Rohingya and now they are trapped and starved without foods and medication.

FYI: All houses in Barua village and 12 houses in Khondol village of near Sugar Mill Factory and all houses in its opposite Nairaung village at Kyauktaw northern part and 46 houses in Kyauktaw southern village of Apaukwa (Aa-fok), were already set fired. About 130 Rohingyans half of them were teens and kids were killed during 15-18 June. Dozen of Rohingya villagers taken away by authority are not yet returned.

The remaining 11 Rohingya villages near the town and 20 other Rohingya villages are highly alert while overall attacks are ongoing in all Rohingya villages.

Last night, a group of Rakines set fire at some buildings belong to Markinnya along the downtown in Mawleik area of Sittwe. But It was stop on time after military and police forces arrived there.

Today, chief of state Immigration Instruction arrived at Sittwe from Yangon and he accompanied by Rakhine politicians toured all affected areas.
He instructed local authority that he don’t want to see any muslim residing in the town. Local authority informed based on administrative instruction, a few remaining Rohingya houses in the town would also be relocated in designated areas of refugee camp along Dar-baine village.

A few hour later, local immigration authority announced to conduct immigration status of Rohingya and began it from afternoon in Sakki fara (Thakkaybyin village).

Authorities say that they are providing eight square feet tent for each muslim homeless family and the signboards of “Ethnic People’ Land” are erected in all over Rohingya lands which were burnt down during sectarian attacks.
(Homeless Rohingyans standing in front of their tents of designated refugee camp along Dar-baine village)

According to Narinjara news report, the Chairman of the Merchant Association of Arakan, U Shwe Tun Aung said in the meeting that this is the time for the government to distinguish its nationals and the immigrants and to be decisive for its union and sovereignty. (It can be read at-  http://www.narinjara.com/main/index.php/deputy-minister-says-government-will-referee-in-arakans-crisis/ )
21 June, Thursday

Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) told the Rohingya villagers that they can start farming without harassment and they don’t need to escape but they could offer payment.

20 June, Wednesday
Noon: According to Kaladan Press report, Army open fired on Gawdusara village and the villagers – young and elder male- run away from village to escape fear of arrest.  The village become unrest and only female are staying in their houses. The female are also fear for rape and harassment.
According to Kaladan Press report, more than 50 Rohingya arrested today from Shwezarr village. Some are;- Bashar with his son;  Rashid son of Kalu,  Bashor, Iliyas son of Waris, Badiya son of Salim, Shawtar Hussin son of Jamil, Shakayer son of Sulayman and other more.

Rohingya villagers from Kyi-kan-byin (Hawa-bil) were told that at least 100 people must be handed to Na-Sa-Ka. Na-Sa-Ka and military made similar demand from most of every Rohingya village. The villagers say that the arrestees have been taken to Na-Sa-Ka head quarter in Kyi-kan-Byin and some to 10 mile of Buthidaung. This scheme also turns into alternative income for authority by
extracting or extortion money from Rohingya villagers who effort payment.

Massive Rapes In Maungdaw
Source from Maungdaw Township confirmed that today at 5:30am of (20/06/2012), a group of Nasaka forces entered to 3 Rohingya houses, informing to check illegal residents. Upon entering in the houses, the forces routinely raped 13 women aged between 13 years to 65 years.
They are; 1) Lulu wife of Zafar, 65 from Magyi Chaung, 2) Arefah, wife of Elias, 25 from Magyi Chaung, 3) Anwar, wife of Dil Mohammed, 24, Magyi Chaung, 4) Nuru wife of Kala, 40 from Magyi Chaung, 5) Nur Begum, wife of Kala Miah, 45, Magyi Chaung, 6) Arefah, 13 years, 7) Rehenah, 14 years, 8) Tum Banu, wife Gaffar, 45, 9) Yasmin daughter of Gaffar, 16 years, 10) Anwarah, daughter of Shukkur, 17 years, 11) Samirah, and daughter of Abul Hashim, 20 years.
All the females are from Magyi Chaung village, were routinely raped by the Nasaka and military forces. But their names remain disclosed to protect the dignity of the women.
Nur Begum was assaulted with gun barrel, while Yasmin is passing critical life for gang rape. Nasaka official paid Kyat 50,000 to her for basic medication.

The source also confirmed that Nasaka forces involved in massive extortion, torture, rape and killing.

We thank you very much for reporting the news from the Arakan State @ Rakhine State. We hope for your continuous support until Myanmar recognized Rohingya as Myanmar Citizen.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Zafar Ahmad Bin Abdul Ghani
President of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
Tel: 6016-6827287
Email: rights4rohingya@yahoo.co.uk
Blog: http://www.merhrom.wordpress.com

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Mohamed Imran (Kuwait): Religion, no matter what religion we are still the same color blood runs in our body and where will we end up 6ft. under. Think about the after life not tomorrow. This world or this life isn’t permanent, only after death we begin our life no matter what the religion is..!!!!!!! Everyone deserves a chance.

This is sad and make me a sick to know I live in such a world with a disgrace species “Humans”

tariq salman (saudi arabia): please help the muslim of mayanmar and stop the killing

jonybatun yusuf (Auckland,New Zealand): Fundamental rights denied.Ongoing state sponsored ethnic cleansing will not end until any intervention take steps diplomatically.Unarmed innocent people disappeared day by day.

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Noreen Salman (Leicester uk): May Allah protect our bros n sis’. Ameen
We have the same duty on earth as fellow beings to raise our voices against opreression. Lets do our duty…

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fayaz (saudiarabia,jeddah): we want un and international group to monitor the rohingyas issue in arkan ..

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If they forget the teaching of their religion then I want them to go learn it once again.
And yes if their religion teaches the same then I must say that is not a religion. It a community of mentally sick people.
I request the entire world to oppose this kind of brutal communities which destroys the peace, and encourages the other communities to do the same.

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Crime against humanity, should bring the criminals to International Criminal Court.

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Noorula (Singapore): Serveral muslims houses are burnt by Buddist Rakhine, Police and Solidiers. people being killed by Buddist Rakhine, Police and Solidiers, and lack of food and medicine. Serverel muslims female are raped and tortured by Buddist extremists, polices and soldiers.

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Khin Than Nwe (Singapore): “15 days of ongoing ethnic-cleansing pogrom against defenceless
unarmed Rohingya”
in Arakan state of western Burma ( 8- 22 June )
“Please raise voices to save Rohingya human beings: International
intervention is only option”

It is not fighting each other but it is another well planned genocide
by Rakhines cooperatively with local armed forces. From the beginning,
Curfew and Order are restored only for Rohingya and confined within
their homes. While Rakhines are openly allowed to trespass and attack
Rohingya villages. Local security forces who are also Rakhine are
sided with Rakhine people and explored more brutal crimes that include
shooting fires into the houses and letting its partisan Rakhines to
torch fire. Again, Rohingyans those came out from homes were brutally
beaten and slaughtered and those fleeing were shot fires regardless of
women or children. Plus, sexual abuses, looting goods and cash.

In advance, waters, electric, foods are cut-off and restriction
imposed in Rohingya villages since 3 June. So, it is all about well
planned ethnic-cleansing pogrom systematically turned into religious
violence. Likewise, the government also shows its sympathy by setting
up relief centres and contributing aid to those attacker Rakhines’
family members. While three is no consideration at all about homeless
Rohingya victims of women, children and those injuries who are
starving day by day.

In brief, Rohingyans are ending-up between gun-fires of security
forces and lethal knives of Rakhine people. This time they can’t
escape because security forces rounded up all the way out, those
hiding in remote areas were also attacked by Rakhines and security
forces and navy forces are patrolling across the beach and eliminating
The information came from Arakan confirmed that the death number of
Rohingyan is exceeded over 10,000 from Sittwe city alone and several
thousands from Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Kyauktaw townships. Most of
them were shot dead, brutally beaten to death, burnt alive and
killings of thousands of the rest those taken away by security forces
into hidden areas. At least, 25,000 of Rohingya houses were burnt
down and more than 100,000 are homeless all over Sittwe, Maungdaw,
Rathedaung, Rambre Island and Kyauktaw townships.

Families members of Rohingya activists based in foreign including my
mum, sister and aunt and unlce are also gone to missing. One of my
uncle from Nazi village of Sittwe who has been refuged at Darbaine
village confirmed two of his sons were died.
Our colleagues based in Yangon are reporting to politicians including
NLD members, student leaders and high-ranking authorities. But there
is nothing they could do. Therefore, there are urgently in need of
effective international intervention. UN’s verbal pressure would not
enough to ease on going violations supported by local authority and
that would not safe the lives of remaining vulnerable Rohingyans. The
matter of Rohingya is directly related to international principle and
UN must effectively interfere urgently.

Rohingyans demand urgently;
To immediately deploy International Peace Keeper Forces in Rohingya
villages in order to secure the remaining Rohingyans,
To send international border patrol ship between Burma-Bangaldesh
waters to rescue Rohingyans who are on board,
To immediately stop arrest, various brutal abuses including sexual
abuses and killing of Rohingyans,
To immediately supply aid and medicines and provide shelter for
homeless Rohingyans,
To immediately release Rohingyans those taken away by authority,
To bring into account for Rohingyans those lost lives and lost
properties and houses,
To compensate all affected Rohingya victims, and
To assist reconstruction of their lost houses.
Rohingya people are seriously and painfully suffering from starvation
as there is no aid nor assistance they received while Rakhines have
been enjoying all sorts of cares from authorities and well protected.
Rohingyans need immediate supply of foods, clothes, medicines and
shelters. Because, the restriction is still imposed on Rohingya people
who are dying of hunger, lack of medical care, shelters and clothing.

Conclusion: It’s a serious crimes carry out against Rohingya in inside
Arakan state that ignited from unrelated a Rakhine girl (Ma Thida
Thwey) dead in her own Rakhine village of Tha-bray-chaung ward of
Kyauknimaw village on 28 May 2012. Relating to this, Rakhine members
of “Wanthanu Rakheta Association” distributed leaflets of blaming
muslim on the day of 3 June early morning in Taungup township. It is
just an excuse of racial instigation while Rohingya people are not
allowed to enter or cross into Rakhine villages. Following this, ten
Muslim pilgrims killed in a mob attacks by 300 Rakhines in Taungup
township on the same day.
Since Gwa, Taungup, Tandwe and Ponnagyuan townships defined as
muslim-free-zones within Arakan state from year 1983, there were
several hundreds of Rohingyans were killed in similar way in these
regions and such crime will be continued to carry until the government
implemented such draconian act.

This is a certain consequence in Rohingya history again very soon
after Rakhine rebel group- “Arakan Liberation Party-ALP” entered into
Arakan state. We don’t know the secrecy of what type of promise
established between Rakhine rebel-ALP and the government.

Historically, such cleansing pogroms were took place against Rohingya
in years 1942, 1949, 167/68, 1978 and later of 1991. This time it’s
well organized that Rakhine people received direct supports from the
government armed forces.
The situation in Arakan is abusive and totally horror even in normal
condition that every month at least hundred of Rohingyans were
arrested with false charges and a few died during interrogation.
Despite Rakhines people wrongfully describe Rohingyans are recent
migrants, in deed in the past five decades there were no Rakhine
settlement found in the territory of Northern Rakhine State. Today
Rakhines those found in these regions were came from the program of
model village settlement by the government from year 1991. It’s true
that there are a few hundred thousands of Bengali people in Burma but
they are mostly living in central Burma and Mon state. In Arakan
state, Bengali population is not more than a few hundreds.

While international media are unable to reach into the areas where
violences are carried out by terrorist Rakhines jointly with security
forces, the local Burmese news groups are prepared to misinformed the
world by filming of the dead bodies of Rohingyans after defaming their
faces, dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk and putting guns on
captive Rohingyans. Including Yangon Press International, VOA , RFA
and other anti-Rohingya news agencies release fabricated news in the
beginning. However, the nature of Burmese officials and Burmese news
is well known to the world. And intl media reports must represent the
victims’ voices rather than who are historically tyrants..

Rohingya people occasionally face intolerable violences are also part
of the government’s responsibility for strucking Rohingya from
citizenship right under 1982-new citizenship law based on the changes
of Rakhine state from Arakan state in 1974.
International communities including the world leaders need to enhance
the Burmese government to urgently halt on going brutal attacks
against defenceless unarmed Rohingya, to take action against those
involved and to restore Law and Order and to share equal rights of
native Rohingya people including their citizenship right.

The following report is a brief of ongoing crisis in Arakan is
developing day after day based on information attained from inside
Arakan by the help of Rohingya activists in both home and exile. Some
information are lately came as a result of communication difficulty
therefore please read them all again.
1) ………………………. In Maungdaw township ………………..
21 June, Thursday
Dark evening: A group of military personals entered two Rohingya
villages called FaThanSa (Padaung Paik Seik) and Nurulla Fara in
Maungdaw south. All the males were gathered in one place and the
houses were ransacked and looted by the military. During the operation
the following women and girls were raped by the military in addition
to the looting of properties and cash.
The raped victims from FaThanSa village are; 1) Samira, daughter of
Kala, 16 years old, 2) Arafa, daughter of Kala, 17 years old, 3)
Yasmin, daughter of Gaffar, 17 years old, 4) Wife of Dil Muhammad,
mother of 2, 22 years old. Victim number-4 (wife of Dil Muhammad) was
gang raped by 3 high ranking military officers and now her situation
is critical.
The raped victims from from Nurulla Fara are; 1) Humaira Begum,
daughter of Kassim, 16 years old, 2) Formina, daughter of Shuna Mya,
19 years old, 3) Minara, daughter of Ula Mya, 16 years old, 4)
daughter of Habibur Rahman, 17 years old, 5) daughter of Anwar, 19
years old.

In Myoyindan village, military forces have entered in Rohingya houses
and arrested 4 Rohingyans and looted goods and cash.

The situation is extremely sorrowful. Police, Army, Na-Sa-Ka(Border
security force) and Sa-Ra-Pa(Military intelligent) are searching
Rohingya with list and most of the villagers are going into the panic.
The villagers run away from their villages to somewhere for fear of
arrest. The authority mostly target young men, educated person,
village leaders, smart and well to do family members. The authority
arrest Rohingya arbitrarily and rape the women which is deliberate
action against Rohingya. And those arrested Rohingya would never be
returned alive.
Police arrested 150 Rohingyas from Shidar-Fara. Some Rohingyas
arrested in recent days from Maungdaw were sentenced for up to three
The Rohingyas those arrested from Maungdaw South were not freed and
demanding three Lakh Kyat per head. Na-Sa-Ka also demanding 3-4
million Kyat per village to cancel the raid in those villages.

In some villages, Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) told the Rohingya
villagers that they can return to normal life without harassment and
they don’t need to escape but they could effort to offer payment.

Afternoon: In Kila-daung village all Rohingya elders were escaped for
fear of arrest therefore only teenage boys aged around 10-12 and over
aged were presented in the meeting with Na-Sa-Ka. In the meeting, a
few Rohingya boys around 12yo were lifted and the rest around 10yo
were brutally beaten on the ground by Na-Sa-Ka forces while over aged
Rohingya men and women were touched their heads to the ground.

20 June, Wednesday
Noon: According to Kaladan Press report, army open fired at Gawdusara
villagers. Young and elder male- run away from village for fear of
arrest. The villagers become unrest and only female are staying at
homes also with fear of rape and harassment.
Another report of Kaladan Press, more than 50 Rohingya arrested today
from Shwezarr village. Some are; Bashar with his son, Rashid son of
Kalu, Bashor, Iiliyas son of Waris, Badiya son of Salim, Shawtar
Hussin son of Jamil, Shakayer son of Sulayman and others.

Rohingya villagers from Kyi-kan-byin (Hawa-bil) were told that at
least 100 people must be handed to Na-Sa-Ka. Na-Sa-Ka and military
made similar demand from other Rohingya villages. The villagers
confirmed that those arrestees have been taken to Na-Sa-Ka head
quarter of Kyi-Kan-Byin and some to 10 mile camp of Buthidaung. This
scheme also turns into alternative income for authority by extracting
or extortion money from Rohingya villagers who effort payment.

Massive Rapes:
5:30am: Source from Maungdaw Township confirmed that a group of Nasaka
forces entered into 3 Rohingya houses, informing to check illegal
residents. Upon entering in the houses, the forces routinely raped 13
women aged between 13 years to 65 years.
The victims are; 1) Lulu wife of Zafar, 65 from Magyi Chaung, 2)
Arefah, wife of Elias, 25 from Magyi Chaung, 3) Anwar, wife of Dil
Mohammed, 24, Magyi Chaung, 4) Nuru wife of Kala, 40 from Magyi
Chaung, 5) Nur Begum, wife of Kala Miah, 45, Magyi Chaung, 6) Arefah,
13 years, 7) Rehenah, 14 years, 8) Tum Banu, wife Gaffar, 45, 9)
Yasmin daughter of Gaffar, 16 years, 10) Anwarah, daughter of Shukkur,
17 years, 11) Samirah, and daughter of Abul Hashim, 20 years.
All the females are from Magyi Chaung village, were routinely raped by
the Nasaka and military forces. But their names remain disclosed to
protect the dignity of the women. One of them, Nur Begum was assaulted
with gun barrel, while Yasmin is passing critical life for gang rape.
Nasaka official paid Kyat 50,000 to her for basic medication.

The source also confirmed that Nasaka forces involved in massive
extortion, torture, rape and killing from the beginning of they took
control Rohingya villages.

19 June, Tuesday
Arbitrary arrests and tortures, sexual abuses of women and girls,
extortion, looting continued by Na-sa-ka and military personal. At
least 200 Rohingyans have been arrested during two days from all over

18 June, Monday
24 Rohingya leaders were arrested in Maungdaw Town including Dr Hla
Myint, High School Teacher Hussein (Former EC Member of NDPHR), Dr
Nazumuddin and U Fazzal (NDPHR elected member of 1990 election). They
were invited for a meeting then taken to the Na-Sa-Ka headquarter of

70 Rohingya villagers from Baguna, Nurula villages were invited to a
meeting by Government authorities (NaSaKa, Police, and Paramilitary
Forces). When the villagers arrived, they were forced by authorities
to hold the gun and taken video and pictures by the authorities. After
that, the villagers were taken away. Those taken Rohingyans would be
never returned specially in this circumstance. Most of the Rohingyas
who were found with mobile were arrested by NaSaKa.

17 June, Sunday
15:00pm: Military invited meeting and arrested 25 Rohingyans from
Nol-bonnya village. At the same time, military looted cash, gold,
clothes from Rohingyan houses in Bagguna village.

10:00am: Another 27 Rohingyas were taken away from southern Maungdaw
by Na-Sa-Ka. Those taken away people would be never come back. They
are; 1. Azimullah s/o Ali Ahmed, 2. Hamid Hussain s/o Ismail, 3.
Anzullo s/o Ismail, 4. Halo Mia s/o Shida Ali, 5. Mv. Hashim s/o
UllahNazir Ahmed, 6. Abu Soyed s/o Wali Ahmed, 7. Abu Kalam s/o Wali
Ahmed, 8. Kalaya s/o Nazir Ahmed, 9. Mohammed s/o EliasKalaya, 10.
Sayedulllah s/o Abdu Mozid, 11. Dil Mohamed s/o Younus, 12. Elias s/o
Shari Hossain, 13. Anamatullah s/o unknown, 14. Zonaid s/o Nur
Hossain, 15. Mr. Azizullah s/o Mv. Hanifa, 16. Amir Hamza s/o Miyo
Hossain, 17. Ex-chairman Kollimullah s/o Bodur Rahman, 18. Baitta s/o
Nazira, 19. Mv. Noor Hossain s/o Younus.
(Note: from serial no. 1 to 13 = Anauk Ywa, Udan village ,Maungdaw.
From serial no. 14 to 19 = Zumma Ywa, Udan Village Maungdaw)

In other towns of Maungdaw, Nasaka called Rohingya villagers and
meeting and then arrested them. In the mean time of meeting, the
Rakhines and military forces entered into Rohingya’s houses and
looting their valuable things and took Rohingya girls and raped them.

In Rohingya evacuation center, there is no food and medicine
authorities are not providing food for Rohingya.

16 June, Saturday
Eveing: According to Kaladan Press news, Hamida (12yo girl) was killed
by Rakhine Police in Kiladang village. Her brother confirmed it from
the ground that Rakhine those involved in the attacks are identified
as; Soe Win, Mg Mg Che, U Kaung, Pho Tha Tu, Ney Min Twe. Maungdaw
Ward(4) Ploice officers Hla Myint, Tun Tun Kyaw, Maung Cha, Tin Aye
(Who killed 10yo Rohingya girl). Led by Bo Latt, Aung Kyaw Thein
killed more than 150 Rohingya people. Identified 36 dead bodies of
Rohingya were found and other unidentified Rohingya dead bodies were
also taken by Police Trucks. There are more than 100 people still

A group of Rakhine people burnt Rohingya houses in Haindapara Village.

17:00 pm: Around 20 trucks load of Rohingyans are arrested and lifted
to Na-Sa-Ka Head Quarter. Some identified as;
(1) Robis Ahmed, head of 100 house ( Ra Ayin Mu) and Zaw Ma Thet of
Salimma para, were shot dead by Na Sa Ka
(2)Sho Fiullah, 10 household head ( Say Ayin Gong) of Lomba Goona
village, was shot dead
(3) Sakina, 11 years old girl from Tha Yee Kon Tan village shot dead
(4) Roshid Ahmed, Tha Re Kon Tan Village (Shopkeeper- Tha Re Kon Tan
Mar Ket (Sair Konbor Bazar)- was strongly beaten by Na Sa Ka and
looted all commodities and destroyed the shop.
(5) Nobi Hussein- Tha-Re-Kon-Tan Village seriously beaten to dead.

15:00 pm: USDP secretary Phan Phyo’s (Quater 1) son Tun Hla Sein
jointly organized with his collaborators Mg Nyi Mg Chay @ Hla
Myin son of Ni Mg (Quater1), Paun pae son of Aung Gyi
(Quater 4) and Kyaw Aye(Quater 3) were formed a gang to rape Rohingya
women and to loot Rohingya villages. Tun Hla Sein provided his gang
Police Uniform and sort of weapons according to reliable source from
the ground. Almarajan(age-20) and Shafika(age-17) from Taray kundan
(Sairkumbar-hoinna fara) village, are allegedly gang raped by
Burmese military. 25 Rohingya youths were arrested by Na-Sa-Ka and
taken to Na-Sa-Ka Head Quarter.

Afternoon: Military invited meeting with Rohingya villagers from
Sair-kom-bon and Sair-kon-dan and 30 attendees were taken away. At
least 3 Rohingya villgers those not attended meeting were also picked
up from home.

Morning: According to Kaladan Press news, the Nasaka personnel from
3-mile and Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) surrounded the Rohingya
village of Sawmawna near Myothu Gyi under Maungdaw over the
allegation of hiding arms inside the village. The remaining houses in
this village are facing the allegation where no men are living in the
village. Only female are protecting their home from looting.

Early morning: Stranded Rohingya 15 boats load of more than 2000
Rohingyas in Naf River are disappeared.

15 June, Friday:
Military forces involved in guarding Rohingya villages. Moving house
to house is allowed between 12:00pm to 3:30pm. However, the authority
still prevent bringing foods from other areas. Foods, waters, medic
were not yet provided. Now heavy raining period, homeless Rohingya
have no shelters to protect from raining.

14 June, Thursday
Evening: A group of Rakhines entered to loot from the Nurula far villagers.

According to Kaladan Press news, the military arrested four armed
Rakhines from Bakagonena field which is between 3 miles and
Kawlizabanga village evening. The armed four Rakhines confessed that
there are other Rakhines with arms in Maungdaw.

According to Kaldan Press, 10 Rohingya girls raped today by military.
They victims are identified as; Hamida-18 d/o Rahim Ullah, Rahena-19
d/o Momina and other six Rohingya girls from Baggona village and
Hasina-18 d/o Abdul Haque, Hamida-16 d/o Baser and Nur Kaida-17 d/o
Habi Rahaman from Nurullah para.

Afternoon: A Rohingya shot dead, five other injuries by security
forces shooting into the mosque of Nurula fara. The two other
Rohingyans were taken away.

13 June, Wednesday
Night: Eight Rakhines were arrested with weapon near Nga-pu-ra village.
Night: several Rohingyas were arrested. Unconfirmed reports are coming
that there are clashes between military and Police in Shwe Za village
during looting from the shop by the police together with Rakhine.
Burmese Army shot dead 20 Rakhines who were wearing police uniform and
robbing from Rohingya..

Evening: In some Rohingya villages, extortion and sexual abuses are
taking place. Rohingya families who don’t effort payment are faced
sexual abuses in front of their families.

A large group of Rakhine Rebel fighters with arm were rounded by the
Burmese army near Nga-pu-ra village and Nine-kyaung villages.

Folllowing to Kaladan Press news, 12 Rakhines with arms were arrested
by army at midnight while climbing up to Pruma river bank nearby Khain
Paran (Rakhine) village from a small boat.

15:00pm: A Rohingya youth in Udang village and another one in
Hongyabil village were shot dead by security forces after the
villagers came out to resist back the Rakhines attacking their
villages. The shootings were stopped after military intervened.

Afternoon: Rohingya people have been warned not to perform Friday
prayer by the authority. Dozens of Rohingyas were arrested during day

12:15am: Rakhines came to attack Rohingya village of Udaung but it was
broke away by after villagers came out. In the mean time security
forces opened fires upsides that killed a Rohingya mother of two kids.

12 June, Tuesday
11:30pm: Police, Paramilitary forces and Rakhines set fire on 3 houses
of Rohingyas in Ward-(2) of Bomu Fara. Police officer Aung Kyaw Khant
is leading in this operation. Police arrested many Rohingya men and
youth in Maungdaw and forced them to wear Indian-dresses (or something
similar to a molvi). And put each a gun on their shoulders and a
backpack on their back, in order to perform as Taliban or Mujahid
fighters. This piece will be circulated in the media soon.
Authority gives warning with loud speaker that whoever accommodating
refugees and injured person will be arrested.

Bangladesh Border Guard had recovered two boatloads of weapons from
Naff River on the night. Two Rakhines are being detained in Cox’s
Bazar and continuously interrogating about the trafficking of weapons
on where about it.

11 June, Monday
Midnight: a group of Rakhines entered into the Ali Thangyaw
(Haisuratha) and tried to torch the religious school but the villagers
had able to drive them away. Then, security forces started opening
fires at Rohingya villagers.

23:00pm: A reliable source said there are 3 Burmese Navy cargo vessels
arrived near Ali Than Kyaw coastal reef to unload ammunition and

Evening: Ali Tangyaw (Haisuratha) village is still surrounded heavily
by security forces, smokes and the noise of the gun-fires are shaking
the village.

15:00pm: Rakhine are coming out from the Monastery (located Maungdaw
City Central) with Islamic religious dressed. Rakhines involving local
security forces took about 10 young Rohingya girls.

14:30pm: Donpyin village set on fire by Lon-Tain(Paramilitary forces)
and Rakhines. Initially, there were six trucks with full of Lon-Tain
(Paramilitary Forces) surrounded the village. And they escorted
Rohingya houses and let the Rakhines to enter into the village.
Paramilitary Forces supported while Rakhine are setting fire on the
villager houses. Many Rohingyas were shot dead by the security forces.
Eye-witness described it was so horrible that even the stomach organs
burst out from some bodies.

13:30pm: Houses in Hun-re Fara and the mosque are burning. Rohingya
villagers who came out were faced shooting by security forces and
brutally beating by Rakhines. Dozens of Rohingyans were took away by
security forces that include; Master Shumshu and his family, Md Ali
and his family, Dalal Roshid and his family, shopkeeper Sayed Hussein
and his family. Their houses were burnt down and what happen to them
is unknown. Rohingya villagers those died on the spot were taken away
by trucks.

09:30am: A few Rohingyan houses were burning in Maungdaw Quarter(4).
After Declaration of State of emergency by President Thein Sein, this
morning local time 8:30 am some of Rakhine with the co-operation of
police & Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) were entered Bomu-fara.
Firstly, they took away property & burnt 5-7 houses of Rohingya.
At the same time, some of Rakhine monks were trying to stop burning
house. Behind them, one or two Photographer are taken picture to
record their documentary as a Rakhine houses was burning.

07:15am: U Ba Than Military Office (Camp no.378) shot two Rohingyas.

10 June, Sunday
18:30pm: Rohingya villagers escalated 3 Rohingya dead bodies in
Myo-thu-gyi village.

From evening: Security forces started seizing of hand-phones,
recording devices and cameras checking whether there is any records
and foreign calling numbers.

18:00pm: Large group of Rakhines including arrivals from different
towns were gathered at southern part.

17:55pm: The trucks loaded with the dead bodies of Rohingya villagers
were carried to Buddhist Cemetery.

09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed innocent one Rohingya girl
(Ramzaan- 12yo ), a Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother
injured. The dead body was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

9:00am: Government ordered to leave all the NGOs from Northern Arakan State.

03:00am: Some Rohingya youths were carried away by NaSaKa Border
Security Forces. At least 70 Rohingyas were killed from Myothugyi
village (Kaindapara) alone.

9 June, Saturday
Afternoon: Rakhines brunt down the mosque after military guarded
Narittardil(ward-5). The following day the following religious
buildings have been torched to burn down; 1)Morcos mosque of
Sikdarpara, 2)Noapara mosque, 3)Sambanna and Sarkumbo mosques of Ali

12:25pm: Deputy Home Minister accompanied by U Aung Zaw Win (USDP- MP)
arrived at Maungdaw.
The security forces and Nasaka joined with Rakhines and carry out mass
killing and torching fires. Because of the Curfew order, no one dares
to go out. And at the absence of witnessing Rakhines setting fires on
Rohingya houses, village after village, any Rohingya comes out from
house gets bullet. It is surprised that Natala villagers and Rakhines
are also armed and shooting at Rohingya villagers.
In the mean time, monks are busy with media supplying fabricated news.
These tragic events have been well planned in advance.

Morning: Armed security forces with Rakhine extremist equipped with
lethal knives were roaming in Maungdaw town and surrounding villages.
4 Rohingyas were carried away from Fayazi village.
The monks and Rakhines escorted by security forces were announcing
‘War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This
message was spreaded like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung
The villagers also confirmed that many security forces dressed
civil-clothes but with arms are firing at the Rohingyas.

Early morning: military forces entered into Hunri-fara and shot at
Rohyingyas . At least 5 Rohingyans dead and those injuries and the
dead bodies were lifted by truck.

8 June, Friday
Midnight: a groups of armed forces jointly with Rakhines came into the
Rohingya villages. They opened fires into the Rohingya houses. When
the inmates left their homes the Rakhine extremists set on fire.
The Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura village accompanied by the Rakhine
village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the
same village, killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was
carried away by the killers.

Similarly in many other villages, security forces corporately with
Rakhine people fired into the Muslim houses. When the inmates left
their homes, the Rakhine set fire. The villages of Hatalia, Sommonia,
Razarbil, Kayandan and San Oo are among those which were also

2:30pm: two young Rohingyas who were returning home after Friday
prayer from Maungdaw Central Mosque were seriously beaten by police.
One of them whose hand was broken was released after sometime while
the other who received head injury was still in police custody. His
condition is still unknown.
Beside, the main central mosque and prayers were attacked by Rakhine
people in the presence of riot police.
That was the beginning of creation of furious tension and followed
attacking each other and sparked all over Arakan.

2:00pm: The riot police fired more than 40 rounds at about 500
Rohingya peaceful prayers who are going to congregate peacefully in
Religious propagation centre of Myoma Kayandan village of Maungdaw
town to give the respect for 10- Muslims those killed in Taungup on
June 3. That killed at least two Rohingyas, several other injuries and
some houses are burning at the this moment.

2) ……………………………. In Akyab/Sittwe city
22 June, Friday
Thousands of homeless Rohingyans mostly women and children who are
taking refuge in Mole-Fara (Aungmingala quarter) were forcefully
lifted to Dar-baine village by authority’s trucks. The remaining
Rohingya villagers from Mole-Fara were also proposed to abandon their
houses in good time and to begin new life along Dar-baine village.
Authority explained that there is no place for Rohingya in the town
and the authority could not protect from instant attacks therefore
they must shift to townsides if they want to secure their lives.

Rakhines people those arrested with arms were also released today as
authority believed they were just helping in the scene of burning

21 June, Thursday
Afternoon: A group of Rakhines were came to set fire remaining a few
Rohingya houses in Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter) but it was broke
away soon after military forces arrived there.

20 June, Wednesday
21:20pm: Rohingya houses along the street of beside the old College
were attacked by a group of Rakhines. The house of Daw Khin Khin who
work at Sittwe Post office, was burnt down and car workshop owner Josh
Hla Maung’s building was destroyed.

19 June, Tuesday
Morning: Rohingya houses in Anauk-pran village were set fire by
Rakhines. 51 out of 480 houses were burnt down. 8 Rohingya villagers
died during gun-fires by police. Two bodies were escalated and the
rest 6 bodies were taken away by Rakhine people. Witnesses say that
police chief inspector U Tan Oo was directly involved in the attacks.
Morning: Fishing villager 3 Rohingyans were forced to sign in a ready
made statement prepared by No(1) police station. In the form, it
states to agree with those houses burnt in the villages were by their
own. Two of them who had given signature were released soon but the
other one who did not sign was not returned.

The villagers also confirmed that, Mr Shwe Hla, secretary of Mole-fara
(Aungmingala quarter) was also taken to police custody for sign on
such ready made statement on 13 June. He was released from police
custody after 3 days but since then he refused to explain about the
fact to his villagers.

The Nazi-villagers also confirmed that now police authority are
gathering to attain such forms of signatures from acting Rohingya
leaders and village heads.

Note: There are more than 12,000 displaced Rohingyas in Mole-fara
(Aung-min-galar quarter), Evacuations Camp. Four old man were died
from lack of food and medicine. They don’t have even water to drink.
The authorities mentioned that they will not allow Rohingyas to settle
in the town. Government authorities said that those burnt down
Rohingya’s villages will be relocated for Rakhines who were
intentionally brought from other towns of Arakan state.

18 June, Monday
Night: Rakhine people attacked in Myu-kul village (situated opposite
of Sittwe) and some Rohingya houses were burning but no causality is
Authority seized hand phones from a few Rohingya villagers across Sittwe..

17 June, Sunday
Government authorities are planning to allocate Rakhine on Rohingya’s
villages which were burnt by Rakhines.

16 June, Saturday
12:00pm: Remaining half-burnt Rohingya houses in Holton (Magyi Myine
village) were set fire by Rakhines.

Morning: Navy forces returned 30 empty boats of Rohingya. Rohingyans
from Sittwe say that those on board were mostly Rohingya women and
children departed by these boats from Sittwe beach were not found.

15 June, Friday
Evening: A Barugua was died after jumped-off from the top of
coconut-tree when military stop him from throwing fire at a Rohingya
house in Mole-fara (Aungmingala) village.

Afternoon: Remaining half-burnt Rohingya houses of Fishing village
(Zaila-fara) were set fire by a group of Rakhines. Military arrived
there lately and shot dead two Rakhines and captured the three other

From Morning: Rohingya dead bodies were carrying with Pa-la-ka trucks
and buried 20 to 30 bodies in each trench in newly located graveyard
near Dar-paine village.

Early morning: Military forces took over in securing of Rohingya
villages from security forces. Moving house to house is allowed during
day light.

However, there are more than 50,000 homeless Rohingyans are in need of
basic amenities, foods and medication. Communication and electric are
still cut-off while all amenities are available for Rakhines. Now,
heavy raining in Akyab but these homeless Rohingyans do not have
shelters to protect from raining. There will be diseases affect to the
Rohingya victim of riot if the heaving raining will continues.

14 June, Thursday
6.00pm: A group of 30 other Rakhines mixed of Marmagyi and Hidu people
with arms were arrested by military while they are trying to touch
fire at Rohingya villages. They confessed that they are organized to
do this by a group of Rakhines.

Estimated about 10,000 Rohingya are gathered in the remote area of
Akyab (Sittwe) without shelter, food and medical assistance. Unlike
Rakhine families, homeless Rohingya women and children victims are not
yet received any kind of assistance from government authority.

Local Burmese tv (MRTV) has aired about the arrest of a group of
Rohingyans with knives and bottles beside them. In deed, it is just a
modern way of providing wrong image of Rohingya like it dealt with
thousands of political activists who were imprisoned with false
charges in the past.

Early morning: Full load of deadly weapons recovered from Buddhist
temples by the military personnel, following the arrest of two Rakhine
who attempted to burn down the Rohingya houses and shot the innocents
in early morning today.

13 June, Wednesday
There are 1000 of Rohingya dead bodies are uncollected along the burnt
down villages of Nazi, Hundhi-Khawla and Ambala villages. Plus,
hundred of Rohingya injuries those killed in hospitals were shaped
their head, defamed their faces and put yellow robes of monk for media

After noon: Rakhines those rounding timely are chanting- “Rakhine
Pray..Rakhine Pray, Kalar..Kalar..Aloe-ma-shi” (Rakhaing Kingdom, no
more foreigner).

Evening: Rakhine people those rounding timely with long lethal knives
are shouting to continuously eliminate Rohingya from the land when
security forces proposing the remaining Rohingya villagers to leave
with empty hands. Shortly after, shooting between military and
security force took place in Mole-fara (Aungmingala) village on the
account of some military dealing to help trapped Rohingya women and
children. The Rakhines shot dead an army officer today that caused
confrontation between military and armed Rakhines.

Morning: Villagers from these area were dropped to along the beach
side of remaining Darpaine village by military trucks. Rakhine and
security forces attacking during moving to there, killed some
Rohingyans were also laid along the way.
(Note: Despite there were about 30,000 Rohingya population in the
biggest Rohingya village of Nazi, only around 2,000 Rohingyans were
found during military trucks carrying them to beach side Darbaine

As a result of raining from yesterday evening the fire was stopped
near the school and it saved from burning of the Mole-fara (Aungmingla

12 June, Tuesday
16:00pm: Rohingya People who were escaping from burning in Mole-fara
(Aungmingala quarter) were shot dead by the jointly Police, Hluntin
and Rakhine. Beside, Military are not taking any action.
Local authority together with Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) and Police
approach to the remaining Rohingya in the city centre and demanding to
give signature in the pre-written documents that agreeing voluntarily
escaping from the scene to the remote area of Akayab/Sittwe. Rohingya
refused to do so. They have warned that they will next in target. It
may be few days to cleans up Rohingya from Akayab/Sittwe.

2:30pm: Some house in Mole-fara (Aung-min-gala) are burning..
2:20pm: Rohingya villages of Hudhi-khawla , Khaw-cha-fara were burnt
down into ashes. The fire is transmitting to its closed village of
Mole-fara (Aung-min-gala)

Morning: Military forces were deployed in Rohingya villages and the
situation was calmed up to the mid-day.

11 June, Monday
22:00pm: Rakhine people continuously chanting to eliminate remaining
Rohingya villages. Rakhine groups who are rounding in and out of
Rohingya villages by vehicles said, “this afternoon, we will finish
all kala-villages”.

19:00pm: Shabok village was also burnt down. About 100 houses were
destroyed, several Rohingyas were killed.

18:30pm: Huge crowd of Rakhines plus polices from No(1)police station
came to Santoli village. The security forces fires in the air first.
Then setting fire on rohingyas’ houses. While the Rohingyas were
trying to escape, the security forces shot them. More than 250 houses
were burnt down.
The dead bodies were taken to the Hospital. Reliable Source said
-authorities poured acid on the faces of dead bodies, shaved their
heads, dressed them as Buddhist monks to take the pictures so that
they can use the pictures in making mis-propaganda against Rohingya
people. Pictures were taken by Weekly Eleven Journal. In fact none of
the Rakhine or monk was killed in the whole Sittwe(Akyab) by Rohingya

17:00pm: Some Rohingya escaping from Nazi village burning were shot
dead in the road by security forces.

Evening: local tv(MRTV) came to make filming on the scene of Rohingya
villagers resisting motion. In this manner, MRTV could highlight to
tarnish the image of Rohingya.

16:00pm: The security forces surround Nazi village and torched fire
and it is still burning. While Rohingya villagers from other villages
are strictly confined and shooting gun-fires if they move. This is
another form of the security forces’ direct involvement in genocide
against unarmed Rohingya villagers. Other large group of Rakhine
people are also gathered at the biggest mosque near Sittwe-market and
and Mole Fara (Aungmingala quarter) and subsequently attacking by
rocks and alight patrol bottles. They are shouting to eliminate all
Rohingyans from Arakan. It is totally different from what the Thein
Sein government said in MRTV news.

15:30pm: Rakhine set fire on Pozu bazaar near Sittwe Markaz. Blaze of
fire was seen from long distance.

14:10pm: Just destroyed remaining Rohingya shops in Sittwe central market
14:15pm: Attacking Sittwe Central mosque.

Afternoon: The local Burmese news groups are prepared to film the dead
bodies of Rohingyans by dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk and
misinforming to the world.

12:00pm: Rakhines are preparing to attack Nazi Village. A Member of
Rakhine Party-RNDP, Ba La Gyi with thousand Rakhines is shouting with
loud speaker to eliminate ‘kala’ and crossing through Mawleik(Ambala)

Morning: Rakhine people continued to burn down a few houses those left
unburnt in East Barsara(Sanpya).

10 June, Sunday
19:30pm: Santoli village near Sittwe Lake (Kandawgyi) was attacked and
a few houses were destroyed but Rohingya villagers resisted them and
drove them away. Rohingya villagers say that like in other other
villages if security forces back Rakhine people they could not resist
because security forces did not stop Rakhine people and only shot
fires at Rohingya villagers.
The local Burmese news groups are prepared to take video shooting of
the Rohingya dead bodies after dressing up with yellow robes. These
actions were took place near Fishing village, Shwe-bya village and
Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung-maw-leik).

Evening: Rohingyan villagers from Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung Maw-leik)
near the market were pulled out from homes and beaten to death at
least 7 persons including a family of 4 persons who opened restaurant
in the house,
some women were raped, the mosque in the village was destroyed. Their
houses in this village can’t be set fire but destroyed because
residents are mixed of Rakhine and Chinese. Now, most of the villagers
were shifted to Ambala fara. Rakhines people are shouting that they
will soon cleans this village too. After a while, tens of Rohingya
houses were selectively torched fire.

17:00pm: Rohingya houses in fishing ward (Pike-thay-yat) near Sittwe
Jetty were set fire and villagers were brutally attacked. Some escaped
by jumping into waters were killed. Some attempted to escape by boat
were also recaptured by Navy forces and detained by the accuse of
fleeing to foreign. At least 20 Rohingyans were killed. Without
escalation of accurate story, the VOA aired sideously about this

16:10pm: Security forces and thousands of Rakhine people with patrol
bottles crossed into Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter).

16:00pm: Both East and West Barsara(Sanpya) villages were attacked.
About 10 Rohingya houses of West Basara and the mosque and almost all
of Rohingyan villagers were completely gone to missing. About 100
houses of East Barsa village near navy camp and the mosque were also
burnt down and at least 50 Rohingyan villagers were killed. Those
survived were avoided into other Rohingya villages. Rohingyans from
Shwe Bya villages were attacked by brutally beating, killing,
sexually, looting and their houses were set fire. Most villagers
escaped by boats but some about 30 escapees were recaptured by Rakhine
people were killed.

15:00pm: At least 6 Rohingyans shot dead and more than 50 Rohingyan
villagers mostly from Sakki-fara were taken away as a result of they
went out to stop firing houses and resisting against Rakhines’ attacks
in a small Rohingya village beside Sakki-fara. In the mean time, a
Rakhine village around there call Min-gan located on Rohingya lands in
1991, was also set fire.

14:00pm: Curfew was imposed only for Rohingyas while Rakhine are
burning and attacking Rohingyans.

After noon: Duamraung and Bumay villages including the ancient small
mosque near Sittwe airport, house at the edge of Nazi village were
09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed a Rohingya girl (Ramzaan-12yo
), Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother were injured. The
dead body of the girl was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

4:00am: Harzamya and Nadikya villages were burnt into ashes, at least
13 Rohingyas were shot dead by Police and Paramilitary Forces, 4
injured and 30 other Rohingyan villagers captured by security forces
were taken away. In the meantime, Another group of Rakhines tried to
burn Nazi Village but it was stopped by Rohingyan villagers.

01:30am: Rohingyans in Magyee-Myaine (Holton) village was attacked,
houses and mosque were destroyed. It has been reported that the riot
have been supervised by Aung Myat Kyaw an MP at State Parliament. 1)
One of the victim who was killed is identified as Mohammed Hussein and
his house was also burnt down. 2) Nur Begum was chopped and packed in
a Jute bag at Mayu Road. The dead body was said to have been hidden by
the police. For this destruction, Aung Myat Kyaw is using Aung Tun
Sein (Olympic group) and Pho Sein (Danyawadi group). The group also
attacked the ancient small mosque situated opposite of this village
near airport but not burn-down in this stage.

01:00am: Rakhine who are wearing muslim caps were seen roaming in the
streets of Sittwe trying to pretend as Muslims. Following this, medias
are filming for anti-Rohingya propaganda.

9 June, Saturday
From the evening: Rakhine people started gangly attacking of Rohingyan
villagers and setting fire of Rohingya villages after security forces
shot fire into the houses. Houses were burning up to morning.
In Bumay (Walish) village, under the guide of Rakhine people the
police shot dead 5 Rohingyans during they went into the houses of
those Rakhine set fire in order to stop the flames.

Rakhine people are rounding with lethal knives and chanting with loud
speakers- (“terminate kala”, “kala-kala..kill-kill”). Several other
Rohingyan houses including houses from Kondan-ward were set on fire.
It is also confirmed that Rakhine people those came to set fire were
entering wearing muslim religious dresses. The local authorities plus
police forces are encouraging the Rakhine to eliminate the Rohingyas
and set fire at houses.
The Rohingya villagers confirmed that military authority refused the
approached of Rohingya leaders seeking to deploy military security
forces in Rohingya villages.

From the beginning of violence, thousands of Rakhine people were
arrived from different towns and temporarily camped along the beach. A
reliable source revealed that Rakhines those brought in Buthidaung and
Sittwe were organized by current Rakhine party-RNDP.

3 June:
Since the beginning of mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup on 3
June, a large group of Rakhine people firstly marched to attack the
ancient Foktoli mosque and village of Nazi. But it was broke away by
Rohingya villagers and security forces were lately arrived there and
stop further confrontation.

6) ………………………In Kyauktaw township……………………..
21 June, Thursday
A Rakhine teacher informed Rohingya that tomorrow a group of 500
Rakhines from different town would arrive at Kyauktaw and wage
violence. Similar information received in Myaybon township.
The Rohingya villagers are facing shortage of foods and worst for
those homeless Rohingyans.

18 June, Monday
Evening: A Rohingya mother from Fishing village(Zai-la fara) who went
to bazaar was brutally beaten by a group of Rakhines.

4:00am: Rohingya houses in Khondol village’s Alay-Kyuan Muslim ward
were attacked by Rakhines. 12 Rohingya houses, 50 haystacks and 30
huts were burnt down.

17 June, Sunday
22:00pm: Mv Shafuddin and 3 other Rohingya villagers were brutally
beaten by Rakhines in Ta-naonh Fara. Huts and haystacks in farming
lands were burnt down. Mv Sahfuddin was died one day after and no hope
for the 3 others too as a result of they can’t access for medication.

17:30pm: 17 Rakhines who worn muslim religious dresses and leaving
after attacking of Rohingya village Khondol, were arrested by

About 500 Rakhines protested in a park of Kyauktaw town demanding the
release of nine Rakhines from Nagaya village who were arrested with
arms at around 18:00pm of 16 June and for involving in an arson attack
of Rohingya village.

16 June, Saturday
20:30pm: The Rohingya villagers from Falom-fara abandoned their houses
in good time and escaped into jungle. They reported before they leaved
from the village.

20:00pm: 94 out of 96 Rohingya houses in San-ga-daung village were
burnt down and 75 Rohingya villagers dead in the attacks by Rakhine
people. 49 other children who were taken by Rakhines were missing. The
dead bodies were not allowed to bury and Rakhines are continued to
attack them therefore the rest of the Rohingya villagers escaped into

A group of 25 Rakhines who are wearing muslim religious dresses and
setting fire at Rohingya houses were arrested by military.

13:30pm: Hundred of Rohingya houses in Nai-raung and Barua-fara were
burning by Rakhines with collaboration of Paramilitary forces. Some
Rohingya villagers approached at military but military forces who are
escorting there said that they have not received order to shot
Rakhines even they attacks. The dead number is not yet informed.

15 June, Friday
12:00pm: 21 houses of Rohingya and a mosque were burn down Apaukwa village.
Second term attacked by Rakhines burnt down another 25 Rohingya houses
adding total 46 houses.

16:00pm: A group of Rakhines attempted to set fire in Fishing village
(Zaila-fara) but it was stopped by villagers. In the event, a father
and son were beaten to dead by Rakhines. Soon after military forces
were arrived to control and drove Rakhines people away. Rohingya from
Kyauktaw town confirmed one Rohingya died and several got injuries in
the event.
A few hours later, Rakhines started setting fires of huts in Rohingya
own farming lands. About 22 huts including crops, barns, haystacks
were burnt down.

14 June, Thursday
Security forces suggest the Rohingya villagers to leave with empty
hands from their homes in good times.

11 June: Selling foods, oil and supplying any kind of aid are banned
for Rohingyans while Curfew is imposed only in their villages.

9 June: Curfew imposed on the Rohingya villagers, asking to stop going
out of villages and even from the houses. Dozen of Rohingya youths
taken by authority are gone to unknown.

4) ……. In Rathedaung township (4th largest Rohingya population,
124 Rakhine villages and 22 Rohingya villages.)
21 June, Thursday
The villagers face starvation due to continuous confinement. Some of
homeless Rohingyans were beaten up for requesting foods and shelter
from military.
BBC misreported about burning of Rohingya villages in Rathedaung township.

Evening: Another 30 Rohingya villagers were taken away by military.
Morning: 20 Rohingya villagers were taken away by military.

20 June, Wednesday
Military seized handphones from homeless Rohingyan villagers of
Anauk-pran and Thara-pran.

19 June, Tuesday
Afternoon: Mv Sayed Kassim who reside in Sydney of Australia confirms
that his village, Sara-parang/Tharapran (Kraro-kondan) village
consisting about 120 Rohingya houses were burnt down by Rakhines. This
village is situated among 24 Rakhine villages and this was the 4th
time attack by all Rakhines from 24 Rakhine villages. 35 Rohingya
villagers including women and children were died.
Despite Rohingyan villagers had reported to military whenever Rakhine
people approaches and agreed to offer payment for military guards, the
military had not provided protection for them.

Morning: Rohingya village –Muzardiya- was burned down by Rakhines. In
the attack, 6 Rakhines and 2 Rohingyas died.

8:30am: Approximately 1,000 Rakhines with fire arms attacked Rohingya
village of Anuak-pran by the help of in-charge Police of Kodaung. In
the attack, 60 out of 500 Rohingya houses were burnt down, 8 Rohingyas
shot dead and many were injuired. 8 Rakhines were also died after
Rohingya villager resisted against them. A Platoon of Army watched the
scene from out side the village. Finally, the army entered to control
the situation. The villagers are very worrying for attacks at night.

14 June
Early morning: Mv Sayed kasim from Rathedaung township who reside in
Australia, confirmed that at least 700 Rohingyans were killed in his
hometown today in the attack of Saw-fa-rang Fara by Rakhines. There
were more than 200 Rohingya houses in this village.
13 June
Evening: Over 1,000 Rakhine were gathered and torched many Rohingya
houses in Kondan (Kuti-chaung) village jointly with police and Hlun
Tin. Numbers of dead were unknown. About 50 Rohingya houses consisted
in this village.

From the beginning, a few houses in Rathedaung were set fire, while
the rests are in serious fear.

5) ……………..Buthidaung township……………….
18 June, Monday
Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) of No-9 region completely destroyed
a large two floor religious school building in Taungbazar village. In
the beginning, Na Sa Ka themselves destroyed the building and then the
local villagers were forced destroy it. The building was made of wood
and the roof was of tin sheets.

More than 2,000 Rohingyas are taking shelter in Nyaung chaung village
high school of Buthidaung. They were escaped from Rathadaung Town
after they were attacked and their houses were burnt down by Rakhine.
3 of them were died due to lack of foods.

14 June, Thursday
22:00pm: Police forces shot a Rohingya (Noor Alam) who live in Maraung
Village of Buthidaung Town.
Evening: Rakhines alert to begin in Buthidaung from tonight.
Morning: A Rohingya Ko Soe Myint, senior staff of UNHCR senior staff
of UNHCR was arrested and beaten by authority. Many other Rohingya who
worked for UN organizations in Maungdaw and Buthidaung are also gone
to missing.

11 June, Monday
22:15pm : About 500 Rakhine brought from Taunggote were arrived in Buthidaung.

10 June, Sunday
00:35am: Two boatloads of Rakhine were brought in to the town of
Buthidaung from other places under the arrangement of local

9 June, Saturday
Rohingya villages are under highly alert, while the authorities are
seizing all kinds of metal knives and etc.

………………………. In other regions………………………….

3) Pauktaw township: Rohingya village, has been surrounded by Rakhine
people from 9 June.
21:00pm of 11 June: Burning of Rohingya houses begin in Pauktaw Town.

Mrauk-U township: Rohingya villages are under-way to be attacked,
while dozens of Rohingyas arrested by the Rakhines were taken into

Min Bya Township
16 June: Rakhines rounded up by Aung Dine village and Sakyar villages.
Rohingya people from Min Bya town are worrying and do not know what
time Rakhines will set fire their houses.

Rambre Township
10 June, 12:30pm: Mr Hashim from Rambre, now residing in Australia
confirms that all Rohingya houses plus other muslims houses in the
village were set fire where Rohingya population is less than 10%
( Causalities are yet to be escalated from these regions due to no
communication available. The villagers are escaped into jungle. There
is no information about Kyauknimaw village at all.)

Bangladesh turns away Muslims fleeing Myanmar (8 boats- more than 300
Rohingyans on 11 June)
(Note: 300 Rohingyans mostly women and children those arrived by ten
boats in Bangladesh shore are from Sittwe/Akyab city. They and other
sources from Sittwe confirm that they were total about 30 boats
departed from Sittwe-beach.) During they crossed the middle of the
sea, the Burmese navy-ships followed to captured them and firing
launchers to some. They saw some boats captured and some boats

Some of Rohingya refugees land on Bangladesh soil (believe to be
another 8 boats)

Bangladeshi officials on Monday intercepted an additional 128 Rohingya

Helicopters Fire on Rohingya Refugees-
(Helicopters open fire in the sea killed 3 of 6 boats load of Rohingya
refugees fleeing sectarian violence from Sittwe.)

Related links;
1) Evidences photos of killings and torching fires at-
http://documentary-evidence.blogspot.com/ (or) via my FB
2) The sounds of gun-fires covered at-

3) RFA video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgkhBrSMN-E&feature=related
(Nazi and Fishing villages of Sittwe burning were covered in this
video but RFA reporter (Kyaw Kyaw) misinformed that setting fires of
Rohingya houses were by Rohingya themselves.)

hasnut ullah (birmingham)

Mirza Quayam Ali Bin Mirza Agha Mohamed (Singapore): Kind urge your attention to take forward our collective calls to take a stand over this issue and further to voice the Rohingya community so that we can avoid large scale ethnic cleansing in the region. We also hope that Britain can assist in providing relief and aid to the displaced Rohingya of the region.

Farhana Khan (London)

ashraf ali (birmingham)

mohammed yahya (birmingham)

Zaw Htet (Denmark): Human rights and freedom are birth rights of all human beings but why rohingya or i not human beings and why we always losing our right , justice , under war , racist and discrimination and it my mistake i am muslime and rohingya and we dont have right to brealth oxygen freely on the earth. Save human beeing life.

maruf ahmed (birmingham)

saiful islam (birmingham)

Salina Ahmed (Brixton)

bador uddin (birmingham)

Yasir Arafat (Pittsburgh, PA, USA): I urge everyone to spread this message to whoever you can- sadly many people have little clue. This is an urgent crisis and this inhuman act must be stopped !!!

Uba Sem (London)

ali afsar (birmingham)

tofayal choudry (birmingham)

abdul (birmingham)

Edin silamovic (Montenegro)

Mohd Danis (Malaysia)

dulah miah (birmingham)

Naser Husejn (Montenegro)


redhwan chaudhury (birmingham)

Ahmed Hussain (Sheffield)

chaudry (birmingham)

Hamza Lav (Montenegro)

tayyab ahmed (birmingham)

shahidul islam (birmingham)

Nihal Mohideen (London): Every life is matter

abbas (birmingham)

Niyaz (Bahrain): Stupid Myanmar government ,he is brother of Narandra Modi…………..,where is the Human Rights stop this violence… 😦

Maung Maung (London)

rowyiz (yangon ): hi ,thanks million all ,human rights and freedom are birth rights of all human beings but why rohingya or i not human beings and why we always losing our right , justice , under war , racist and discrimination and it my mistake i am muslime and rohingya and we dont have right to brealth oxygen freely on the earth .

muhammad hasan (birminghaM)

mohammed (birmingham)

Meheron Choudhury (South Shields, UK): We can stop this

Mohammed Kawsar (London, UK)

Fazle Karim (New Delhi, India): This is called injustice and it is just because Muslims are being killed..

Sylvia Drogomirecka (London,UK)

Khairul Amin (Norway)

rayhanul chaudry (birmingham)

Almir Jasarovic (Montenegro)

Nusrat Jahan (London, UK)

s.r.chowdury (birmingham): stop ethinic clinsing

Nusrat Jahan (London, UK)

azizil haque (birmingham)

Win Maung Tun (Forestgate London)

azizur ahm,ed (birmingham)

Poonam Kamani (london)

sohid ali (birmingham)

Janarie Maruhom Malic (Philippine): Where is the Justice???? Where is The United Nation??? Where is The Human Rights??? Where is The Allied Forces??? Where is The USA??? simply because the victim is a Muslims???

sohid ali (birmingham)

mohammed asfakur rahman (birmingham)

mohammed nadeem (birmingham)

mushfiq ahmed (birmingham)

abdul rashid (birmingham)

Hussein Ahmed (Forestgreen London)

hamid (birmingham)

mohammed salam (birmingham)

Imranali Panjwani (Chelmsford, UK): I petition against these crimes against humanity. May God help those in need and distribute His Justice and Punishment to those who are committing these atrocities.

Gareth Bryant (New York, USA): This genocide, like all genocides, needs to end, immediately!!!

Martin Walsh (Woodgreen London)

imrul (birmingham)

Monjumon Hussain (London)

Weng Yu (West London)

mujahid aziz (birmingham)

sadaqat khan (birmingham)

aqib sohail (birmingham)

Mujibur Rahman (SE London)

aqib sohail (birmingham)

Ajhar Jewel (birmingham)

s. abbondi (Germany): shame on us as humans we seem to be ignorant to the lessons of the past.

abdul mazed (birmingham)

abdul mazed (birmingham)

muneeb mohammed (birmingham)

iftikhar ahmed (birmingham)

iftikhar ahmed (birmingham)

Kim Nguyen (Boston, MA. USA): Please do all you can to stop the genocide and help the refugees!

kamil rahman (birmingham)

basharat ali (worcester)

Mohammad Mehtabuddin (india): Please stop this inhuman activity

Afsha rasheed (London)

Anwar Sha (AUS): Save the Rohingya please

Mohammed saddique (India): No words left to say …
stop dived and rule policy ..

sylvia habib (linz, austria)

Prof. Ziaul (Gazipur, Dhaka,): Bangladesh did best. It did not take up the problem of Rohingyas on it’s own hand in spirit of friendship means with Burma. It let on Burma to solve their own peoples. Burma should solve it quickest time possible.
In the name of emergency in Arakan, the Army are carrying away most of Rohingyas to rural side. Their properties are destroying,looting,seizing,rape,torturing, displacing,mass-arrests are happening daily. Reports of our bordering Taknaf says.
Still Muslims infiltrating into Bangladesh continue unabated. Every day pushing back them.
I request president of Burma help solve the Rohingya elimination frm Arakan .

snehal mishra (india): stop this violence… 😦

rashma hai (sheffield ): i pray that such inhumane acts and thoughts get put to an end and may all those affected get justice. ameen

Wayne Garrett Kostin (Chiang Mai, Thailand): Please help the Rohingya and all minorities struggling for human rights!

Alicia Fdez Gómez (España)

khadiza begum (tokyo japan): Ethnic Rohingya is one of the nation are being persecuted cruelly!The history of this persecution is more than 100 years old. This recent incident is just the action to completely eliminate the ethnic Rohingya. Government of Myanmar is restricted media coverage of domestic and international research teams which proves their purpose of this massacre ! it is completely a genocide of an ethnic community who have been living in Arakan for a 1000 years! As a rohingya , I want to appeal strongly to the incident and demand our citizenship of myanmar as early as possible!

Dennis Brandt (US): Although not from England let it stand as just the human thing to do

Yassine Watson-Bedaisi (London)

Thaminah Aziz (Birmingham)

Mujahid Aziz (Birmingham)

Nasim Uddin (Chiitagong, Bangladesh)

Imran Khan Niazi (PK): Kindly Save Muslims Lifes.. is this not terrosim with innocent muslim people in myanmar??… plss plss do some thing for innocent people of myanmaar…..

ernes perez (spain): free

mazufa bibi (london): pls suppprt those in need may allah bless u

Shahriar Khan (London, UK): This huge oppression should be stopped!

Zara Choudhary (Maidenhead, UK)

Shoman A Aziz (Rajshahi , Bangladesh): Government of Bangladesh must place The Rohingya problem to UN Forum to end our headache since it is on our head since 40 yrs back.
Arakan was of both Rakhines-Rohingyas. This region was never been part of Burma. It captured By Burmese King in 1784.

Taslim Iquebal (Chittagong ): গণ হত্যা বন্ধ হোক।

gagan (United Kingdom)

Rabab (Japan)

ayaz (shandong ( china )): I am frm Bangladesh. Rakinhes are enjoying equal citizen of Bangladesh like we are. They recognized in 1992. Rakhines also are citizen of Burma. Like Dual Nationals.
Rakhines community must have voice out peace and tranquility to prevail in Arakan with peaceful co-existance staying together Rohingyas -Rakhines. Now we read that rakhines are behind the security forces aiming at driving out Muslims entirely.

Md Osama Bin Zakariya (Chittagong Bangladesh.): Together we have to stop this situation.

Mubashir (India): A clear message to the peace loving people in the world

Patrina Khan (Australia)

naz ghazali (malaysia): wake up world

Shofi kul Islam (Singapore): Please help world most persecuted and neglected people

Reyaz Ahmad Khan (India)

Amir Hamza (Guangzhou ( china )): we all felt sorrow and anxiety over the community call Rohingyas who are facing away from the fundamental birth-rights under the civilized world from the country which is Burma

Zarah Sultana (Birmingham, UK)

Sehar Fayaz (Kashmir,India)



Joice Chen (Sydney, Australia): Human rights and security of nation are more important than that of lifting economic embargo against Burma.
Fully doubts remained in the mind of common people as if the Burma will transform into Democratic process.

Chris Wall (London)

mohammad wasiqul islam (India): killing innocent people is against the humanity.

Rima Khanom (UK)

Noor Alam (Jeddah, KSA): A clear message to the peace loving people in the world

The ruling military junta and racist Rakhine are challenging directly to the world security
system bypass all of the rule of law locally and violating all of the internationally recognize human right principle.If the UN and the world powerful organization not take a positive step as early as possible, they will be the brute force same as the Nazi Hilter.They, the Myanmar brutal junta and racist Rakhine are completely destroying all the human value and human dignity in Arakan paritcularly and openly challenging the modern civilization and the world security system.It is the time to take an action to control the situation otherwise it will be a ugly chapter in the modern history which we wouldn’t like to teach to our next generation.

zahra (Birmingham, Uk): What is wrong with this world… WAKE THE HELL UP, this is wrong on every fuckin leveL

Somaya Yussuf (London)

Fathema Ahmed (Bristol)

jahana begum (uk)

Nehru (Singapore): Burmese President really, can contain the situation effectively.
Also can ensure peaceful co-existence between Rakhines and Rohingyas for the national development project by ensuring fundamental rights of Rohingyas ahead of genuine or true sense of democracy to prevail ahead in it’ country

Anila Hussain (London, UK)

Nurul Hidayah Bt Misnadin (Singapore)

A. Mobeen Chy (Dhaka): Need stage peaceful protests in front of respective Bangladesh embassy office world-wide submit memorandum for the depleting Muslims region of Arakan.

Vatsala malde (London, uk)

Anisa Yussuf (London )

Arslan Hassan (Sialkot, Pakistan): Wondering, world will tag these Muslims as terrorists. will close the issue and no one will know. Pathetic.

Muhammad Firdaus (Oklahoma, USA): In the name of God and for the sake of saving the Humanity, please do every thing in your power to stop the systematic and well-planned Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma (Myanmar).

Siddiqua Fatimah (India): God did not create the Earth with Boundaries. Man creates boundaries in the Hearts.

Nasima nooraniPlease please sign this petition!! Innocent people have been murdered and it’s still continuing… We need to put an end to this… http://www.restlessbeings.org/petitions/2-lobbying-the-british-government-ethnic-cleansing-of-rohingya-in-my (London uk)

N. Chakraboty (cox’S bazar, Bangladesh): Oh….
Rakhines who joining hand with Burmese forces killing Muslims Rohingyas? Surprising enough !
Burma denied Rohingya”s citizenship & branded as Bengali?
How Rakhines are enjoying dual side holding of citizenship? Burma and Bangladesh?
In cox’s Bazar, 80% of them are from Arakan. Every day coming. No question for them.
They are regularly getting National Identity Card in Bangladesh.

Hassan Sheraz (London, UK): We want Burmese Govenment to take strict action against Buddihist Monks who are killing innocent and poor mulsims just because they are muslims. This is clearly terrorism and genocide of a Muslim Community. It is agaist the Human Rights and Against All the constitutions.

zaid khan (mumbai, india): I pray to allah for them. ameen

White Lion (UK): PLEASE DO SOMETHING… why that fool so called KING of Arabian Peninsula, and Heads of Emirates, Sultan of Qatar, fake Khalifah of Bahrain, fool of Kuwait and brain head.. stop do Something 😦
YA Allah HELP !

syed imran kazi (nagpur, india)

Sadak Iqbal (Birmingham): Ethnic cleansing should NEVER be allowed.

SAIT HALIL (Istanbul,Turkey): Arakan is home to the Rohingyas. Stop rohingya massacre in Arakan State. UN,EU,USA where are you please help these innocent and defenseless people before too late.

White Lion (UK): I want all… elected Idiots to answer our call..
Raise this issue in House, you all elected are duty bound to raise this issue, otherwise STOP ENJOYING our tax money.
How much death game in your diplomacy… ?
insane is gone.. Buddhist ideology.. !
Muslem nations.. NATO member Turkey and Pakistan should take collective action, as Arabs Titular heads.. and just drunk dead.
PLEASE DO SOMETHING… why that fool so called KING of Arabian Peninsula, and Heads of Emirates, Sultan of Qatar, fake Khalifah of Bahrain, fool of Kuwait and brain head.. 😦
YA Allah HELP !

Sophie Johnson (oxford)

Murshida Begum (London, UK)

abu hanifah (kd, nigeria): The oppression should stop immediately

Imtiyaz Ali (Dhaka): we hope, this petition will usher upon persecuted peoples of Arakan before delayed

neha shaikh (dubai,UAE): Plz stop this brutal n massive killing of our brothers n sisters n plz help thm

Imtiyaz Ali (Dhaka): we hope, this petition will user upon persecuted peoples of Arakan

asefa ali (u s a)

Nazneen younus (karachi): UN Security council should discuss immediately

Abraham Shakil Halil (Florida, USA): Muslims in Myanmar are Bengali from Bangladesh is completely wrong, mistake and incorrect because Rohingyas are not from Bangladesh they are from Arakan, Burma.

But it is correct and universal truth that many Rohingya Muslims are right now illeagaly in Bangladesh to save their lives from the brutal Burmese and Rakhine oppression and torture. Rohingyas are not stateless, their one and only state is Arakan, but they are made stateless by the cruel and brutal Burmese Government and by their half brother Rakhines.

We are strange to see the incorrect statement viewed by different racist people and making stories, trying to brand Rohingyas as the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. It is 100% wrong and bogus.

Yes, it is completely true in case of Rakhine Maughs who are encouraged to migrate by the Military Government and worst racist policy makers of Burma to make the settlements, seizing and confiscating the lands and properties of helpless Rohingyas.
We are 100% sure and challenging, if the world community, united nation, European and American surveyor and investigator perform the survey physically they will get all the Rohingyas are the Rohingya, they were and they are from Arakan.

But on the other hand if they survey about Rakhines in Western Burma they will surely get thousands and thousands of Rakhine Maughs illegally migrated from Teknaf, Nilla Chowdhury Para, Cox’s Bazar, Mohish Khali, Kutubdia and Naikhongchari of Bangladesh, who are now leagal automatic citizens of Burma and illegally enjoying the land and properties of innocent helpless Rohingyas.

Now we ask and object the racist leaders and their followers do you accept it? If not let us send the surveyors and investigators to Bangladesh and Western Burma from the United Nation, Europe and America to figure it out who is right and who is wrong and bogus.

Nikhat Panjwani (Chelmsford, Essex): Please intervene to help them for the sake of human rights and justice.

Dwian Yunita (Purwokerto,Indonesia): we can stop this.

Hamza Younas (Karachi, Pakistan): Where the hell is Un ? Un Piece?

Yvonne keogh (Ireland )

Mohammed Rafique (Bangladesh): we must do it as soon as possible while we are human being. It our request to International community to stop the brutal killing of Muslim in Arakan and give pressure to Myanmar government

Mohammed Asif (New Delhi, India): Where is the UN, where is the Human Rights Organizations? is this not terrorism ?

wafa (LONDON)

Zeeshan Khan (Calcutta, India): No words left to say.
Only humble prayers.

waseem raja (Srinagar, India): I will be always ready to do anything.


Laura allam (Sydney)

Sameer Khan (Kolkata, India): it made me cry

Aaalishba Ehsan (Kolkata, India): plz do something about it
the one above is surely watching

Nouri Rabbani (canada): authentic reports from my friends circles, Burma government and it’s Buddhist Rakhine will jointly kill all Muslim faith Rohingyas in short period if world UN body not intervening the matter quckly.

Tarique Imran (Chittagong, BD): Pls help the most persecuted community in the world.

nurnisa salim (malaysia)

Zeeshan (Calcutta, India): Where are those guys from human rights?
Where is the United Nations?
Where are all those countries and all those people who propagate equality, fraternity and justice for all?
Please stop this savagery.

abdul rahman (malaysia)

Mohammad Shahid (Delhi, India): Stop killing plz..

Isabelle Dovein (CA, USA)

R.Rufsana Kabir (The Netherlands): Please stop mass killing in Arakan State, Burma. Please SAVE ROHINGYA LIVES !!!

Humayun Rashid (Chittagong Bangladesh )

Muhammad Riaz (United Kingdom)

mayumaung (jiddah): Protect the helpless people of Arakan, Rohingya.

Amina Khanom (London, UK)

raheem (myanmar )

Luthfa Begum (London )

Rai (Philippines)

Lor (Philippines)

Ko Ko (Myanmar): it is not true as reported.
Sittwe (Akyab) has alone killed 6000 Muslims.
Displacing all remaining peoples to rural area. Seized away all properties of them. No return in the name of emergency.

Sofia Rehman (Oxford UK)

Hasanain Kanji (London,UK): And whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind… The Holy Quran
Let’s touch the lives of these persecuted people to make a change!!

swy (Kengtung, Tai.): No one is allowed to support/donate to Muslim in Rakhine state.

Dr. wiroz (Thailand): Rohingyas said to be majority of Arakan since 100 yrs ago. Due to systematic atrocities perpetrated upon them, many more 2 million Rohingyas left Arakan phase by phase. Now they become minority in Arakan. In Thailand more than 55000 Rohingys.
All country must solve it permanently. UN must do without delay.

thanyawzin143@gmail.com (Saudi arabia)

Owais (saudi arabia)

Maria (saudi arabia): we are with you.

Aamir Shamsi (London, UK)

william yitzac (Manila): it must end forthwith

Sol Jeewa (Birmingham, UK)

Helen Frost (Oxford)

Soe Raza (KL): The Rohingya is has been thought that it is an internal affair of Myanmar but in actual manner, it should be considered as International issue of importance to solve immediately. Myanmar government has not allowed any International aid agencies in the Cyclone Nargis devastated areas while there was more than 100,000 people were died and hundreds of thousands became homeless. It was an act against humanity too. It was the double crime that Myanmar government committed. And again, Myanmar government fully is responsible and accountable for all Rohingyas lives and propertiesthey have lost. And Myanmar should be considered as a country that has been breeding thousands of Rohingya refugees for the democratic and stable countries. Therefore, for any Rohingya refugee crisis in the world, Myanmar must be taken the accountability for its human rights abuses, not recognizing the Rohingyas in spite being maintenance of their continuous existence in Myanmar for generations. On the other hand, there should have a new law under UNHCR for Myanmar is like that if any Rohingya refugee crisis has taken place, Myanmar government must bear the cost of living, shelter, medications etc. The UK government should take this initiative to enact an special law under UNHCR for preventing Myanmar on breeding the new refugee crisis. Otherwise, Myanmar will not stop its refugee breeding crisis in the whole world. Today, due to Myanmar refugee crisis, more than 10 countries are being affected. Those countries are 1) Bangladesh 2) Thailand 3) Malaysia 4) India 5) Pakistan 6) Saudi Arabia 7) U A E 8) Canada 9)Indonesia 10) Australia 11) Japan 12) UK 13) New Zealand 14) USA and so on. These all host countries should make a get together to exert pressure on Myanmar on its refugee breeding crisis and human rights abuses. If Myanmar has given the equal rights to Rohingya Muslims, they may not go anywhere for better life, education, security and economy. Therefore, my opinion is that for all crisis Myanmar government must be accounted and responsible. Whatever it is happening now is under the supervision of government security forces, but these security forces are assisting their fellow Buddhist Rakhines to carry the genocide. It is clear that the current genocide on Rohingya Muslims is exclusively an ethnic cleansing, massacre to expel or eradicate the whole Rohingya population from Arakan.

Abdul Gaffar (Bangladesh)

Alexandra Rösch (Berlin)

Eric (Singapore): UN intervention only can save it

mohammed osman (Taif,ksa)

Preeti Kona (Bangladesh)

Habib (Bangladesh): 1 st of all , the UN should send urgent message to President of Myanmar

Feraya Ullathorne (Somerset, UK): Burma is committing extreme crimes against humanity in persecuting, “ethnic cleansing” (genocide) Rohingya people. They are one of Burma’s indigenous people and Burma has been their home for centuries. They have every right to live peacefully in Burma. The Burmese military should be condemned and stopped at once.

Bint Evan (Australia): No one has the right to oppress another in any way, shape or form.

shabnam Valji (Essex,UK): What is the world coming to…and what has happened to humanity…

Anayetur Rahaman (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Arefa MOLVI (London): Stop the prediction know

David Ullathorne (UK): Please help stop the genocide of one of the World’s most persecuted minorities.

Saif (Bangladesh): It is secret genocide. There is no interdependent new media, no reporters,
It is Crime against humanity.
The International Crime council ICC should send message to Burmese government stop such way forthwith.

Luthfa Begum (Lonson)

akbarus samad (bangladesh): I completely agree,

Mung Min (KSA)

farhan osman (makkah)

Akram (pakistan): it is planned way genocide. It is Crime against humanity. ICC should call Burmese Government stop it strop it.

Zarrar Masud (London): Subhaan’Allah

Surah Al-Imran, Chapter 3, Verse 185:

‘Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection.’

Martin O’Shea (Oxford)

anita schug (Germany): The Rakhine buddhists and the killer myanmar military force should stop the genocide against the Rohibgyas.

Maimuna Sultana (London, UK)

Sameera Ali (london): Absolutely disgusting!! Who gave them the right to play God??. Ethnic cleansing of Germany in 1930’s by Hitler, the Americans of the Japanese after Pearl Harbour, the persecution of the African Americans by the KKK, the atrocities in Palaestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, are they not enough for us to hang our heads in perpetual shame for all eternity??.. Has the human race not suffered enough at the hands of ignorant, bigoted, savage tyrants already??? Please please please, help stop this genocide NOW!!

Nasir (Bnagladesh): seems that Rakihine community of Arakan are behind extermination of Rohingyas side by side Government security forces.
Rakhine should not take the stance.

Kyaw Naing (UAE): I urge British Government to lead to form a committee comprising UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, India, China and Saudia Arabia with the purpose of dealing with Myanmar Government on the conflict of Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhist, Rohingya Muslims Citizenship issue, and all other fundamental human rights which Rohingya Muslims are deprived of.

Saima Shaikh (London ): May Allah help the needed and stop the bad…

Sally Devine (MANCHESTER)

Nabeel butt (London, UK)

Muhammed Ridwanul Hoque (Khulna, Bangladesh)

Mubashar Khattak (Oxford, UK)

Lay Naing (London, UK): I signed this petition because I beloved in humanity.

Mohamed Tahir (Yangon,Myanmar ): Please help innocent rohingya peoples. We need justice.

Shahnaj Begum (London)

Ashraf Alam (Chittagong, Bangladesh): I agree with the petition

Zainab Halane (London, UK)

Awaz Raoof (UK)

shabeer (SW1A 2 AH)

Zafirah Aziz (london)

mohammed osman hyder (jeddah)

Saifullah (K.L. Malaysia): International community intervention is very much needed to solve this problem especially British government who was eye withness during power handovering to Burma…………

Fahtayha Yasmin (London, UK)

Qasim Khan (London)

Michael Wynne (Sevenoaks, UK)

Maliha Yousaf (France)

Peter Laws (London)

Maliha Yousaf (France)

Nadeem Yousaf (Germany)

Farharz husein (Netherland(Holland): We all are human being So,please save the human and help Rohingya in Burma

Ahmed Madeni (London,UK)

N Husein (Netherland(Holland)): Please save and help Rohingya in Burma

Razia Sultana (London UK)

za heen (jeddah,ksa): protect Rohingya

Md Anwar (KL, Malaysia): As a Rohingya, I wish to sign this petition because we would like international community to do something for defeneceless Rohingya before it is too late.

Rahim Ali (London): Norbert Elias would describe this as the descent of mankind! Where is the rationality in all of this?

Ye Min Htet (Yangon,Myanmar): help

Zaher alkawas (liecestershire 2bakewell streetLE2)FD)


s hussain (watford)

Vida Francesca (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

kyaw win (Bangladesh): Rohingya r citizen of burma…..

Muhammad Tareq (Khulna,Bangladesh): …It doesn’t matter if i am Rohingya, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Black, White, Muslim, Hindu or whatever. If iam human, and believe in humanity and want to stop persecution of innocent, vulnerable and helpless Rohingyas, i should sign this petition…
and i signed….

Hannan Qureshi (Hyderabad, India.): Since the UN termed the Rohingyas, the most persecuted community of world after Arab’s Palestinians.
The UN must do forward urgently possible.

Moriom Khatun (London UK)

Rukshana Akhtar (Bedford)

maryam ariffin (Malaysia)

Waqqas Shafi (London)

Tahmina Aktar (London)

Umar Shareef (London, UK)

Shaheda bari (UK)

Luca Viscomi (London UK): Surah Ar’af-179. And surely, We have created many of the jinns and mankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth). They are like cattle, nay even more astray; those! They are the heedless ones.
Ar’af-182. Those who reject Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), We shall gradually seize them with punishment in ways they perceive not….

Fear not my Brother & Sisters, but take heed, that Allah saved those who forbid evil! and if Allah had willed that you given Dowah for the the last 1200 years, would there be any disbeliever in your country? may Allah make it easy for you :
Ar’af- 163..And ask them about the town that was by the sea – when they transgressed in [the matter of] the sabbath – when their fish came to them openly on their sabbath day, and the day they had no sabbath they did not come to them. Thus did We give them trial because they were defiantly disobedient. (163) And when a community among them said, “Why do you advise [or warn] a people whom Allah is [about] to destroy or to punish with a severe punishment?” they [the advisors] said, “To be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they may fear Him.” (164) And when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We saved those who had forbidden evil and seized those who wronged, with a wretched punishment, because they were defiantly disobeying. (165) So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be apes, despised.” (166) And [mention] when your Lord declared that He would surely [continue to] send upon them until the Day of Resurrection those who would afflict them with the worst torment. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful. (Ar’af-167)

Nausheen yousaf (United Kingdom)

Ian George Robinson (Canada)

Aziz Alam (Sydney, Australia ): Stop killing rohingyas

kethering xing (Fuzhou, China): Muslim’s 54 Nation body O.I C call UN body to solve it.
Let urge China Government, closed ally of Burma should ask restore nationality of those called Rohingyas.
With out citizenship rights how can???

Nouman (KSA): Please stop killing Rohingya Muslim people from Arakan state.

Sayedu rahaman (Sydney, Australia ): Pls help rohingyas

Akbar (China, Xinjiang region): Peace loving governments, organisations and all nations can solve this matters. We hope, UK, USA, EU nation are master of present world order politically,economically and militarily.

Miss Zainab Khatun (uk)

izyani syakirah (Malaysia)

pam hardy (London UK): we have to continue to boycott Burma, what is that Nobel prizewinner doing about this?????????????

Joe Nay Joe (Dhaka,Bangladesh): Stop Rohingya Genocide In Burma

khaleduddin (Dhaka): Since the UN termed the Rohingyas, the most persecuted community of world after Arab’s Palestinians.
The UN must do forward urgently possible.

Naila Ebrahim (Dubai, UAE)

David Albuquerque (Brisbane, Australia): Ethnic cleansing is plain wrong. Anywhere, anytime.

HIRA (Dubai ): Assalamualaikum …..Please help our people as soon as possible …May Allah escape them from all these troubles….Ameen…

slman (Cox’s Bazar): it is clearly crime against humanity.
the ICC must send observation team in there ( Arakan )

shahnaz begum (London): Every human has the right to live regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion. Mr Hague, be the man to show the world how we Britains care

sayeem (Dhaka): in short. A UN intervention need to save them

saiful (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Save them and help for permanent solution

Abdul Aolad (LONDON UK ): It is absolutely disgusting what the Mymar government is doing and how the international comunity is just watching on. Where is the so called world police? This is as bad or even worse then any Arab leaders have done to their people but because there is no geographical or financial gain they don’t take action.
People of the world need to stand up and realise what mess this world is in .

Saif sarwar (Leicester)

Naeem (Bangladesh): The Rohingya must not leave the Arakan.
The world body should come urgently solve the issue in their own region Arakan by allowing UN observers to ensure security and lives.

parveen ahmed (bristol)

Muhammad Salim (Myanmar): Rhingyas are seriously and urgently in need of the intervention of UN and the International communities to save the life,mass destruction of Properties and women`s dignity from the systematic and well-organized ethnic muslim cleansing plan by the Military backed Government.

Faizaan Ahmed (London, UK)

nab F (london)

halima ( from Cox’s Bazaar, Bangldesh): Haaaaaaaa…. no way left to them ( Rohingys )
I see, it is only the reason to say that they ( Rohingyas ) are not Buddhist religion.
Prime Minister or any Local Parliament member never come and see the situation of Refugee camp of them since 10 yrs.
I strongly hope that there are true human-loving nation in this world to help save their lives where they born in.
UN must come forward to declare a ” protected Area ” inside Arakan to help a permanent solution for them.
We, our Bangladesh, in deed, is poor and already burdened with problem of our own.
The US, UK, EU nation must come forward to save them before planned way genocide until end of last Muslim faith person in there.

As reports, as many as 21 times of refugee exodus occurred in the side of present Bangladesh.

Saima ahmed (Uk)

sylvia Varnava (Greece)

R Ali (Birmingham UK): Save Rohingya! Take action!

Abu Hurairah (Muhajiristan): Give rights to muslims otherwise burmese will be in danger in other part of the world !

Hellen (China, Xinjiang region): Pathetic events it is for the civilized nation of the world to endure the Rohingya peoples situation to study. Are they Muslim in faith so? Surely it is YES so.
The China Government who has long been a strategic relation with Myanmar must ask Myamnmar Govt to help save the unsafe nation of Arakan.

Aishah Hussain-Qureshi (Uk)

Ajmeer khan, A human right activists visited recently Teknaf border (Bangladesh): ” Creating A safe heaven inside Arakan a must” by the resolution of Security Council immediately to save the oppressed community.
It is wonderful to say in the history of civilized world.
Bangladesh pushing back the persecuted Rohingyas to the open-sea, while saying pushing them to their country own country Myanmar. Rather there is prevailing state of emergency inside Arakan. How it is???? Is there no civilized country to condemn the attitude of inhuman treatment? Yes, surely there are many civilised nation like Britian, US, EN nation who can relaise the helpless, unprotected Rohingyas frm the inhuman cycle of Myanmar Govt and Rakhines of Arakan .

Muhammad Yusri ben Hassan (Penang, Malaysia.): Signing this petition for the sake of humankind. I don’t care if the New World Order is in control of everything. We must all united against the One World government.

Shuzel Islam (Birmingham)

AbdulGoffar (Dammam, KSA): The whole is cry for rohingya but inside Myanmar Rakhine andGovern Security forces veryday killing Rohingya to finished them and they will do till this community totally disappear.

Noor (Member ,Bangladesh itihash Parishad, Dhaka): It is authentic reports reached here that after the emergency clamped in Arakan to prevent spread of riots between the Rakhines and Rohingyas, the Rakines along with Govt forces openly taken opportunity to perpetrae secrect killing, arrsts,lootings, driving out, displacing to hilly side area, confiscating lands and properties, arson,raope, huge-amount demanding saving frm arrests so so. It clearly aiming at total depltion of Rohingys. The Rakinnes must not do the way Burma Aramy does. The rakines too are in our bangladesh side by side residing as citizen of Bangladesh.

Syedakbar (india): No freedom without humanity……….

Ko Ko Kyaw (Australia): UN organization and international NGO organizations are urgently required to intervene this massacre in Burma. Both communities have lost the lives and immediate action is required.

Valerie Pappas (Horncastle UK): this is almost the same as in Rhuanda and the world waited too long…please it must be stopped, this is ethnic cleansing ans we said it must never happen again.

Win Myint Aung (Sydney, Australia): I strongly oppose racism. No matter who we are, we are the descendent of Adam and Eve(peace be upon them). We all are human being .

Shahida Begom (London)

bill hutchins (se london )

Runa (Bnagldesh): Let good sense prevail in the mind of Rakhines of Arakan who are like hand-in-gloves together with Burmses Army driving out the Rohingya frm their own native who are staying centuries long together.
Let Rakines of Arakan be prevailed senses that they Rakingyas in thusands are staying in Bangladesh enjoying full privileges of Bangladesh Government. They even recognized as citizen of Bangladesh in the year 1992 by the then Ershad Government. In the year 1980 rakines were about 3200 population. Now they are more than 320000. They Rakines are infiltrating whenever they wish or they want. No one in Bangladesh hinder them. It is well aware of that. The Rakhines have long drawn policy of eliminating the Rohingyas. They want the Arakan as Muslimless Arakan.

Mohammad Taqi (Chittagong,BD): Save Muslims from Arakan.

Eva Stuffer (Italia)

Abid Bahar (Canada): This is all religiously motivated. See the stab marks on the victims, it has the mark of the so called Rakhasha knife guarding the land for the Rakhine Mogh people.

Ne Myo Win (Kajang, Malaysia): Yes, Rohingyas are victims. Save them from being killed!

Sakeena Khatri (UAE): This is very much against humanity!

Md. Arif (Chittagong, Bangladesh): Stop genocide!


Rick Staggenborg, MD (Coos Bay, OR, USA)

Shuja (Myanmar): should be protected the lives of Muslim faith Rohingya
whose land hnas been colonized by Burmans 220 yrs ago.
It must decolonized right now.

GHULAM HUSSAIN (Quetta, Pakistan ): I condemn the brutal genocide of the innocent people in Myanmar , this is totally human rights violation and cowered-ness action, stop it as soon as possible no more killings ,, wake up human rights activists

Mohammed Tareq Aman (Miami)

Bel (Uk bedfordshire)

Ye Htut Zaw (Singapore): This is historic issue & to be acted by law & justice. Security & right law must be applied to that region. Genocide is not the solution.

Shahul Hameed (Singapore): Dear Rt Hon William Hague,
Help to save human lives – People killing eachother by stating various difference like Race & Religion.
If these kind of things continue can’t find any human, in the near future.
Folks beleive, you can act on behalf of us to save the innocent people dying by hunger & other tortures.
Thanks alot,

Shuheda Begum (London, UK): Everyone deserves basic human right!

Yamin Thu (Hinthada Township , Ayeyarwaddy Division, Myanmar): pls help us ! stop killing & bullying innocent people

Aman Ullah (sydney australia): Stop genocide

Jamila (Yangon,Myanmar): pls help this problem, it have been so long & Rakhine Buddhist & government brutally murdered Rohingya.

zawzaw (Australia ): Save Rohingya

Rima Ali (USA)

Dzulhelmy Ahmad Yasin (Malaysia): Allahuakbar!!!

Mufleeh Sadique (Colombo, Sri Lanka): I am against for any human rights violation despite of race, religion or any factor that divide people from one to another.

Sharifus Salekin (Bangladesh): Please stop ethnic cleansing.- wherever it is.
Rohingyas are the most vulnerable people in the world – do something positive for them.

Abdul Hakim (UK)

M (Birmingham, UK)

MOE JULY AUNG (Singapore)

Pann Wit Yi Aung (Singapore): My heart cannot stand seeing that rohingya are not even getting human rights regardless citizenships

mazma (luton)

bint khalil (luton)

yusra (london)

amatullah (luton)

amatullah (luton)

Daud R Matthews (Leics., UK): When will this type of ethnic cleansing stop? We Have known about it from the Inquisition in Spain, from the Red Indians in the US, from the Maoris and the Aborigini’s in Australsia, from WWII, from Rwanda and Bosnia among others.

Who is going to take the lead amd champion peace and justice? The British used to be known for fair play, now its FIFA thats championing it, perhaps they could do more than the British Government. But, I think, we should ask the British Government to follow up what was started when William Haig visisted Burma earlier this year. How about calling for sanctions on Burma. for example?

Assim Alhakeem (Saudi Arabia): It is a shame to ignore those poor Muslims while condeming the demolish of few stones in Tembaktu, Mali by UN, the international criminal court and the Unesco. This is double standard.

Nway (Singapore): Please kindly take immediate action to stop ethnic cleansing by killing enormous innocent people in Rakhine state, Myanmar.

Cind Lawrence (SAU): Please help the Rohingya in the name of basic humanity. Every person deserves to be the citizen of a home country.

Sabbir Baksh (Pennsylvania, USA)

May Mi Ko Ko (Singapore): please help us to stop this unfair situation to Muslim Rohingyas! please let the world know the true news! killing innocent people is really cruel.

yahya ibraheem (CIF 132/3 castle irwell students village -salford-manchester ): please help the Rohingya people

Waqar Mahmood Qadri Jilani (London, UK): Isreali’s have been getting away with it and now the buddhist would also get away with it but only in this world, the next world these people would suffer and so would the people who didn’t anything when they could have not forgetting the one’s who support Israel and buddist’s in there saytanic movements. Prophet Jesus Peace be upon Him and Imam Mehdi Peace be upon Him would come and help all these people who are suffering, they would offer they’re life’s for the people but take us out of the suffering. I literally hate this system, where we think America or Britain would do something because they have power but no they encourage these acts because they have been doing this all Thier life’s too. I just await Imam Mehdi Peace be upon Him and Prophet Jesus Peace be upon Him to come and destroy these horrible oppressors/killers!

Muhammad Jamal Maqsood (Riyad KSA): Stop the genocide – Rohingya are human too

Shahin S (Manchester ): Spread the message to stop this !!

Mahiuddin Huq (Sydney, Australia): Every government of the world should act immediately to stop ethnic cleansing of Rohigiyas in Myanmar.

Asma Khanom (london)

Shoaib Ahmed (Sydney): Ethnic Killing should be stop

shakila rahman (london)

Halima Begum (London, UK): What’s happening is absolutely atrocious and unacceptable… Families watching their own being murdered, do you think you can handle witnessing such disgusting behaviour yourself? My heart goes out to these innocent people, may they rest in peace and be granted a place in heaven. Please help save those that are still struggling and in danger…

Hamna Javaid (Toronto, Canada)

Abeer M (Perth, Australia)

Al-yassa Abdirashid Mohamed (Manchester, Uk)

Shumi rouf (Uk)

TUN MYINT (Sydney,Australia): Pls help rohingya people

Sameena Iqbal (Surrey, UK)

saini (malaysia): save arakan

Fazal Ahamd (Sydney, Australia)

Zainab Marcan (Sydney,Australia): STOP KILLING ROHINGYA

Aung Oo (Sydney, Australia): Burmese Government must stop this persecutions against these people immediately and must stop creating problems among religions in the country.

Shivani Patel (London UK): This is atrocious! No one should be having to live this way at all.

Jannah khan (Birmingham): What’s happening is discusting and people are ignoring this.. May all the people affected by this reach the highest place in junnat inshallah..

Thorunn Jonsdottir (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Shah Mahmood Thani (London, UK): It is absolute shocking that British Government is allowing, not even saying a word against, cleansing of a whole community. I ask the Government to act. How many lives must be sacrificed before Britain would act?

Muhammad Tanbir Kutubi (Birmingham, uk)

Jaffrin Kamal (Birmingham)

Mariam Manzoor (Woking, UK)

Mohammad Zahid Iqbal (Talagang, Pakistan.)

A Darr (United Kingdom)

Ahtsham Ahmed (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

shagufta aziz oozeer (huddersfield , UK): Please provide justice.


runa begum (oldham)

mahmuda hasnath (London)

shadia chowdhury (uk)

Rosmarina Binti Rosli (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia): Please take a stand over this issue seriously. Rohingya community deserves a human right and justice! Tq

Minaz Rahman (London)

shabbeer hussain (London): hope this helps

Marufa begum (London, UK)

Sharon Easton (Australia): I almost ignored this, but cannot. I imagined, as an immigrant, having all my rights being took away or told to leave the country on one of those rickety boats… unlikely as it is, putting yourself in someone elses shoes makes their situation impossible to ignore.

f zaman (london,uk)

salma zaman (london,uk)

salma zaman (st albans)

Jack Lynch (Birmingham, England): This has to stop.

Aileen Aniñon (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): Please help these people if you fear God! whatever good you do to these people, God will compensate it for you million times! Godspeed!

Chandini tahir (Birmingham, UK)

Shoma Rahim (Surrey)

Kristen McMinn (Canada)

pdm (world): similar also happens in Thailand with the local mountain people

Saniye Djemal (LONDON): Ethnic cleansing shouldn’t be allowed, its against any human rights, our country here in England surly supports law and order. That’s why it;s a great country to live in.

Samaira (Bradford)

Tanzia Haque (London UK)

Farihah Choudhury (uk)

Ilyas Foo (Malaysia)

Afzal Ahmed (London, UK)

Daniel David (London)

Farida Begum (United States): Save these people! Allahu Akbar.

shanila idrees (uk): Please help innocent women children

Brian Neville (U.S.)

Yasmin islam (Sheffield)

Zaynab Bayad (Egypt)

Rima Khatun (London)

Sonia Iqbal (Nottingham)

Jabrul Hussain (London, UK)

Kashif Shakoor (Buckinghamshire UK )

Eamon Bradley (Ireland)

Sidra Khan (London Uk)

Faez Khan (Bradford)

Samia Rafeeq (Bradford)

Shehneela Rafeeq (Bradford)

nasima begum (greater london)

Nadia (Bradford,UK)

Allaina Rfaeeq (Bradford)

Shah hossain (Makkah, saudi arabia): Please help the Rohingyas

Shafa begum (London)

Sarah R (NY)

subhaan khan (Northampton)

Trim Recica (London, UK)

Nazia Rahman (Bedford)

Aung Kyaw (Manchester)

Rebecca Shaw (United Kingdom)

nusrat taj (birmingham)

Nagina Ali (Lancashire,uk)

Foridha Yasmin (Bedford, UK)

Tasleem Bi (UK)

vaqas wahr (United Kingdom)

Rabia S. Sayed (London)

syahirah (germany)

Kumrie Recica (London, UK)

iqra khan (london)

S Maqsood (UK)

suman hussain (london, uk)

zakia Hussain (Sheffield)

rahat danish (london uk)

Farhana Rahman (London, UK)

rita ahmed (redditch)

Tamanna Begum (UK)

nashima khatun (london): This horrendously barbaric act of ethnic cleansing needs to stop.!!

habiba (london)

Anbreen Iqbal (Oxford)

Asia begum (United Kingdom)

Shameem dar (Uk): Please help them!!

shipa begum (uk)

Farhat bibi (Rochdale )

axa shazadi (peterborough uk)

Shadeka Begum (London): Stop killing innocent ppl

Nafisa hussain (London )

Saima Nikita Akther (London): Power turns people into animals. Justice is never served, may Allah ta’ala put sab’r and rahma into their hearts. And shower them with His mercy. Ameen!

Ifzana akhtar (Uk)

Tahira Naseem (London)

masuma begum (London)

Nilupa Rahman (London, UK)

Sajda Hussain (South Yorkshire UK)

nazreen akhtar (bradford): Have sum shame

polly khanum (london)

Farhad Hussain Shahnoor (London, UK)

Saffia begum (Brdford uk)

richard lawal (london, uk): i think this is totally outrageous that the government want to cleanse rohingya

Khadijah Binti Iderus (Thuringia, Germany): This is for humanity.

nissa yasin (Philippines): to all the cristian and hindu and jews please stop killing muslim people especially the innocent children and to the people of the world please help the innocent muslim victims…

Rabeeah (london)

noreen illahi (birmingham)

Dorothy Wheeler (Lugano, Switzerland): I cannot believe something like this is still happening in our “modern” world!

Zaw Naing (Roesrath, Germany)

Farzana A (UK)

nabeelah azeem (manchester): This is sick! Free them all! Everyone please sign d petitioiin! U must be a disturbed human being not to!

ahmadi (belguim): plz help him

Nailah Rena Lone (Heaton, UK)

Safoora Teli (UK)

Kamran Rasheed (Nottingham UK)

Asiah amine (Newcastle uk)

shareen bi (peterborough)

Mahamoud Musse (London, UK)

Sitara Kabir (London)

Shahmeena Khan (Canada): I pray that this will stop! Human rights are for everyone, not only oriental buddhists D:

Jisun Kwak (New Jersey, US)

Ruby Ahmed (Birmingham): Stop the Ethnic cleansing In maynamar

Khadija Khanom (Bradford UK)

shama Rahman (London, UK)

Habiba Khanom (Bradford UK)

Fatima Khanom (Bradford UK)

sohail siddique (saudi arabia)

Fayzun Nahar (UK)


Kamruzzaman Choudhury (London UK )

Shahid Choudhury (London UK)

Sayed Choudhury (London UK )

William Andrew David Gregory (Birmingham, UK): As a member of the UK Youth Parliament, I speak on behalf of the youth of my constituency in Birmingham – I am sure all of my constituents would agree with me that this is certainly an issue that must be addressed by the British Government; in the name of human dignity and for the sake of the peaceful progression of humanity the atrocities being committed must be openly and clearly condemned by the British Government – Britain should express her outrage at the Burmese government clearly for the whole international community to see, and they hopefully will follow suit.

Sana Beg (London): love and peace

Ijaz Choudhury (London UK)

Emily Rumble (United Kingdom)

Riaz Choudhury (London UK)

Afia Choudhury (London UK): This needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency, too many people are dying.

Kentzar Kamaluddin (Philippines): UN should help on this and also our Muslim brothers in the Middle east and Asia and in UK and US and all over the world

Tasmin Jamil (London, UK): Thousands of Rohinya people were murdered, butchered or shot-dead by the authorities and Raking mobs. It is an obligation for International community to stop this ethnic cleansing by means of humanitarian intervention.

Ms Aksa Begum (London)

Raed H. Alabed (Amman, Jordan): Stop ethnic cleansing in Rohingya

ahmed (new york)

Zahra K (London)

Maung Ni (London, UK): Rohingyas are facing genocide. Please stop this before it is too late. About 80% of Rohingya settlement in Sittwe(Akub) has been destroyed or burned down. The Curfew is just for Rohigya people. If Rohingyas go out they are being shot by the authorities while Rakine people can go out and loot Rohingyas’ properties with the help of authorities. This is semtemic violence against Rohingyas to exterminate the whole community. The international intervention is a Must.

Tin Soe (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia): ‘INSHA ALLAH’, I hope this will help.

sheila iqbal (london)

sheila iqbal (london)

Mohammed Saeed (Saudi Arabia): Stop the Genocide…. Myanmar was a previous British colony. The British brought Rohingya there to serve as a manpower. I expect UK now to play a major role to stop this GENOCIDE!

ashraf uddin (london)

soraya zahid (london)

Shah Arkani (Kitchener, ON, Canada)

Sufia Miah (Scunthorpe, UK)

Karishma Ram (Surrey, BC)

Dr M Khalid Munir (Hyderabad, India)

Abdul Hakim (Chittagong, Bangladesh.)

iram salimee (London, UK)


Aisha (Oxford): I hope this will help inshallah,i am bangladeshi too and we all need to help these people no matter what race or religion!

sayeda shahid (Highland, NY)

kafi osman (Birmingham,UK): I publicly condemn this. the British government should lead “the civilised world” in preventing this.

Shuel Ahmed (London): Fear Allah.

Emran Noor (Exeter): The UK stands against ethnic cleansing…or does it only do this if theres profit?

Muhammad Tahsin Kutubi (Birmingham, UK)

safia (USA)



Zakya Hussain (London )

Farhan Farook (Saudi Arabia)

maryam ahmed (london)


Aliaslam Khan (Birmingham)

Muhammad Labeeb (Birmingham)

samera (london)

Ahsanara (Birmingham)

Arman Hosen (Birmingham)

Koyas Miah (Birmingham)

Alma Nahar (London)

Safollah Khan (Birmigham)

Syed Sofed Ali (Birmingham )

ashaful Islam Manna (Birmingham )


Shamz Rahman (Birmingham )

Nurul Hai Tokyou (London uk): I would like to tell you that we are very weakness people in all over the world.We are innocent.Myanmar government and Rakhines are jointly killing many many Rohingyas.Continously killing .They have very big planning.Theirs target is Cleaning of Rohingya.This is Genocide,So we need urgently UN security forces to save our lifes.In Myanmar no equal rights and equal justic for Rohingya.So we need international inquiry and international power of pressure.We are human being.We want to live peacefully.We respect the peace.If no rescue or not attention us we must choice the last road map…………WE are strongly belives,if you help our problem will be peace.

Hussain Ahmed (Birmingham )

Kowsar (Birmingham)

Kabka (Brazil)

Wahidur Rahman Nabil (Birmingham)

Ashique Ahmed (Birmingham)

Dildar Rahman (Birmingham)

Khaikur Rehman (Birmingham)

Megan Down (London, UK)

K M Murshed (Birmingham)

Aung (Birmingham)

Shuaib Ahmed (Birmingham)

Kamran Rasool (Birmingham)

Touabur Rahman (Birmingham)

Abdul Sabbu (Birmingham)

Zakir Nazir (Birmingham)

Mujahid Ahmed (Birmingham)

Abir Khan (Birmingham)

Abdinaasir Daud (Birmingham)

Mizan Rahman (Birmingham)

ashak ali (Walsall)

Obaydul Kabir (Birmingham)

Emma Smith (London)

Karima Hasnaoui (France)

Abu miah (Norwich . U.k): Rohongas are innocent people.so they burnt their houses and keeling little children.they should get justice

Joanne Clapp (Bath, UK)

Malika Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Belal Breaga Bakht (London, UK): These people need more support!

Nelson Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

sarah Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

N. Islam (Islington)

Alisha Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Maria Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Shakhier Apostol (jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Christine Didur (Edmonton, Alberta, canada)

Rukhshanda Khan (London,UK)

Zainal Abideen (Los Angeles, USA): For the sake humanity, Please help our Rohingya people who have been oppressed by Burmese Government and Rakhine extremists in the region.
God Bless you who help us and support us.
Peace and blessing of Creator be upon you all.

Muhammad Salman (Pakistan): show some humanity, and respect precious human lives.

Sakib Sobhan (USA): STOP THIS.

muhammad harith (Malaysia)

Kyoho (Ksa)

Hafsara (Uk)

Rume begum (Luton)

Saul Gonzalez (Washington, DC – USA): It is one thing to expel non-citizens from the country, but this is a violation of human rights as the Rohingya are being denied citizenship because of their ethnicity and religion, and are caught in a perpetual state of being “stateless” due to Burma’s unjust policies. It is a violation of human rights and a reversion to tribalism.

Mohammed sami (Ctg, Bangladesj)

Zareen Alam (Dhaka, Bangladesh): I’m done with pseudo intellectuals voicing their opinions about how Bangladesh should open up their borders to the refugees. I’ve lived in Bangladesh almost all my life to know that we have our own issues (poverty, natural calamities, ethnic/indigenous being oppressed) to deal with, on an every day basis. I am not saying that they aren’t welcome, but what I’m saying is that we need help- the UN and especially the Govt. of Myanmar to help sort this mess. Let’s please all try to be conscious and humane citizens of the world, and work together as a team to stop this abomination!

mahebub zannar (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)

Mohammed Sadek (ctg, bangladesh)

Mohammed Hussain (usa)

zahrah buba (Nigeria)

Saira Shah (Wolverhampton)

Mubashar Hussain (USA): Save Rohingyas… Save humanity .

Gregory John O’Flaherty (Maryborough, Victoria, Australia)

. workman (san francisco,ca.)

win maung (usa): I want un peace keeping force and independent inquiry in arkan. Bring them who guilty to ICC please.

fatima khanam (london, uk)

khawar (islamabad): pls stop killing the innocent people, wherever they are for the sake of humanity,for the sake of peace.

Mohammed Kabr (Birmingham)

Malem Dhiwa (aceh, Indonesia): save them

a.Hamid (Birmingham)

tofael ahmed (Birmingham)

H.K Arkani (1966SP Heemskerk, The Netherlands): The UN, NGOs and International Community have described the Rohingya as ‘the most persecuted community in the world’ and have referenced the Rohingya as the Palestine of Asia. It is reported that the Rohingya have been living in Burma from 8th Century, but the Burmese military junta began a programme of ethnic cleansing by violating many historical evidence and facts.

As of today, many Burmese societies willing and fairly accepts a Mongolian face as one of their citizens because they look like them. It doesn’t truly matter for them for how long they have been living, one day or one week in Myanmar. If there is a Buddhist, then immediately grand and accepted as Burmese citizen. But, we, the Rohingya, who are like Indian face and Persian face not accepted as their citizens no matter how many centuries have been living there because they are look like different to them.

Starting Ethnic Cleansing and the numerous of operations against Rohingyas became statelessness on our own soil, became the world most persecuted community in our own home as well as in the world, and the most worst is that, restriction on freedom of movement, restriction of education, restriction of religion, restriction of marriage, using forced labour, arbitrary taxation, rape and land confiscation are well common things.

At present situation on Rohingya is well known international community and Media, Genocide on Rohingya that, it is fast becoming one of the worst cases of ethnic cleansing alongside the likes of Rwanda, Bosnia and even the holocaust of the Second World War. Rwanda and Bosnia had had opportunity to flee and taking shelter to neighbor country. That kind of opportunity is ultimate barrier for the Rohingya community. International community has declared that Burma is successful way to democracy, but, democracy is not important for the Rohingya at this situation, SAVING LIVES is very urgent important. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Innocent Rohingya !!!

Shelim Miah (Birmingham): Ameen

shuhail Miah (Birmingham)

Renee Wolforth (United States)

kyi lin (singapore)

musharaf hussain (tokyo,japan): its time to fight for right with all together.

Nayeema (UK)

Shakir Ahmed (London): THIS IS GENOCIDE!

JACKIE BATHER (United Kingdom)

Nadia Haider (London, UK)

Tahir Khan (London)

Zara Rustam (pakistan)

Deborah Black (Orkney, UK)

umm khayr (london)

Carol Shelley (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)

albert andrews (US)

Sadia Khanum (Birmingham )

Jan Cater (Orkney, UK)

jf_husein (gunma jp): very good help for innocent rohingya.

imran (Birmingham)

muhammad rishan (sri lanka): save muslims in Myanmar

Fatima Saleem (Stoke-on-trent)

Fatima Zia (Buckinghamshire)

mariam abdul salam (malaysia)

Mughal (Birmingham, uk): Stop

Umar Anwar (London)

Shakil (Birmingham)

Abeedah Anwar (London)

mariha ahmed (london)

Habeeb (Singapore): Please vote.

shirin begum (London)

Zenab Rana (UK)

M F Islam (Birmingham)

Syedul Amin (Gunma Japan): Rohingya have been subjected to gross human rights violations sine 1962. The ruling junta in Myanmar do not want to know and let others know that the Rohingyas have a long history, a language, a heritage, a culture and a tradition of their own that they had built up in the Arakan through their long history of existence there. Through their criminal propaganda – to garner support among the Buddhist majority – they have been feeding so much misinformation against the Rohingya. Due to the divide and rule policy of the Myanmar government, the relationship between the Rakhine and the Rohingya have become increasingly strained without any mutual trust. The government sponsored ethnic cleansing and genocide policy has been implementing by the security forces to wipe out the Rohingyas from their ancestral homeland Arakan. The June 8 riot was soly created by Thein Sein name sake democratic government on the request of Rakhine National Developement Party (RNDP) because the Rohingya elected MPs and Rohingya legally registered political party appealed to the president and raised the questions about the legal status of Rohingyas but instead of granting them citizenship rights and basic human rights the minister of Immigration and Manpower declared the Rohingya illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. That has refueled and supported the Rakhine community to make a master plan to genocide Rohingyas in collaborating with the national security forces Nasaka, Police and Hluntin. This is absolutely an ethnic cleansing peogram of Rakhine extremists including Rakhine dirty politicians. I am very thankful to restless being to initiate this petition. SAVE ROHINGYA COMMUNITY, THEY ARE HUMAN BEING. THEY HAVE RIGHT TO LIVE!

Motasem Dalloul (London): I hope just to hint to the BBC and other prominent UK media to give a small room for their news.

salim (Stockholm, Sweden): Please help them

shahanara begum (london)

Sabah Ismail (Manchester, UK): I hope this petition achieves the goodness it is aiming for. And then we need to start on helping the rest of the world too Insha’Allah.

Jaynal Islam (Birmingham UK)

Abbas (u.k): Life! A right for all people regardless of there race or religion

Jamil Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sami Sabem (Birmingham)

Halima Ali (Leicester)

Fazlul Karim (Birmingham)

M M Sarfarz (Birmingham)

Hasib Ahmed (London , Harrow): Stop this genocide and help stop this .

Mohammed Abul Kahar (Birmingham)

Mr. Hein Burma (Singapore): Stop this inhumane behaviour..

Fiesal Mahroof (Birmingham UK): Its a good cause


Koyes Miah (Birmingham)

Anwar Hussain (Birmingham)

Faijul Hussain (Londn): wrongful

Berenice Candejas (United States)

Jahed Hassan (Birmingham)

A R Shahid (Birmingham)

S. Miah (Birmingham)

Shofi Kul (Singapore): Rohingya should get their rights. Soon


Im ran Miah (Birmingham)

Md Mohi Uddin (Birmingfham)

MOHAMAD SAYED (Sydney,NSW,AUSTRALIA): save the rohingyas and stop the genocide rohingyas

MehdI (Towie): Just called a restaurant in Burma and said Free my nigga Rohingya!

Nahida Rashid (London)

Keira Knightley (UK)

Kristina Murashova (London, UK)

Tassmeya Begum (Birmingham)

bosorul hoque (Birmingham)

Faizal Marmad (Malaysia, kuala Lumpure): Please help as soon as possible “Rohingya People” to get their right!

Nazirah Hadzam (Malaysia)

azizah mohd salim (malaysia)

Naj mahmood (Birmingham): Stop innocent killings
Governments have blood on their hands to
You really think the uk will help?
Think again

Farah El-jarad (Bristol)

hussain (Birmingham)

Wan Abdul Muiz Bin Wan Abdullah Sabary (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Wahidur Rah (Birmingham)

mama islam (Birmingham)

Sari Parkkinen (Mikkeli, Finland)

suhail (Birmingham)

Angelina Jolie (USA )

Vincenzo Abdul Al Karim Leonetti (Andria (IT))

jamie renwick (United Kingdom)

Ashaful Islam Manna (Birmingham)

arifur rahman (east london)

Syeda Romina (Hong Kong )

Abresham Rahman (Birmingham)

shumiee (Malaysia)

Syeda Khanom (United Kingdom)

Hussain Ahmed (Birmingham)

kowsor (Birmingham)

Aamir Razaq (United Kingdom): Please take some assertive action and end this needless killing!

kabka (Birmingham)

Shannon Abulnasr (Giza, Egypt)

Nhemaan Lal (Birmingham): I think the minimun we can do is supplication (dua) for these people.

Wahidur Rahman Nabil (Birmingham)

Ashique Ahmed (Birmingham): Ameen

Dildar Rehman (Birmingham): May Allah Bless His Soul

Khalikur Rehman (b8)

Sejuty Chowdhury (London, UK)

Kamal Uddin (London)

Imran Sheikh (London )

Habiba begum (London)

Gail Coleman (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA)

Nay Zar Hla TIn (Malaysia)

Abdi Nasir (Birmingham)

Rozima (Singapore)

Sik (Birmingham)

Maung Ba (Singapore)

ahmed (Birmingham)

Aq (Birmingham)

Zobia Bhatti (Derby)

Christine Harris (Manhattan, NY ): Save these people!

syed (Birmingham)

Shoaib (Birmingham)

Tristan Rivers (Los Angeles, California ): We need to unite together to prevent these horrific, indigenous crimes agains these poor souls. They’re the forgotten people of this world. Keep up the good work ARNO and Restless Beings- Insha Allah may Allah bless you!

Harmit (Singapore)

Mohammed Ali (Singapore): Please do help to get rights of people.

Towabur Rahman (Birmingham)

Kristin Cole (London, UK): Stop this inhumane behaviour- how would we feel being these poor, poverty-stricken beings?

Inayah Zaheen (London)

Kamran (Birmingham)

Badar Ali Anwer (Birmingham)

Rahman (Birmingham)

Dr A Matin (Birmingham)

Jabba (Birmingham)

Akbar Hussain (Birmingham)

Junara Bibi (West Midlands)

Shayela Sheikh (London )

Haroon Ahmed (London UK)

Z. Naing (Sydney, Australia): S.O.S

Joynal Hoque (Birmingham)

Aung Thura (Yangon, Myanmar): Pls stop genocide..

Nazir (Birmingham)

Ruhul Amin (Birmingham)

Rumana Y. (Sydney, Australia): Save Rohingyas!

Yusuf Harris (San Fernando Valley, CA )

Naeem Muhammad Khan (Toronto, Canada)

Ashley Beauman (Manhattan, NY)

Dian Rahma Razak (Indonesia)

Mujahid Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sayeed (Birmingham )

Zeshan Ali (London )

Talal Hussain (Birmingham )

Seema (Sydney, Australia): Peace for Rohingyas!

Abir Khan (Birmingham): wiked job

Abdul Ershad (Birmingham)

Mehedi Hassan (Birmingham)

Sheikh Farid (Birmingham)

Riley Beauman (Manhattan, NY )

Mohammed Saad Miah (Birmingham)

Sultan Ahmed (Birmingham)

Imran Hussain (Birmingham)

James-Michael Young (Edinburgh, Scotland)

A Hussain (Birmingham)


Raziya Sultana (Bangladesh): As a Human we have right to live in this world …

Maung Maung (Thailand)

Hassiba Tebbal (Canada)

Su Sandar (Singapore): Rohingya should be been given complete citizenship and citizenship rights. They have been staying in Myanmar for many decades and been oppressed.

M A Khan (Birmingham)

Kyaw than (Yangon, Myanmar): We want peace!

Tarek Ahmed (Birmingham)

Shohel Hussain (Birmingham)

Mojid Amin (Birmingham)

Pann Hnin (Yangon, Myanmar)

muhammad shaheed ali (birmingham)

Zoya Saeed (West Midlands, UK)

sayed islam (birmingham)

Arthur (Yangon, Myanmar): We want peace….

Aners Tarancic (Kolding, DK): Stop killing civilians

Moolla Salim (Birmingham)

Claire Reda (London, UK): May God’s Judgment descend upon all the unrighteous perpetrating these atrocities, may all the Sons and Daughters of God be protected and guided to safety. May God’s will be done!

Nozrul (Birmingham)

Abul Miah (Birmingham)

mamun (Birmingham)

Hussain (Birmingham)

Usama Matin (Birmingham)

MAUNG MAUNG LIN (Singapore): They should get right to living in their home land. Rohingya living in arakan state since 8th century, they can claim that this is their land.

Nurul Amin (herts)

Nurul Amin (herts)

hasnat ali (london)

nasima ali (herts)

aftab (london,UK)

Nooria azam (London)

Zahrah Dad (Beaconsfield )

Aminul Islam (london)

Waqar Khan (Preston, UK)

urooj meraj (karachi, pakistan)

Rukaiya (sydney, Australia)

Normarn Alom (Sydney Australia)

Habeebullah (Sydney, Australia): We can’t go and stop the killers but we can raise our voice and force them to stop killing the rohingyas/muslims in Myanmar. This has been happening for long time. Stop this before its too late.

Deepa Begum (London, UK)

Soe Soe Mar (Singapore,Singapore)

Mohamed (Singapore): Remember there is the Almoghty who is watching your unciviliased act,if he wishes the whole country will upside down and no human being will be alive.

Fatima Patel (London, UK)

Fara Shabab Iqbal (United Kingdom)

Zeb Kasmani (London): Let’s do what we can out of justice and compassion.

Natasha soki (London): Don’t turn a blind eye to others suffering

Abdulla AlDoseri (BAHRAIN)

Amirun Ismail (London,UK)

Hazara khatun (London, UK)

johnney (sydney, Australia)

Rohima begum (Leeds): Together we can make a difference! Xxx

Zahra Valji (London, UK)

Hasina Bibi (Kent, UK)

Emad M. Akhand (Manchester, UK): I hope with all work RB is now doing to make the public aware of this plight brings brings to the forefront of the media attention also.

Halema Khanom (London, UK)

Z Sattar (United Kingdom)

Muhammad Saiful Islam (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Muhammad Ali (West Yorkshire, UK)

Camilo (London, UK)

Wayne Rosegreen (Nottingham)

Aman Ullah (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Hannah Russell (london uk)

ali khayoun (london uk): ..

Asma UmmTalha (London)

L P (Oregon, US)

Muna Mohamed (London, UK)

Muhammad Naeem (Singapore): Stopping as fast as possible will save hundreds of lives. Even a second definitely will save a few lives.Kindly help to stop with every possible means.
All other things can be postponed.

Resha Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)

khin (singapore): Please stop unfair and inhuman plan towards Rohingya of Myanmar

Muzackir Hussain (london uk)

Isa (singapore): Please stop discrimination and brutal attack to Muslim who are staying in Myanmar.

Muhammad Usman (Jhelum,Pakistan): May Allah help them.

Noshin Ahmad (Slough)

Shahidah (Australia)

Shebee Win (Singapore)

farryal nayar (london)

mark graham (Warrington)

Nausheen Khan (London, UK)

Anisha Varsani (London, UK)

Amina Khatun (Birmingham, UK ): Please help these brothers and sisters who are in need of our support!

Freedom is a must (United Kingdom): freedom

Katharina Bühler (London, UK)

Victoria Hodgson (UK)

Sharon Nayyar (London, UK)

Anwar Hamdan Kyaw Naing (Stavanger, Norway): Just move forward together

doreen kasim (United Kingdom)

Anisah Khan (Sussex)

Abdulmanam Daw (London, UK): Please do something against the injustice taking place in Burma towards the Rohingya.

Hifzulla.A (INDIA)

Tanya Harrison (Portsmouth)

Nineb Nersy (London): Extraordinary that this gets no public media attention, at least none that I’m aware of. Keep up the great work, God willing this will come to an end.

Sarah Mumeni (London, UK)

Mohammed Abbas (NSW Australia): PLease help Rohingya. Please stop the violence before they vanished Rrohingya and before others Muslims in Burma targeted.

Aisha Akram (manchester)

Syed Ahmed (London): May Allah help the Rohingya People, Ameen

Mohammad youness (Sydney, Australia ): Pls help rohingya

Mohammad kaiser (Sydney, Australia ): Pls save rohinghya

Mohd. Zakir (Roorkee): Plz Help them….

siti khadijah ariffin (kuala lumpur): Please do something to help them. May God help us.

banafa (kuala lumpur, Malaysia ): this what they call it terrorism, all this happen to them just because they don’t belong to the same race/ religion of the majority of Myanmar. just put yourself in their shoes.

Habiba Molvi (London UK)

Halima Sadia (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Haslina Rahman (Singapore) (Singapore): “Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose. To that high concept there can be no end save victory.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Nafisa Khan (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Fatma Said (London)

Muhamamd Sufian (London, UK)

Zaw Minn (Singapore): We, Rohingya, belong to Myanmar and will remain in Myanmar. No one has right to snatch our right. We have history but Rakhine Buddhist are denying the fact and killing us with the help of Armed Police gangs. Pls help us cause we want to solve it peacefully….

S. Alam (London)

Mona Hussein (United Kingdom): Condemn this.

Mimon (Singapore): Please look into it

Sherin Al ShaikhAhmed (London UK)

Sam (Australia)

Riaz Mohammad (London): Please help and stop creating another Palestine.

nay lin (singapore)

Gabriel Muller (Australia)

Muhammad Fikri Norazmi (Selangor, Malaysia): I urge everyone to spread the words and thank you to those that have signed this petition! God bless you all!

Inlia Aziz (London, UK): May Allah help our brothers and sisters during these difficult times.


wajeeda yusuf (UK)

javed yousaf (London)

Tariq Shaekh (London)

Graham Attwell (Pontypridd)

SoFia Hnin.W (Mandalay): All History is current; all injustice continues on some level, somewhere in the world. Justice cannot be for one side alone, buy must be for both.

madiha tariq (US ): Please Stop !!!

Kashif Zuberi (Lucknow, India)

Ohn Nyunt (Yangon)

John Rees (London)

Thu Aung (Singapore)

omar (Singapore): Please help

Tun Tun (Yangon)

Matthias Klostermayr (London, UK)

Habib Un Nabi Abir (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Im signing it not just because the Muslims are opressed.., its the opression of Humanity that concerns me the most…. Every people have their rights towards their own country.., and the Myanmar govt is violating those rights…. Its a sin in every religion….!

Parm (London, UK)

Nurseno Aqib Fadwi Adi (Surabaya, Indonesia): Let’s raise our hand to help them.
#praying for our comrade there

Alida dastegir (London)

Razia (Singapore): We, Mulsims from Burma can’t help them enough. So sad. They are very bad situation now due to lack of food and other basic needs. Even though Muslims all over the whole country are discriminate by Buddhists. Pls help them ASAP plsssssss… remember them in your Dua’.

Shamia Chowdhury (London )

Fiaz Sarwar (Glasgow)

Hafiza Bhagat (Bolton,uk)

Laurance (London): Please help!!!!!!!

Roshan@Min Min Chit (Singapore): Anyhow they are humans like you and me. At least, they should have accomodation. Please help them.

ADAM MACAULEY (United Kingdom)

Twahir Shah (Myanmar): We are crying for this.Please help Rohingya

Hina Kanwal (Karachi, Pakistan): please settle the situation peacefully n in humane means!!

Mohammad (Malaysia): Strongly agreed with above statement

zakirah rothna begum (london)

M Sarimah Ahmad (Singapore): Save the innocent lives, people!!!

mohamed ali (Singapore): I urge and support the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and stop the genoicde, and settle in peaceful, diplomatic and human means.

Sundass nasir (Irvine)

MohAmmed shafique (Manchester): I would like the western governments specially the u.k, to help Muslims when they are in need in places where the western governments have no benifit..
They were quick to bomb Libya from a so called tyrant n same in Iraq even though it has been proved it was a illegal war but most Muslims know that you only went there for the oil!!!
Help the Muslims in BURMAH, Kashmir, Palestine, eastern Europe where the Muslims are being persecuted.,.

elmoutaouakkil (france)

Lamis M.Elyas (Saudi Arabia): A Great Site

mdshahrul8593@ymail.com (md)

Abu Bakar (Thailand ): Free Rohingya and Stop genocide.

Fahad Khan (London)

Khin Thu Zar (Singapore): We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.

yusuf Iqbal (Portland oregon): WE urge all peace loving people to voice out to stop genocide.

Rosemary Mattingley (Australia)

khajalnisa mohdsidek (Portland, or ): Stop this

Mohammad Sadek (Kuala Lumpur): Save the persecuted Rohingya as urgent as possible by taking responsibility of the British Government

Alexandra (London)

kamardin (214 S clay ave Liberal, Kansas): Help me by joining the petition plsss. Not only for me but for others who r in needs & who r in danger.

Rohingya Arakanese Refugee Committee (RARC), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): Need urgent settlement of the Rohingya problems

Sabahat (London, UK): Condemn any killing

Amar Khan (London): wagwan blud

Ejaz (Sydney,Australia)

sajad hamid (srinagar, India): Please stop this Genocide, ethnic cleansing and restore peace in Burma..


May (Sydney,Australia)

Naing Lin Win (Kuala Lumpur): Please stop the genocide to Rohinjas….. please…

Khin Maung Cho (Sydney,Australia)

Mohammad asaf (San Jose , ca, USA )

Muhammad Raja (Manchester)

Allegra Mostyn-Owen (London, UK): The UK has a historic responsibility for Burma/Myanmar and should not be turning a blind eye to ALL that is happening there while hypocritically praising the personal sacrifice of Aung San Suu Kyi. If you are not bothered by the tragic plight of the Rohingya, Sir, at least think of the long-term interests of the UK in Myanmar. You are not serving them now.

Ariff Amin (Malaysia)

Zulfi Khan (Lindob)

Raza Khan (London, UK)

Aleema Begum (London): May God help the victims

Satvinder Bilkhu (Birmingham, UK)

Shah Masuma Khatun (Leicester)

Abdur Rauf (Portland, USA): Rohingyas have been victims of gross injustice, institutionalized abuses, systematic persecution and presently genocidal operation in their ancestral homeland. Save the life innocent being that include children, women, old and disable.

Krist (Thailand): imagine there’s no positions…

May (Myanmar): I saw there were over one thousand seven hundred signatures 6 hours back. But now, why signature fall down to over a thousand two instead it should get increased ????????????????? why????????????????????????????????????????

Hla Ngwe (Myanmar): this is clearly ethnic cleansing

Poom (USA)

Ferny (Oregon, USA)

Irfana Khan (London)

Rafique miah (Leicester)

Sonia Kanabar (London)

minara begum (lier, norway): thank you very much for helping rohingya stateless people

Gulya (Kyrgyzstan)

Maariyah binti Moulana Mohamed Patel (London, UK): This is a disgusting act to alienate an ethnic minority from their motherland!
How can such an act be carried out when they have been living in Myanmar from as far back as the 8th century??! It makes NO sense!

This will not be helping people but instead causing conflict between other. Instead, why not try and help these people; provide them homes e.t..?

Eduardo Garcia (Tigard, OR)

Medina Orana (Prishtine, KS)

Saira Riaz (London)

Shafiqkul Hassan (Sydney,Australia )

Nahilah Mohiddin (Bahrain): It’s not about being a Muslim… It is about being Human!

ainul abedin (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Raihan Arakani (Auckland): I would like to stop ethnic cleansing on the Rohingya people the Rohingya people are peaceful survivors and most persecuted people in the world. and I would like request Myanmar Government to give equal rights to the Rohingya people according to the British law

Maung Maung Shwe (Penan)

Abul Faiz (TT Bansa)

Muboshir (Kuala Lumpur)

Rahmat Arakani (Auckland): Rohingya people are seeking for the peace and be citizenship as a Burmese and Rkhine people
The Rohingya people are really vulnerable and surviving under the persecuting of Myanmar Government
Now the Rohingya people would like to appeal to the British Government according to the Second World War

Noor Mohammed (Malaysia)

Brain Adams (BD)

Adeel Malik (Glasgow, UK): Humanity lacks humility and humbleness. Racism has taken over us and Hatred has been doctrine into many of us.

Please help the unfortunate people

Sayyid Haidar Ali (Manchester)

Noor Mohammed (Bangladesh)

Abdurahim (Malaysia)

Iqbal (us)

Haidar Ali (Lancashire)

Mohamed Hashim (US)

Ferdusara (Bexhill On-Sea)

Dr Ma Thein Thein Yu (Sydney , Australia): ethnic clensing -stop stop
UN intervention- Please please

Harun AbdulKareem (Malaysia): Free the suffering people of Rohingya in Myanmar.

Harun AbdulKareem (Malaysia): Free the suffering people of Rohingya in Myanmar.

Shahad Miah (Bedford)

montuyare (Singapore): Please help Rohingya

Sardar Mohammad (Kabul, Afghanistan)

Nora korchi (United States)

Mohamed Kaseim (US)

A. Keshani (London, UK)

hossimchodahre (السعودية): أنا موافق تماما

Halima abdulah (Autralia)

Myat Thu Zar Htun (Sydney, AU): We want this heartless action to Rohingya to be stopped

Noor Alam (indonesia)

Mohammed Yusup (Malaysia)

yasein (Malaysia)

Dr Maung Hla Win (Sydney, Australia): We urge the international community to take seriously of the current ethnic cleansing in Arakan state which has no humanity at all. We are not asking for human rights which is beyond the horizon. We are just asking for humanity.

Mohamed Sakac (Malaysia)

Emmanuel Maduike (Brussels): Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere

Tin Tin Win (Sydney, Australia)

Zaw Win (Sydney, Australia): Please stop genocide and protect million of Rohingyas in Arakan from systematically planned way genocide.International community must intervene immediately to stop the GENOCIDE aganist our ROHINGYA people in Burma.

Yasir Shah (United Kingdom)

Dr. Pary Karadaghi, Executive Director, Refugee Council USA, 1628 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20009, Phone: 202-319-2102, (1628 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20009, Phone: 202-319-2102)

H. E Jean Kennedy Smith, Secretary, 122 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10168 USA, Phone: (212) 551-3000, (USA): Take urgent step to give international Proyection

saika khatoon (BIRMINGHAM)

khaing (1900 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA): Very much in need of International protection

Abubakar (SaudiArabia): please help to them.

Rachida Kuohcam (Algeria): Killing one human is like killing the whole humanity… No difference between a Muslim or any other being…

nur husein (united state of america): Provide International protection

Nor lam (2016 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, Oregon (USA)): Provide international protection to Rohingya people on humanitarian ground

Johnny (Yangon, BURMA): Save the Rohingya Community

M.Hussain Azmi (Frankfurt Germany): Pls help and protect the helpless and defensless Rohingyas whose are facing the greatest Massacre in the history by Burmese Nazi regime and their allies Mogh terrorist group.

Mg Mg (SaudiArabia): this is international issue,Burma government must be responsible killing the rohingya people.save the inocen rohingyas.save.save..help…………………………………….

Jahangir Yunus Mohamed (Virginia Tech, USA): LEARN for the FUTURE from the PAST………………

Jang Khan (Birmingham, UK): I’ve done my good deed for the day..now its your turn! Where there’s a will, there’s a way..

Mg Mg Hla (SaudiArabia): save to rohingya peoples pls…pls…….

Fatihah Mubarokah (Kuala Lumpur): I support humanity.

Abdul kotia (New york)

ruhulamin (SaudiArabia): pls help————

May Le Win (Sydney,Australia): STOP KILLING ROHINGYA

hla (Australia): please do a little effort

Nasser Khan (London): If we cannot protect fellow human being, what is the point of other acheivements in life.

syed (cardiff ): We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.

syed ibrahim (cardiff): Please we need to stop this sir..

mdamin (SaudiArabia): I apeal to international comunity ,please save and help to our inocent rohingya.we are real helpless now.everyday killing,raping the women,aresting the rohingya people. pls help them very soon.

mohamed ansari (cardiff): This issue is much larger than a Myanmar only problem so please do something

safia akram (BRADFORD UK)

Lipi Begum (London)

a win (Myanmar)

Qumar (Singapore)

Batsari (Singapore)

Ko Zin (Myanmar): Decisive action is required before its too late.

Toh (Singapore)

waqas. ahmed (sydney aust )

poh (Singapore ): Please save the innocent Rohingya lives.

Fahim Ansari (Singapore): Cleverest way of genocide

syed ibrahim (Cardiff): We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.

Jenny Aung (Sydney, Australia)

wasim ahmed (stoke on trent, UK)

forida (london)

Dennis (singapore): Please, international organization, NGO and UN, do something to halt this persecution and save this Rohingya human lives humiliatingly. Please don’t neglect. We all human being has responsibilities to save the innocent lives.

Monica Jackson (Marietta, GA)

Anisha Begum (London UK): Government needs to take this seriously

sam aal saeed (london): free the rohingya people stop killing and burning thier houses ….. it’s a shortcut comment

Omar al-Farooque (Dhaka, Bangladesh): STOP Rohingya genocide and release all arrested Rohingya Muslims. International community & organization should go ahead with this issue.

Zinnah (Singapore): Plz, help Rohingya. They are ethnic of Myanmar and have been persecuting and abusing over50 years by Extremist Rakhine Buddhist and Myanmar Authority/Government.

Mohammad Uddin (New York)

Tayba Khalid (UK): Keep it up

Julian David Pieniazek (Korat, Thailand): The people of Rohingya in Arakan State have had their human rights progressively stripped away from them – now elements closely associated with the security forces have embarked in pogrom-style violence that is forcing communities to flee en masse.

Please do your utmost to give the Rohingya protection and redress.

Aman (Australia): The world will experince the impact of this genocide against helpless Rohingya people unless the international community helps…

Imran Shah (Oldham)


Dr Naing Win (Sydney, Australia): We can discuss where these people belong to later but the killings should be stopped NOW.

Kay Din (Sydney, Australia )

Khadija Ali (Canada): Ethnic cleansing is wrong, no mattter the ethnicity.

Lamiya Karim (London): PLZ Help.

Tin Maung (Sydney, Australia): The State government in Arakan (Rakhaine) is in the process of creating another Palestine in Asia as openly propagating by the Rakhine State government. The world will face impact in peace, prosperity and tranquility if the international community does not act immediately to stop this genocide against Rohingyas in Rakhine State. Please help and restore peace and stabilty in Rakhine State.

Mohammed Asif (Bangalore, India): Though im not from UK, this is a good initiative. We are one ummah and we have to remain united the way we were during the prophet’s time.(PBUH)

Tin Shwe (Saudi Arabia): Dear sir I am a Rohinya.Our peoples are treated by Burmese goverment and some Rakhine racist.We are not save in our own land.Please help us to restore our indigenous right.

Alyssa de Saint-Blanquat (New York City, New York United States)

Tom Bibby (London)

fauzia (Burnley)

shajeda begum (London)

Raisah Ghany (Trinidad)

Rehju Hannan (London): Hope peace comes soon

Helen mostyn (Shropshire, UK)


shabana akthar (oxford)

Aung Tin (Canada)

iman merali (uk)

Ahmed Shaaban (Sheffield, UK)

Imteyaz Ravat (London, UK)

Indra Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)

Fyzal Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)

Naseera Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)

Mohammed El-Jarad (United Kingdom)

Amina Uddin (London, UK)

Nada Salih (Bristol, UK )

Kibria Ahmed (london): Take Action NoW!!!!!!!!!

Taeba Akhtar (Oxford uk)

kabir nazrul (Sunderland): Please save these people.

sultana barber (manchester)

Patrick Laihinen (Sweden): 9gag army at your service 😀

Zulfiqar dar (germany): great job ,Allah bless our mayamar,s brothers n sisters

Farah Aslam (Manchester, UK): Please help these needy people.

Reza Uddin (USA)

Mohammad Rauf (Jeddah, KSA): Rohingya is one of the ethnic minorities but excluded from 135 ethnic official lists by military government. Indeed Rohingya is one of the citizens of Myanmar (Burma) and have been living since 8th century. Rohingyas are being Muslims as opposed to Buddhists and being targeted by state sponsored ethnic cleansing. I would like to request to world communities to support and help for the rights of Rohingyas to be one the ethnic official lists and get all their rights as well as their protections equal to official ethnics in Myanmar. Stop discrimination and killing Rohingyas immediately without any delay and let UN indepandent observer’s team get true report and process for legal action as per international law.

maung hla (SaudiArabia): Current situation is very bad for rohingya.please save to rhingya please,pls , pls, help,help,help…………..

shelleyma khatun ali (london)

Nazia Begum (london)

naing win zahid (drammen): Irequest to NATO save world most persecuted innocent and helpless Rohingya like Bosnian and Rawanda.

najmul alom (west london)

Tahirah (London): Pls help rohingyas

Muhammed Ali (Birmingham)

Abu Syed (Birmingham, UK)

Shamina Begum (London)

Mohammed Shahed Uddin (Birmingham)

Mahbub Alam (Birmingham)

Monjur (Birmingham)

aye aye phyu @nora zahid (norway.): Intenational community should save Rohingya because Rohingya are a part of human-being.

Ashlee Martin (Sheffield, UK)

Anton rajaratnam (london)

Siddiq Rahman (Birmingham)

nirmala rajaratnam (london)

Mohammed ABDUL Nayum (Birmingham)

Shoaib Ahmed (Birmingham)

K Choudhury (Birmingham)

Sadiq Rahman (Birmingham)

maria rajaratnam (london): we need to protect their rights as fellow humans so please help!

Wajid Khan (Birmingham)

Nosheen sadaf (Manchester): Its just sad

Suhel Choudhury (London, UK)

Muhammed Hussain (Birmingham)

Fatima Mobarak (United Kingdom)

S M Ahmed (Birmingham)

Raisul Islam (Birmingham)

Awam Hussain (Birmingham)

Arshad Khan (Birmingham)

Arfan Khan (Birmingham )

Kabir Shaik (Birmingham)

AyeMin Zaphun (Fort Wayne, Indiana State, USA): Burmese government and other Buddhists have been oppressed and treated Rohingyas as animals for six decades because of cultural and religious differences. Rohingyas have been suffering the most server pain in the world and lost human rights such as BAR FOR MARRIED, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE, NO ALLOW TO GO ANOTHER CITY OR V ALLEGE, AND OFTEN SOLDIERS AND RAKHINE BUDDHISTS ATTACK THEM. THEY ARE BEING PRISONERS IN THERE OWN VALLEGES. Therefore, please help Rohingya people to get their human right as humans.
Thank you

Shamsur Ali (Birmingham)

Haneen Hammou (London)

munaj alavudeen (uk)

ruhulAmin (Birmingham, UK)

Junaid Usman (Birmingham )

Shihab Rashid (Birmingham)

Afshana Chowdhury (USA): Wrong.

Munwar (Birmingham)

Masud Miah (Birmingham)

Rumel Ahmed (Birmingham)

Amin (Manchester)

Salim (KSA): May be argent protect us and save the Rohingya Peace lovers in the world.

kelly drew (london)

Emdadh Alom (Birmingham)

Mamun Hasan (Birmingham)

jasmin king (London): Something needs to be done to help these innocent people, they are screaming for our help and we are doing nothing.

Suhel miah (Luton)

Mohammed Hoque (Birmingham)

Syed Kibria (Birmingham)


Muhammad Abrar (Birmingham )

Abir Kaiser (Brmingham )

Nadir Ahmed (Birmingham )

M Talukdar (Birmingham)

Sabir (Birmingham)

Aung Myint (Jeddah,KSA): http://www.restlessbeings.org/petitions/2-lobbying-the-british-government-ethnic-cleansing-of-rohingya-in-myanmar#signatures

Ashraf (Birmingham)

Honufa Ahmed (West Midlands)

Tariq (Jeddah): Please save the rohingya

mariya pervez (leicester)

SYed Sarwar (Birmingham)

Shakil Seedat (Leicester, United Kingdom)

lavloo miah (Birmingham)

Sienna khan (London )

Ismat Ali (Birmingham)

Mo Hossain (Birmingham)

nazmunn nahar (walsall)

Rina akhat (UK): Rabbanā ‘Afrigh `Alaynā Şabrāan Wa Thabbit ‘Aqdāmanā Wa Anşurnā `Alá Al-Qawmi Al-Kāfirīna

“Our Lord, pour upon us patience and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

(The Holy Qur’an – Surat al Baqarah – Verse 250)

Farzana begum Shobha (London)

Sufian Ahmed (London, UK)

jenny begum (london): I would like to help this people who need ower help from this horrible deal that they are going through.

A Uddin (Birmingham)

M Salam (Birmingham)

rehana kauser (london)

Abdullah Esmail (West Yorkshire): Ya Allah unite us muslims as one so that we may help our brothers and sisters in all corners of the world. Ya Allah help those who the western world choose to opress. Ameen.

Jafrul Islam (Birmingham B)

Jalal Ahmed (Birmingham B)

L’hadi Bendebka (Algiers B.E.O)

Munif Ahmed (Birmingham B)

rehana kauser (london)

Sayfur (Birmingham)

zaid saeed akhtar (Jeddah , Saudi Arabia)

jinnah elias ali (saudi arabia): help rohingya pls

Khalid Islam (Birmingham)

Atiqur Rahman (Birmingham)

Dilul Hoque (Birmingham)

Akkas Miah (Birmingham)

Shelu Miah (Birmingham)

I hussain (Birmingham)

Rumon Miah (Newcastle upon tyne)

Syed Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sultana begum (Birmingham)

Jasvir Singh (London UK)

Akbarul Hoque (Birmingham)

Abdullah al Mamun (Birmingham)

Farooq Ahmad (London): Please settle this situation peacefully.

Soyful Hussain (Birmingham)

Habibul Gaffar (Birmingham)

Ann McCann (Luton..UK)

Mohammed Jaheed (Birmingham)

Razib Ahmed (Birmingham)

Aisha Khan (Birmingham)

Sadud Ishaq (Birmingham)

Saiful mollah (Queens, nyc, usa)

Yusuf Miah (London)

Rumena Khatun (Birmingham, UK. )

Majid (Birmingham)

hajera mohammad (United Kingdom)

Sadiq (Birmingham): Free Rohingya

soubia ahmed (Burton )

hasena begum (birmingham)

Shoaib Qurban (Birmingham, UK): What happened to human rights????

Muriam Alam (London)

riyas (saudi arabia): please help

thao le (london)

hasena begum (birmingham)

Osman Nujjoo (UK)

Irfan Ahmed (Birmingham, UK)

Musharaf Hussain (London,UK)

Omar M (Birmingham)

Gulnaz Khatoon Niazi (Hertfordshire): Human rights acts, such incidents should not take place on on humanitarian grounds!

Sabah Khan (UK)

khayyam sohail (manchesrer)

Ashfaq (Birmingham)

Babul Miah (Birmingham)

Suriya Begum (London UK)

Tamjid Ali (Birmingham)

Kabir Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sultan Ali (Birmingham): Free Rohingya

Mohammed Abdul Kayum (B10 0UN): Freedom

Zubayer Islam (Birmingham): Stop this please!

Shaffique Bashir (Birmingham ): what about human values and rights?

Nay San Lwin (Germany)


Walaa Halimah (United Kingdom)

sayid nazir (birmingham): stop the killing

Ahmed Alaa Ibrahim (Malaysia): No humanity or what?

fatima begum (london)

J N Raja (Birmingham)

Rahim (Bangladesh): Please need urgent help…..

Cherrelle Skeete (United Kingdom)

Bodruz Zaman (London, UK)

Juhel Miah (Birmingham)

sadikur rahman (st albans)

momith ali (birmingham)

momtaz begum (London, UK)

Nessa Rahman (London): This is not about religion its about persecution of a people. We should send this petition to all not just muslims.

Khalad Ahmed (Birmingham)

Tapash Abu Shaim (London)

Emilio Demetriou-Jones (London)

hena ali (uk)

Mohammed Hussain (Birmingham)

Mohammed Hussain (Birmingham)

Yusuf Mohammed (London, uk)

Mosiwar Hussain (Birmingham)

Nelema Ali (5 Grummant Road)

abdul kalam (Birmingham)

NAOMI IBN RAHMAN (London, UK): We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.

Fatima Daria (London)

Harun Ahmed (Birmingham)

Safiyah Touati (London, UK): “It is vain to say human beings might be satisfied with tranquillity; they must have action, and they will make it if they can not find it.”– Charlotte Bronte

Shana Begum (London)

Imdadul Hoque (Birmingham)

alex davies (United Kingdom): i like cats, and liberty.

Sabeen ahmad (London)

asha bansal (london)

Shamshir Rahman (Birmingham)

Muhammed Afrah (Manchester ): Please extend your helping hands….


Na’eem Ahmed (UK)

Mozin Uddin (Birmingham)

Aysha Umerji (East London): Please help the Rohingyas!
For the sake of humanity and for what is right!

Oxley Yahaya (Australia): Please please please….please help Rohingya

imran khan (Birmingham, UK)

mohammed habib khan (Birmingham)

Sania Harris (San Fernando Valley, CA )

Ali, Mohammed Husson (1900 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA): Your Excellency,


GENOCIDE AGAINST ROHINGYA MUSLIM IN ARAKAN STATE, BURMA (Apartheid against Rohingyas (Ethnic Cleansing)

1. The security army ( police, Na Sa Ka, Hlon Tain (police regiment-2), Military accompanied Rakhine Buddhist are using the policy on Rohingya
Muslim of Arakan State, Burma is as like as what the Nazi Adolf Hitler did Jew People (Ethnic Cleansing, Apartheid against Jew)

2. It is also similar to KOSOVO CRISIS

Majid Rafiq (Luton)

Majid Rafiq (Luton)

mohammed habib khan (Birmingham)

Ashbel (London )

Khaled Hussain (Birmingham, UK)

Ashbel Sheikh (London)

Khaled Hussain (Birmingham, UK)

Abdullah Hassan (Birmingham )

Basmah Sheikh (London )

nico pye (barkers creek, australia)

Somaya Sheikh (London )

Shakir Ahmed (birmingham, UK)

Shakir Ahmed (birmingham, UK)

Timothy Rudolph (london)

Sarfraz ashraf (Cph, denmark): Please dont kill

Saifuz Zammu (Birmingham)

Foysol Wahab (Aston Uni)

Ummama Sheikh (Newham, East London, Uk)

Adila Islam (London): What’s happening to the Rohingyas is inhumane. As a Rohingya myself, it appalls me that such persecution exists. No one deserves this kind of injustice. No one. If you believe in humanity and human rights, then you would sign this petition. For those helpless, vulnerable Rohingyas.

Mohammed Abdul Qadeer (London, UK)

Rizwana Latif (London UK)

Abdul Latif (London UK)

Junaid Latif (London UK)

Rokeya Latif (London UK)

Alom Miah (birmingham, UK)

Mohammed amin ali (Birmingham, UK)

syd (Birmingham): stop this, inhumane behaviour

Fakhra Rasul (Uk)

Rahala Begum (London)

Saydur Rahman (birmingham)

Salma khan (London): Please stop these killings!!

Saydur Rahman (birmingham)

Mahmud mohammed Alan (Hull, UK )

Imran Ali (London, UK)

Zainab Rauf (United Kingdom)

Saidur Rahman (Birmingham)

Shammi Pithia (London)

Anwar Dewan (Birmingham)

sapali malik (london)

Jabir Ahmed (birmingham)

Shahrul Islam (Birmingham)

Kamran Islam (Birmingham)

Junade (Birmingham)

Rhajon ahmed (East london)

Mohammed Islam (Birmingham, UK)

Umar (Nottingham): Something Needs to be Done ASAP

Roberta Baltierra (Riverside, CA )

Kolchuma Khanom (London)

Mohammed Islam (Birmingham, UK)

Juhel Islam (Birmingham)

wajid ali (yorkshire)

Nipa Uddin (uk)

Juned Ahmed (Birmingham)

Emraj Islam (birmingham)

Syed Ahmed (Birmingham)

waris ali (west yorkshire)

Ruhal Ahmed (Surrey): The international community need to act swiftly to preventte current situation spiritually out of control. The UK government needs to put pressure on the Burmese government. We can’t afford to do nothing. The same goes to what is happening in Syria. Decisive action is required before its too late.

Roisin Lonergan (London): Let’s stop this from becoming one of those atrocities that the West did nothing about.

muhammad moinul islam (Birmingham)

AK Rockefeller (USA)

jamil ahmed (biemingham)

Rakia Khatoon (luton UK)

mohammed abdus salam (birmingham, UK)

Ambia Ali (London )

y helali (uk)

naima ahmad hassan (sweden): please save this people

umme sania begum (london)

Shaheen Zaman (birmingham, UK)

Mina Mir (Reading, UK)

Tarik miah (Birmingham, UK)

sultana begum (birmingham)

Usman Malik (Birmngham)

Angus Carruthers (Cambs, UK)

abdul munaim (Birmingham, UK)

azharul islam (birmingham, UK)

Shakha Begum (Birmingham)

Tim Martin (Wednesbury, UK)

nadia Khan (United Kingdom)

sueda yeltekin (istanbul)

Mohammed Hoque (Birmingham, UK)

Saeeda Ahmad (London)

Syed Shibbir Ahmed (Birmingham)

hoda (london)

neelam hoque (essex)

Yasmin Hossain (United Kingdom)

Raiyan Choudhury (Luton)

abdullah Al (London )

Wakil Abdal-Jamiil (United States)

Mehmood Malji (Bolton)

Mohammed Abbas (Birmingham): Stop the oppression NOW and give these people the right to live as human beings

Amna (UK)

Ru Bhikha (Luton)

Anwargafoor (Riyadh): Please help them to stop this injustice.

Arc (Bahrain)

Richard Orlu (London)

Dr Samia Gillani (Newcastle, UK)

Immy Morsh (London UK): British Govt should adhere to very philosophy and principle this country is constituted upon. They should not overlook this heinous act of Burma Govt and focus on establishing economic tie with the country in the hope of gaining access to their natural resources.

It’s not the first time but a recurring issue which require immediate attention.

Fellow supporters, refuge to Bangladesh or opening the borders of Bangladesh is not a permanent solution but recognition of Rohingyas as the citizens of Burma is. Refuge to Bangladesh will only help Burma Govt to reach their goal whereby their intention is to get rid of Rohingyas in bulk. We should not fall into this trap but work towards making Burma accepting the Rohingyas.

Burma Govt should also take back 50K plus Rohingya refugees currently residing in Bangladesh.

UN aid is not a solution but diplomatic pressure must be pursued.

May God protect Rohingyas.

Mohammed Idrees (london)

Ibran Younas (Nottingham,UK): STOP THE MURDER OF HUMAN BEINGS.

Zarina Akhtar Choudhury (Ilford, London): UK, you have the capacity & strength & resources to help stop this, so please do what is right and just.

Rumki Chowdhury (London, UK): The good of the world depends on your help and ours.

kathleen browne (liverpool)

Maryam Duale (London )

Chris Crowstaff (UK)

Montel Timothy (Birmingham, UK)

yousuf goni (London): Just do it!

alam kazi (birmingham)

Evian Cafun (London, UK): The British government as per usual, will sit back and let this happen, as we all know there is no resources or land to gain in Myanmar. The only thing I can send is my positive frequencies to the people suffering in Myanmar.

Sue Fellows (Wye Valley UK)

Abdulaziz (London)

Ifzal rafiq (Keighley, UK): Suffering of a certain people needs to stop other wise we will have another holocaust plus Bosnia and palestine and many African country’s with genocide taken place. Please help stop this!

Hassan Uddin (London)

Layla Auer (London)

Marwa Hussein (Egypt): We Need A Peaceful World Especially Without Ethenic Wars

Omar Ahmad (London)

sabbi kaur (london)

Ahsan Malik (london)

Novera Fatima (Pakistan): Oppression no matter where must be eradicated,

Amjad Mirza (UK)

Fabio DeRossi (London)

stacey fray (portsmouth)

mizzy kausar (oldbury)

Fatima Abdullah (manchester uk)

Fatima Abdullah (manchester uk)

Alliyah Jaffrin Choudhury (London, UK)

Pez Kooner (Birmingham)

Natasha Lipko (London)

Talula Bright (london)

Abdul Wadud (London)

Mohammad Rafiul Hoque (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Stop your support to the Myanmar regime. They are murdering hundreds of Rohingyan innocent Muslims. The state is directly sponsoring all the crimes that is being perpetuated on them in order to ethnically cleanse them. Don’t let this disaster continue anymore or the ripples of it would come right back at you someday.

Rupi Vadher (London)

amara ahmed (manchester)

Arifa (London)

syed islam (London)

Emma Khanom (London)

YELO (London)

Abubakr Tahir (London)

Sean Dennis (London)

Hasan Uddin (London)

kohinoor khanom (Cardiff u.k): Pleases do justice and stop people from suffering. Brings peace to this world. God has made this world big enough for all , we just need the heart to realize.

AlamgirBashir (chicago,usa): its shame that in this centuary there is still a barbaric behaviour exist.my family is also a victim but it was in 1947 .this nonsence has to stop

Syeda sardar (Uk)

Adnan (Bristol): With all the BS reactions to what suits the western governments, how about taking more notice of this? Its another Sudan, its another Rwanda, its another Palestine, its everything….

Take notice now before its too late!

Junaid Shah (Birmingham, UK)

Jayshree Patel (London, UK)

Farhan Cheema (Bristol,uk): We have one Palestine we can not afford another

Erika Browne (Wirral)

abidha begum (London,UK )

amaney k (USA): As long as Allah is with the Muslims, victory will be ours!

Ben Sanderson (London): Do something

Ruhul (london)

Asmau Hassan (lodnon)

Amir Masood (Aligarh, India): Its been like horrible times of people of Burma particularly Muslims at mass level are suffering badly. none is covering news of it and coming up for justice. Where is Human rights ? Where is humanity ?
Isn’t it oppressive act ?
Please stand for it to resolve the state!
Sincere appeal.

shahana yaseen (solihull, uk)

sajeda begum (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom): The human voice is a powerful thing, please do not sit in silence!!

Gursharan Bains (UK): The persecution of vulnerable people is abhorrent. To ignore it, is inhumane.

Shuaib Mohammed Elyas (Khobar,KSA )

leyla karayilan (United Kingdom)

Abena Boller (London)

Bilal Malik (London, UK)

Lindsay browne (Uk)

Thauheed Hussein (London): Peace

Brandon Miller (United States)

Evana Choudhury (Kent, UK)

Dulal Rahman (London)

hetal patel (london)

Husain Alotaibi (uk): Please Act

Aisha Khanum (Birmingham UK )

Shamema Khanom (UK)

Nadia Al Hallaq (Bahrain)

Khan baba (India): Need Justice

Samia Suleiman (London): stop the ethnic cleansing

Shamya Islam (Berkshire )

arif (India): Why is the noble ‘peace’ laureate from myanmar so silents on this? Why the West turns it blind eyes?

Mamoona Rafiq (Manchester)

ridwanah asila kabir (United Kingdom)

Abdul Baki (Manchester, UK): If we were in this situation, would we not want help? Stop the slaughtering of the innocent people in Burma.

Amr almaghrabi (Ksa)

Sharjeel Kiani (Newcastle)

Loai Ibrahim Khalifah (USA, Sanfrancisco)

Ayesha Lucarelli (UK): Stop the killing!

aisha zahoor (UK)

Subh sharma (New delhi,india): shame on burmese govt 4 killing innocent people:((((((( ..plz stop this killingssss..peace

Abdul Kayum (Manchester, UK)

Jalal Mohabbat (LONDON UK)

Mushidur Rahman (Birmingham): Justice = Peace

roukshana zaman (london)

Momtahenah Jaigirdar (LONDON UK): No on has true freedom if people are being oppressed

fozia kauser (tipton)

Annisha Choudhury (Liverpool, UK)

NadiraTasnim Chowdhury (London)

Rashedul Hasan (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Still the darkness prevails. And we call ourselves civilized!

Aysha Begum (London, UK): May Allah swt protect them ameen

Maryam Sheikh (Manchester)

ABDULRAHMAN Khalifa (Riyadh , Saudi ): What kills them most is our scilence !

Ruksana Aktar (Darlington,UK)

Zaheer K (London): Protect our Muslim brothers and sisters, wherever they are in the world! Wouldn’t you want the same?

rosy awwal (london): sadly many lives will be destroyed before anyone pays any attention

Laura Dunks (United Kingdom)

Rayhan Choudhury (Birmingham, UK): The unthinkable torture has to stop. We cant just sit and watch. We have a voice. Raise this VOICE.

Sobia zee (Uk)

Jabed Iqbal (Malaysia): plz stop killing innocent people. Stop ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas of Burma by making sure that they are recognized as full citizens within Myanmar with all rights.

Shamima Begum (Manchester, UK)

Madihah Safdar (UK)

Rafiq Talukhdar (Halesowen, UK): Please sign for human rights, equality and prosperity for the rohingya people.

Marjana begum (London uk)

Gunn Vigdis Værnes (Oslo, Norway)

Sanah Komal Ahmed (Manchester)

Sanah Ahmed (Manchester)

sahdia siddique (peterborough)

yunis Nazir (pajala ,norrbotten sweden): About 30000 Rohingyas men, women and children have been killed by Racist Rakhine terrorist,Army and security force. Rohingya are still being under attack killing and burning their house by Racist Rakhine terrorist, Army and security force. Until today myanmar government doesn’t give any protection to Rohingya peoples,many Rohingya girls was reped and killed by government Army, security force and Racist Rakhine.thus i deeply request to the United state, United kindom and European gorvernment to helps Rohingya people as soon as possible and save their life from genocide by Burma Racist.

Neha Alamgir (London): Stop…stop…stop….Please Stop killing your own people!!!!

Seema passa (London)

Emlyn Hywel Roberts (Keelby Lincolnshire): We a democracy should have the will to help those whom are being oppressed

Fatima Auwal (Atlanta, Georgia)

Black Snow (uk)

Abdulla Almamun (London UK)

ahmed mohammed thofike choudhury (birmingham uk)

Mohammed Sheikh Anwar (Kuala lumpur, Malaysia): Please save Rohingyas from being extinguished!!!!

Hamzah Hussain (Leeds)

shaju tarafdar (southmpton)

Abdul kareem (Phoenix, Arizona, USA): Every Human deserve to have own country. I mean every one should dare to say this is my country for where he or she born. it is called right. even rohingya didn’t have the right to say this is our country.

leanne Taylor (southampton)

Najmul Islam (Chittagong, Bangladesh): Rohingyas are human beings. They have every right to live in their country, breath the air of their motherland. The world, therefore, should extend its hand to restore their citizenship & equal rights in their beloved country.

Lutfur Rahman (Walsall )

Farah Saleem (Ontario)

Dahir Ahmed (London): Freedom and justice for all.

Hassan Aslam (London)

Sam Chung (London, United Kingdom)

dina salah (UK): Stop killing the muslims in burma

Mariam Al Qassimi (London UK)

Arshaduddin (IN): Please take action as soon as possible for the victims of this mass killing

Raheel Malik (Derby)

Shahima Khan (London)

Iver Neumann (Magnor, Norway)

Nashir Ahmed (Surrey)

Aung Ahmed (East ham London ): Save rohingya

Min min (Londom): Rohingya minority is killed by not only the body but also the name bymedia in Myanmar.

Yasmine Youssef (Toronto, Canada)

Rini Oktavia (Texas, USA): Please help Rohingya!

Amit (UK London)

Jafor Islam (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Omar Sarduk (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Omar Sarduk (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Zaed Uddin (London, UK): Authorities need to act now. These are human beings too, they may not be human beings with oil under their land, but their lives are just as important as another.

Aye Myint (London)

Maung Tin Kyi (Makkah, K S A): Please save innocent Rohingyas in Arakan as soon as possible.

Henna Ahmed (London): WORLD PEACE

Maung Hussein (London): I would like to demand for international observers and medias in sittwe, maungdaw,buthidaung and rathedaung .

anwara begum (london)

Abdelrahman Islam (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

Iqbal Khan (London):

Rt Hon William Hague MP
First Secretary of State, Secretary of State For Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH

Rt Hon William Hague,

I am writing to you regarding the recent conflict between the Rohingya and Rakhine community in Western Myanmar over the past month and the increasing humanitarian crisis which is occurring there.

You visited Burma in January earlier this year and actually requested Burmese authorities to tackle this specific issue. Since then however, ethnic clashes have broken out in Rakhine state over the month of June with as many as 90,000 Rohingya displaced following the mass burning of many Rohingya villages. Innocent civilians are being targeted because of their ethnic background and religion. As you made inferences in January, this issue regards urgent attention.

Burma has begun its democratisation which can only be commended. However, the mere fact that since 1962 no Rohingya have been issued with birth certificates rendering them aliens to their own country means that they have no citizen rights and as a result their human rights are being abused.

The High Commissioner to Bangladesh, on June 27th, Robert Gibson, mentioned that the British Government had made contact with Myanmar authorities over these issues. We ask you to take a stand raising this issue publically to the House and further to the Burmese Government to ensure that Britain’s opposition to such human rights abuses can act as an example to other countries. Whilst the Government has shown a willingness to help Myanmar during this democratisation over recent months, this treatment of its inhabitants which is in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 3, 6, 13, 15, and 16. As such we urge you to advise that the British Government cease its economic ties with Burma and its support towards a state which is responsible for the massacres of thousands of Rohingyas. We hope that international diplomacy and pressure will ensure that the Rohingya are given fair and equal rights as citizens in Burma.

Many NGO’s and independent journalists have said that the situation in Burma with the Rohingya is a modern day ethnic cleansing. Reports covered even by the UK Guardian have suggested mass burning, looting and murder of Rohingya men, women and children. We strongly urge that Foreign Office voice its opposition to this ethnic cleansing and hopefully ensure that lives can be saved and dignity restored for the Rohingya.

We, the British public and members of the international community, urge you to take forward our collective calls to take a stand over this issue and further to voice the Rohingya community so that we can avoid large scale ethnic cleansing in the region. We also hope that Britain can assist in providing relief and aid to the displaced Rohingya of the region.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully
The Undersigned

salma din (Glasgow, UK)

Raj King (London)

BBWT UK (London): ACT NOW !!!

M R Begum (London)

Anika Ahmed (Toronto, Canada): People of Rohingya deserve to be freed and have the liberty of living on their own land with equal rights. Show some humanity and let the atrocities come to and end! They don’t deserve to feel alienated while living on their very own motherland. Help to make this come to an end.

Soren Goard (New Cross, London): Education Officer, Goldsmiths Students’ Union

rushna (miltonkeynes)

Atikur Rahman (Birmingham): This has got to stop. Too many lives have been lost due to the carnage on the borders of Burma and Bangladesh and what is going on in the Rohingya region of Mayanmar.

Monika Knezevic (Croatia)

Asim Qureshi (London): The treatment of the Rohingya is disgusting, how many times must governments sit back and watch programmes of ethnic cleansing take place before they act?

kulsum nahar (South Croydon)

Soe Myint (london)

Mohammad Akter Kalam (london)

Muhammad Nur Hidayat Bin Muhammad Roslan (Johor, Malaysia)

Jakril Hoque (London): We cannot continue to allow the British govt to continue to put business interests ahead of human rights.

Nusrat Khan (United Kingdom)

Balogh Kata Patrícia (Kondoros, HU)

Afshan Naseer (London, UK): Free Rohingya! They’re humans too! Where’s the humanity? They have rights over their motherland! It’s a disgusting act to make them feel alienated in their own country!

Syara Ali (London)

Delwar Hussain (Hemel hampsted): Plese save them

Fokrul Hoque (London)

Maryam Sakeenah (Pakistan): The terrible atrocities committed against an ethnic minority needs to get urgent attention and action by the international community and the British government can play a proactive role in this. Mobilize!

A. Ullah (Birmingham, UK): On behalf of Amirah (www.facebook.com/amirah.org.uk). This kind of behaviour is not justified and can not be allowed to take place!

Azizur Rahman (London)

Kosser Malik (UK)


Sadia Rahman (London)

Mubarak Albriki (Bradford , UK): May Allah Almight lift this clamity from our brothers and sisters in Arakan who are killed and tortured just for being Muslims.

Sima Amir-Keyvan (London, UK)

nasim (Malaysia)

Mahathir Allaudin (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia): Justice for all regardless.

sayfullah (Malaysia)

shanasir (bangladesh): plz stop killing innocent people.

rahim ullah (Malaysia)

Mahbub Ahmed (London): This issue is much larger than only Myanmar, if it doesn’t settle now soon it could be another community. Please STOP NOW !!!

6arhana Bangladesh (London, UK)

Mohammad Sayed (Malaysia)

Hannah Athauda (london uk)

MV AMIN (Malaysia): No to Human Wrong

Sakkar A. Eva (USA): Stop ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas of Burma by making sure that they are recognized as full citizens within Myanmar with all rights.

Anne Kildunne (York, UK)

Saqab Adheel Ali (Bedford)

HABIB SIDDIQUI (United States): There is no place for ethnic cleansing in our time. The genocidal campaign against the Rohingyas of Burma must stop now. For that to happen, the civilized world must make sure that the Myanmar government restores the full citizenship rights of the Rohingyas of Burma. Without such changes, the world community must stop any aid package to Myanmar.

Shamea Y. Mia (London)

bev lea (uk)

Saniya rashid (Lahore, Pakistan): highly immoral act. is the UN sleeping?

Lamees Rehman (London UK)

Mohammad Sayed (Malaysia): NO to Human Wrong

saleh mahmood (luton)

Naeema Nahar (London, UK)

Qutub Shah (Malaysia): Let’s stand against ethnic cleansing of Rohingya

Tim chambers (London): Please help us to stop this clear oppression.

Arfa Butt (London/NY)

Haleema Chaudhry (Islamabad): Please take action as soon as possible for the victims of this mass killing. Stop this wave of hatred.

Shippa Eva Begum (UK)

Rukshana Choudhury (london)

akram (Malaysia): that not fair

Dinah Rahman (UK): Shame they have no oil.

Shafi Khan (London)

Amar AmZ Shakoor (Teesside): Regardless of ethnic origins, we are humans first! We are living in the 21st century so barbaric actions like this must stop!

MohAmmed zakir (Bristol uk ): Plz help thease innocent helpless human beings have a heart n do ur part !

Qamar Uddin (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia): We Rohingya community demand Justice and peace in Arakan state of Myanmar where hundreds of innocent Rohingya been killed so Brutally, burned people,houses and villages belonging to Rohingya. And our heartfelt gratitude to the effort being made by restlessbeings.org

Marya Syed (Ajax, Canada): Please safe lives and provide justice

Fahima Begum (Birmingham, UK)

Mohammed Rahman (Birmingham)

Runa M (Leeds): This is outrageous I really hope something is done to help these poor people.

Abdul Khalique (London uk): I hope the government can find it in their heart to feel compassionately about the wiping of a nation inshallah

faiza imran (Birmingham uk): please stop all this be human so u can feel the pain of humans

rahman (Dhaka,Bangladesh): buddist rakhaine have no justice.they talk in two ways…,on the surface they have showed the justice for helpless muslims , but another side they killed this poor muslims, which is not under the control of government….it can’t believe without seen this…pls help and save them

Mumina Khatun (London,UK)

Eunjoo Lee (New Jersey, USA): Everybody and every countries already noticed an unreasonable cruel persecution is going on in Myanmar to Rohingya people. Please help this people, their situation is unbelievably hopeless. Please make an ethnic cleansing in Myanmar stop. Please…

Abbass gohil (london uk): Absolutely outrages…..how people have not take drastic action

Cecelia Grant-Peters (Langley, Berkshire, United Kingdom)

Rabbas Blossom (London)

yasar shehzad (uk)

Dave Rendle (Cardian, UK)

Shizly Begum (London )

Kamran Ansari (London UK)

saadia islam ghazi (london)

Saida husssian (London)

Kiran Rahim (London Uk)

Tarana Tahir (birmingham, uk)

Raisah Chowdhury (Liverpool, UK)

Shepa Syeda (Liverpool)

Saleem Habibullah (Australia)

Junver S.Bautista (Cavite, Philippines)

Khin Myint (Chittagong, Bangladesh): The Rohingya are helpless there.

tahir alam (Cheadle)


rujina khanom (Borneo )

Anwar M. (Sydney, Australia): Save helpless Rohingyas…Friendless in Burma Rohingyas are crying for your help.

Daisey Miah (United Kingdom)

Thomalika Choudhury (London)

Ullah Sopot (London UK)

Nessa Khatun (London UK)

Shawda Khan (London)

Rumina Khatun (United Kingdom)

ESA khan (London,uk): Stop the Burmese from killing Muslims they are humans

Noor Ahmad (London)

Muhammad Abdullah bin Rosdi (Malaysia): Goodluck!

Needa Patel (Manchester,uk): Good luck!!!

nicola pearce (grimsby uk)

MeeMo (Manama, Bahrain): What a shame innocent people are being killed cuz they’re Muslims & the world is watching cuz they’ve no interest in their country or maybe simply cuz they’re Muslims!

Ruqayya N. Aldridge (Birmingham)

Nabiha Khan (London)

Alfisyahril (Taiwan)

Iman Haji (London)

Yasmin Hossain (London, UK)

millie begum (manchester)

Kamran Khalid (Northeast)

momtaz (london)

zainab somali (sheffield)

Shuberaz Malik (Bradford, UK)

muhammad (London, UK): Please help Rohinya minority of Burma who are hopeless, tortured, systematically rape by local Rakine extremists and goverment forces. They are now compeletely restricted from religious praying, moving and charging money without any reson. Today,they are vulnerable victims of rape and tortured. Most people are starving because they can’t go anywhere, if they go somethere, they were beaten and some are even die. They situation is really bad. Burmese media not telling this because media are own by Rakine and Burmese people. Please help hopeless rohinya people. Your helps are the most welcomed. Thanks

Salim ahmed (London uk)

sam ali (leeds)

Ruqiyah Goldhawk (Byron Bay, Australia)

Muhammed Rahman (BirInghan)

Febri Rahadi (chung-li, Taoyuan County. Taiwan): Stop the massacre and genocide. We are human being, we should act as human !!!

Christine Ramsay (London)

mehdi (woodford): helo my name is mehdi… i love rohingyaa….


mariam rajakhan (london): Good luck! Xxx

Adeel Arshad (London)

mohammed omar (london): rohingyaaa!!

Priya Khan (Essex)

Amina Khatun (London )

Natasha Khan (York)

israa s f r (ksa)

Nizat Khalid (UK)

Raz Hoque (United Kingdom): We are quick to laud the efforts of Aung San Suu Kyi but what of the plight of the Rohingya? This is much worse as the persecution is racial and has no place in the 21st century.

Zohura Jilani (london): It is absurd that a petition is needed to help the Rohingya! And even more preposterous that ethnic cleansing is still evident and knowingly allowed to happen. Give them their basic right of survival and help them.

Rumana Ali (Essex)

Sharifa Sabir (UK)

Zohura Jilani (London): It’s completely absurd that a petition is needed to help the Rohingya and it is even more preposterous that ethnic cleansing still exists to this day. Give the Rohingya the basic human right of survival and help them.

Hina Mahdi (London)

Sakia begum (Portsmouth,uk): This is so sad and just cruel

Hira Mohsin (Nigeria): We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means

C. Addai (Amsterdam, Holland)

Mahbub Alam (London): I urge the British Government to champion this cause…

zainab hintz (bristol)

Melur Senjahari (Jakarta, Indonesia): ethnic cleansing is happening in Myanmar, people!.. please.. please.. please.. help the Rohingya..

aKBAR BAIG (cambridge)

Shapla nessa (London,uk)

Ashraf Hussain (London,UK)

Oluwatosin Okedore (london)

Rofu Miah (London UK)

Nazneen Mannan (UK)

Monwara Hoque (Leicester): Any form of ethnic cleansing is abhorrent! The Bangladeshi Government should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of helping these people to safety they close their borders to them. Where is the compassion and humanity in that? Shame on you all. The month of mercy (Ramadan) is soon to arrive in a few weeks, its about time the Bangladeshi Government is merciful to the human beings in Myanmar who are fleeing torture and persecution. If Allah is merciful towards us then we have NO excuses to our fellow human beings.

Farhaan Gaffar (London)

Mirza Afzaal Beg (Kuwait): Save human even they are Muslim.

Mahmood Hassan (Bahrain): Help muslim in Borma

quratulain razi (Pakistan): hope this will help

Halima (London): Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar is a shamble and shame on everyone who is ignoring this cause…

Dominic Jones (Oxford)

Md Atiqur Rahman (London)

Dilly Begum (London, UK)

Dilara rahman (London)

Ruhitun khanom (London)

Khaliduz Zaman (London)

Shahanaz Rahman (London)

Mohamed Abdallah (Cairo, Egypt)

SUMAIYAH (East London): Shame on everyone that is ignoring the Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar!!!

SAMIYA KHAN (ENGLAND, UK): Stateless Rohingya kinds and baby in ENGLAND, UK, TOO,

Komrun Nessa (London)

Ibraaheem (London): WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

Mohammed Abedden (London)

Rashida Begum (London)

jusna (London): It is disgusting what is happening Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar
in this day and age. where is the democracy now?

Marjia Tazmom (London)

Imran A Pangilinan (Zamboanga City, Philippines): Hope this helps

Junaid Alam (Dhaka,Bangladesh): Help Rohingya!

Sinthiya A Taznin (London)

SAFIYA KHAN (ENGLAND, UK): I think Human Rights are sleeping

Tabassum Sabir (London, UK)

Isaac brown (Surrey): Help stop this ridicules and in humane act of hatred to equality.

Farheen Akhtar (Uk)


SUNERA BEGUM (ENGLAND , UK): I am a stateless human in UK

Fares al bahrain (Bahrain)

Dr Taher (Jeddah KSA ): We are in extreme end of danger.
Please save our soul.
Appeal to international community
Appeal to UN
Appeal to International Organization

Nurul Iiman (Singapore): We are all equal,aren’t we

Kamal hussain (Mile end)

ZAFOR KHAN (10 KENT AVENUE,HARTLEPOOL,ENGLAND,UK): Please bring back my Human Rights articles 3,6,13,15, and 16, on my Rohingya Ethnic Stateless; I am a staleless Rohingya in UK too.

Daniel Rivers (Sudbury, UK): The UK government need to raise the horrible issue of the current situation in relation to the Rohingya community to the international stage and help get the human rights breaches resolved.

Victoria Sulte (Grimsby, UK): Stop discrimination and racism! All the world would stand up if this race crime would happen in Europe, those people aren’t any different from us, white, black, christian, muslims, jewish, we are all humans and want to live in peace whenever we are! Stop the massacre!

Jarrar Mughal (Birmingham , UK): Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Umar: Allah’s Apostle said, “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Resurrection . ”

s.saif (Wales, UK)

Ayaaz Ahmad (London): Thanks for helping for our community as part of human being …

Mangaliso asi (London)

Christopher Day (United Kingdom)

Lindsay Jean Haynes (London, UK)

Parvez khan (Birmingham)

Mayisha Begum (London, UK)

Ronnie (Bangkok, Thailand)

Mohammed Umar Faruki (Birmingham, UK)

Ayesha Hanif (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Sabiya yasmin (Birmingham)

sumaiya patel (United Kingdom)

mrsirajnjc (jeddah): good life

Robert Alexander (Scotland)

Khadijah Lisboa (Wellingborough)

Monsur Ahmed Choudhury (London): The Myanmarese government is determined to kill all the Rohingya people. The world cannot just ignore this, action must be taken in order to save millions of innocent lives. Please consider this, if you have any moral sense.

Ann Alexander (Scotland)

Jolkot Zaman (London, UK)

muhammed ali akbar (ilford,essex. uk)

Greg Larmouth (Newcastle, UK)

Iqra Khan (Bradford,UK):

Faret Bashir (london,UK)

adilah (malaysia)

Mohsin Abhram (London)

Naeem Ismail (London)

zainab khan (London)

Rumana Begum (Stockport)

Anita Roberts (Lincolnshire): The UK must not continue to ignore the plight of these people, intervention is needed NOW. By doing nothing we are condoning this terrible atrocity.

Hasina Ismail (London)

Zeenat Islam (Birmingham)

Chan Tsun Ting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Free,free, Rohingya
Brutal, cruel, Myanmar

Mukith Miah (London)

Aktar Raman (london, uk)

Nadeem Ahmed (London): Disgraceful

Nasir Mohammed Tahir (London)

doli begum (london)

Macena Chowdhury (London): People should never be oppressed and no one has the right to terrorise others. This needs to stop now, if there is such a thing as ‘human rights’

Sarah Abhram (London)

Imaan Abdul Jabbar (London, UK)

farida banglawala mrs (Manchester ): Government is sick, they just think about them self do they have a heart,unfortunately they don’t they are sick people who don’t now what they want,and don’t know how to run a government.

Maruf Deen (London, UK)


idrs umar (Abuja,Nigeria): May the Almighty alleviate their problems

A Rahman (London): Stop the war

Afsar Alam (Luton, UK): Du’as are with Rohingya

aysha ali (camden)

Tabassam zulfiqar (Leeds)

Nazish Mirza (Luton, UK)

Hamida Islam (London)

Roshida Begum (london)

Hanna Bibi (London, UK)

Mohammed Abdul Kahar (UK)

Suwetha Kalyan (United States)

Suhana Hart (London, UK )

Firdoshe Begum (London)

Rahela khatun (Birmingham ): Please help they are human not animal the way they are bring treated

Naziah Kamal (UK)

Suzanne Cohen (London)

Romzan Miah (London, UK)

Nilar Myint (Yangon, Myanmar)

U Hla Tin (Silkeborg, Denmark): Please save innocent and helpless Rohingyas

Manirul Islam (Oldham)

Omar Alabbasi (Us)

Salek Miah (Walsall, UK): Ethnic cleansing is wrong in any part of the world. Help the Rohingyan people.


Ayesha khanon (Bradford )

Tayub Hussain (semrep,cambodia)

Nour Elhouda Zaag (Tunisia ): We are brothers and sisters in humanity, let’s help we each other 🙂

Rohingya Re Info Bd (Bangladesh Cox’s Bazaar): A request goes to ERT ( Equal Rights Trust ),HRW,UNSC,OIC,UNHCR,UE,ASEAN,USA,UK and other Humanitrean agencies or authorities to find out main findings of Killing,torturing,burning houses and mosques to ashes,looting Rohingyas’ assets and making displacement especially to “The Rohingya Muslims Minorites Ethnic.”Why?…….!
Although it is regretfully true that, the Bumese Government and its terrorists Rakhine Buddiest have been increasing severe torture ahead upon Rohingya Muslims ethnic minorites in Arakan state Burma to wipe out from Burmas’ history book from 3 June 2012 systemitically to now. Arakan state was dominated or ruled by Rohingya Muslims since 250 years more.

Now Suu kyi Says that Myanmar citizenship law should be clarified whether Rohingya Muslims minorites ethnic is eligible to bona-fide citizen or not. There is no doubt that Rohingya Muslims minorites ethnic was real or bona-fide citizen before 1982 citizenship Act which made Rohingya Ethnic stateless or homeless. In this connection Rohingyas face various kinds of torture in the ground of Myanmar soil and even all over the world too. And also UN and other Humanitrean agencies are to describe the Rohingyas are most persecuted people in the world.

Nowadays their system is a little updated. That is silent or secret killing,torturing,raping,kidnapping to virgins and youth in the back of International media that is why they can torture as their wishes.

Rally Rohingya Muslims minorites Ethnic was bona- fide citizen of Myanmar and the pro-democracy government should recognise Rohingya Ethnic as a bona-citizen as others in Myanmar(Burma).

Noshela Saleem (U.S.A)

Mohammed Siddique (London UK): Emergency International Protection Mechanism is immediately required to protect the lives and properties of Rohingya of Arakan, Burma. The lives are being in great horror, killed, raped, abducted, burnt and burried in great large scale. The horror of the great ethnic cleansing in this modern time.

Mohammed Ahad (London)

Dee K (Bahrain): Do not turn your face to the other side while they are killed just because they are Muslim How Raciest can the world be ? They Have a right to live peacefuly. Years of Killings but you did nothing DO SOMETHING FAST

zafar ahmed (Karachi)

Sonia Hoque (London, UK)

Mohmmed Riduan (Phnom Penh,Cambodia): Than Sin dramaticaly dimocratic is very hurmful for rohingya, pls save the rohingya every one as much as possible, afgerol we r humen, not like anymel like Than sin government

Lay Khin (London): I am really feeling for Rohingyas. The way they were trated is not the way treating to the Human. Please help them.

Mohammed Tayab (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Burmese rohingya Organisation UK (London): Rohingya were surronding by 4 enemys. Rakhine, Burmese, Military and Government. None them like Rohingya. At the sometime Bangladesh is not help them as well. Rohingyas are living in open prison. Please, Please, Please, Rohingyas are in need of friends, Rohingyas are in need of help, Rohingyas are in need of speaking for them. Help! Help! Help!

abdul hafeez (manipal, india)

Ahamed Jarmal (London): We all are human being living in the planet. If Rohingya in Burma can get similar rights what Animal are getting in UK, that will be sky touch happiness for them. Burmese are not treating them as a human. Please help them to save their lives.

Zainub Khan (Birmingham, UK)

Hamid Mahmood (London): Everyone has the right to live!

Tazmin Ali (essex)

Catherine Bridges-Lyman (United States)

Brian of the family Sheridan (United Kingdom)

Safeena Harizaj (Birmingham uk)

robert gould (london): there is too much murdering, and killing in the world, and children being murdered, to me is pure pure evil,why arent the buddists doing somthing, or are they,but it makes nn differance,,,im sure they cant agree with this murder,,,


Soraya Sabera (Cape Town, South Africa): Because this is God’s earth and we have the right to live on it in peace and the responsibility to help those in need.

Shahida Parween (Kuwait): Please stop this massacre. Please let humanity live & survive in peace.

Nazma Ali (London, UK)

Adeel Fazal (Stoke-On-Trent, UK)

David E. Shellenberger (United States): Burma and Bangladesh need the economic freedom and spirit of tolerance that will promote peace and prosperity.

ali (Pakistan)

Syed Shoaib Ahsan (Karachi, Pakistan): Please realise your responsibility as international leaders and affect a change in the happenings in Myanmar.

Maymuna Begum (Kent): Thanks

Gazi Shantanu Sultan (California, USA): Seriously? I have to sign a petition to open some eyes?!?

M Choudhury (UK)

Namrah Azhar (Malaysia)

Denise A Romano (NY, NY, USA)

Ahsan Bashir (London, UK)

Jeannie Hartley (United States)

ABDUL BASIT (Brunei): World, support Rohingya people to live just like any other ethnics in Myanmar.

Mohamod Arif Mahmood (Birmingham, UK)

Agon Shala (Malaysia): Please help the Rohingya people of Myanmar, save them from genocide!!!

Igor Christodoulou (London, UK)

qurathulain raja (Malaysia)

Mehadi Kalam (Canada): Regardless of ethnic origins we are human first, this must stop

Jessica Kay (Canada)

noorhaidah mohd ibrahim (ampang malaysia)

Zafer Iqbal (India): World, support Rohingya people to live just like any other ethnics in Myanmar.

Sharifa (India)

Hamna Mughal (Canada): End the the injustice. Humanity first!

Nadhia khanom (London)

Ali Shahalom (UK)

Sadi k (Birmingham ): Please sign the petition!!

Sadiah bi (Birmingham, uk): Every person has the right to live their the way they nt, we all have family and can’t bear to watch them in pain, if the get unconcious for a minute o so how worried do we get think abo these people their families are diein right infront of them no1 can bear to watch that, forget the world for a second humanity is a very big thing, as humans we should save these people. 😥

Amber Horton (Stone Mountain, Ga, USA): This has to stop!

ibrahim hassan (london, uk)

Aatif Baskanderi (Waterloo, Canada)

mustafa miah (United Kingdom): please

Fatema Hoque (West Midlands, UK)

Minela Causevic (Ohio, United States of America)

Sairah Iqbal (Walsall, UK)

Hodan Nur (Edmonton, Canada)

Bachtarudin Gunawan (Bogor, Indonesia): World, support Rohingya people to live just like any other ethnics in Myanmar.

Jannatul Ferdous (London)

jahid rahman (london): To get something you never had, you must do something you’ve never done

E_aldoseri (Bahrain – Budiya)

Rubana Parveen (Birmingham UK)

Sonia hussain (London)

mariam Al Balooshi (Kingdom of Bahrain): Please stop this massacre

Shamus maqsood (Oldham,Uk ): Please support this cause

hassan kilic (cornwall): please do something about this?

Yasmin Hussain (London)

Fasiha Khan (Mississauga, ON)

Falah Muhammed (United Kingdom)

Aliya (Manchester uk)

Dr Salim Mullah (Manchester, uk): S O S FOR H U M A N R I G H T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sara (London uk)

Reshma begum (London uk)

salma Islam (Bedford uk): Save those innocent lives

Nourhan Nassar (United Kingdom)

Saniye Sultan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Stop the ethnic cleansing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Habiba K (UK)

rabby khatun (london uk)

Firuza begum (London, UK): This must be stopped!!

Mohammad Ayaz (Bangladesh.): I m interested to know about Rohingy situation in the world.

Quazi Hussain (London)

Azhar Fakharuddin (Malaysia): Really surprised on the role of UN and other concerned authorities. Would they have done the same if same thing happen in USA?

Muhammed Badrul Hussain (U.K): This genocide must stop.

Ceren Yilmaz (London): Take a stand against the Burmese Government who are watching their own people being massacred on their own land. This is a case of ethnic cleansing. Just like you and I have a right to live on a piece of land and call it home, so do they. Boycott Burma, just like you would to Israel.

Afsana Akther (London, UK)

aminur rahman roni (United Kingdom)

Umme Salema Siddique (United Kingdom): This is a severe breach of Basic Human Rights! All we want is Justice that has been denied us for too long. So many innocents have already lost thier lives and thier home in this needless and inhumane battle. Is it too much to ask the international community to help us??

Umair (Lahore,Pakistan )

fawzia begum (london)

Shammi Tapadar (London)

nadera begum (london)

Maung Tun Khin (London): You voice is very important.Please try your best to raise the voice for voiceless Rohingya people of Burma. We Urge upon the United Nations with international community and governments, including the U.K. Government, US government to put effective pressure on the Burmese government to stop the current violence and restore peace and security in the region.We would like to Request the international communities and NGOs for immediate humanitarian assistance for the victims.We Call on the United Nations, OIC, ASEAN, EU, and international community to conduct independent and impartial enquiry on the gruesome murders of the Rohingyas and bring those responsible to justice. We Urge the Bangladesh government to keep its border open to Rohingyas fleeing persecution and violence in Arakan, Burma.

zahoor ahmed (Uk)

Asma rafiq (London)

shoaib arshad (london)

Fahad Ibrahim Al-SAAD (125 Albion Street, flat 18, K2, Leeds): please help them

Hanen Ben Aoun Sadany (Ennasr, Tunisia)

fatema khatun (london)

MD.RASHED (Hastings,East Sussex,UK ): Its not a sectarian violence going on rather than “Ethnic Cleansing” with modernize method by most brutal & fragile state named ‘Burma’ led by Thein Sein. Otherside shamless Bangladesh government didnt perform her legal international treaty obligation and push back refugee whereabout shown minimum humanity. So I urge British Government alongside with other world lead country take it seriously rather than spectator.

rosa marina (london)

Rahima Syeda (Darlington, UK)

Sarah (London)

saira kausar (london)

Easmin Miah (London): Everyone regardless of their ethnic or religious belief deserves the right to live in PEACE!!
Please stop the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people.

sultan (manchester)

Sumi Afroza Begum (United Kingdom)

Mohammed Alsharif (Leeds)

Muniba Rafiq (London, UK)

Shahidur Chokdar (UK)

haleema abdullahi (london)

Quamroon Nessa (Birmingham): Do this for humanity.. ❤

Qautsar Ridho Rayyan (Malaysia): please save innocent and helpless Rohingya!!!

Abdul Rahim Yousaf (London, uk)

Hassan Mahfooz (London, UK): As a human being and tax payer, I refuse to accept genocide as acceptable and urge my government to take action to bring the killing, of more than 20 000 in just one month, to an end. Genocide is not ok.

Khazi ahmed (London, UK): Do something quickly

Abdallah sultan Alfahhad (Saudi Arabia)

ahmed rashid (bahrain)

Eqra Saba Ahmed (Watford)

sophie le (london)

ahmed isa (manama, bahrain): help them where is the humanity

Areeb Ullah (London)


Shaheen Begum (York, UK): Lets stop killing and unrest in Burma in a peaceful way.

ahmed (bahrain)

Muhammad Noman (London, UK): We Rohingya community demand Justice and peace in Arakan state of Myanmar where hundreds of innocent Rohingya been killed so Brutally, burned people,houses and villages belonging to Rohingya. This kind of Genocide in this 21st century is totally unexceptable.we Rohingya should be treated as same as they treat other Burmese ethinic community. We have the same red blood runing in our body as their, then y this Inhumanly traetment with Rohingya only, is this our sin that we are Born Muslim, our colour is bit different ………?

“We Rohingya Community urge British Government to raise voice against the Genocide of Rohingya Community and put pressure on Burmese Gov to stop the killing and Voilence which is going till today”

Mizanur Rahman (London): We, the British Citizens, demand the UK government, one of the leaders of the free world to stand up for its beliefs and principles and play a crucial role to end this injustice that is taking place to the Rohingya, as Dr Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Zanna khan (London)

mariam mohammed (kiwait)

Tasnia Hussain (Toronto, ON)

Koyes mojid (Uk): Please help this country insha Allah

Rujina begum (London)

Hanisa Shah (birmingham): PLEASE dont ignore this matter n do all you can to settle this.x

abdul bari (lonson)

Sara Bawany (Texas, United States)

aysha jasim abdulrahman ((muharraq, bahrain)): confused and angry where is their humanity?

Rukia Mojid (Uk): Allah please help the suffering stop

Rajwana Mahmud (London)

Z Iqbal (London)

Muhammad Noman (London, UK): We Rohingya community demand Justice and peace in Arakan state of Myanmar where hundreds of innocent Rohingya been killed so Brutally, burned people,houses and villages belonging to Rohingya. This kind of Genocide in this 21st century is totally unexceptable.we Rohingya should be treated as same as they treat other Burmese ethinic community. We have the same red blood runing in our body as their, then y this Inhumanly traetment with Rohingya only, is this our sin that we are Born Muslim, our colour is bit different ………?

“We Rohingya Community urge British Government to raise voice against the Genocide of Rohingya Community and put pressure on Burmese Gov to stop the killing and Voilence which is going till today”

Asim Shafiq (UK): As a human being and tax payer, I refuse to accept genocide as acceptable and urge my government to take action to bring the killing, of more than 20 000 in just one month, to an end. Genocide is not ok.


farhana aktar (london, uk)

Usaama Minhas (London, UK)

Shameen Khan (London, UK)

hajar mzughi (Tunisia)

Cheryl Abdul (Newcastle, UK): Human rights are for all, we cannot pick and choose where to apply them, they must be universal or they are no longer rights but priviledges

Fahim Ahmed (Sunderland, UK)

fareed nafisa (birmingham)

Salima Khaled (Manchester)

Jilul Hoque (Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, London): Bangladesh has blood on it’s hands, right now I feel ashamed to call myself Bengali

Nadia Choudhary (United Kingdom): I refuse to be desensitised to genocide. As a human being, as a tax payer, I request that Britain act to stop the genocide.

Aishah Jesse Abdullah (Canada): Dear Sir,
I am pleading on behalf of all Rohingya. I urge you, please do not ignore this matter.

Rasha Ibrahim (York, UK)

Rukhsana akhtar (Manchester)

Syedul Hoque (Oldham, UK): This is unjust!

Abdul Hannan (Manchester)

Ahammed Hussain (London, UK): Preparation for another Holocaust is underway…

Samantha Mcfarlane (Lomdon)

sadia parveen (birmingham)

emaani muslimah (cleethorpes)

Jakierul Choudhury (london)

Aysha Ahmed (Uk)

azad miah (england )

muslimah imaani (cleethorpes)

Rushnara begum (London)

Nasima Patel (Lricester)

Nusrat Bibi (Huddersfield): I urge the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means

saira yaqub (birmingham)

Raeesha udat (London)

Mr J (London)

Eldin Zekovic (New york, USA)

Sham lidder (Canada)

shaheda miah (cardiff)

Qudsia sultan (Birmingham)

Hamza sultan (Birmingham)

ahmed andy (isatown, bahrain)

Jamal Mehmood (Kent, UK): Its sad to see that ethnic cleansing not only still exists, but that it takes ethnic cleansing of a population to finally give them some heightened mainstream attention when they have been persecuted for years.

Sultan Afsar (Birmingham)

Akkas Al-Ali (United Kingdom)

Sharmin Alom (UK)

Rozina begum (Gloucestet)

subboor ahmad (United Kingdom)

Samiah sultan (Birmingham)

Zannath Miah (Southampton, UK)

Fahima Khalil (London)

idreese hassan (uk)

Aisha sultan (Birmingham)

idreese hassan (uk)

Aser Rehman Mir (Birmingham, UK): Free Rohingya.

shuja rahim (london)

Md Saifullah (London): As a human being we want our rights in Arakan and stop racism.

Abdul Gaffar (Manchester): Time to make a stance!!!

Sazeda Uddin (london): May Allah help these people and give them patience.

Bushra Abbasi (Hertfordshire, UK)

Fahima Khalil (London)

Qudsia sultan (Birmingham)

Dr Eman Sonnet (Cairo, Egypt): Stop ethnic cleansing. treat them as humans and save Arakan PLEASE.

Shahanaz uddin (London): Ethnic cleansing wherever it takes place is a disgusting act that should never be allowed!

Sadia Hussain (London)

SaLiha Mahmood (Bristol)

husna hassan (london)

Adam Elmi (Birmingham, UK)

Khalid Bari (UK)

aminah uddin (cleethorpes)

Ruhal Ahmed (London )

Janna Rais (Surrey )

arif uddin (cleethorpes)

habibah javid (bristol)

Shabina Begum (London): Listen to the voice of the voiceless!

UZMA RASHID (London, UK): Any humanitarian crisis is an international problem

“We urge the international community and in particular the British Government to champion this cause and settle this situation in peaceful, diplomatic and humane means.”

Harunur Rahman (London, UK)

musirat hanif (uk)

Samira patel (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Sharda (London)

Zarina Khan (UK)

muslimah violet (london): Cowardly arrogant government wake up and help the refugees!

Myint SWE (London)

Umme Ayman Salma (United Kingdom)

Rahel Mahmud (Oldham): Stop this mess!

Ahmed Muhammed (London)

Neil Clarke (London, UK)

jannat (london): shout out loud for rohingiya!

Kamran Ahmad Rai (Coventry,UK.): Stop the genocide !

Aaqib Moghul (London)

Rajna Munzir (Luton, uk): Please please please do something for them, if you talk, the world will talk for them. They need peace as you do we do…..They are humans like us after all….:.:::

Nazmul Haque Tushar (Oldham): Please Lobby the situation in Burma to save thousand of lives.

abdulla almulla (preston , uk): Help Arakan, do some thing to save humanity!!

muslimah ghareebah (letchworth): The bangladeshi government sicken me!

Leena Lais (Essex): No to ethnic cleansing. No race is superior. No to this disgusting act and NO tolerance to it. Ever.

Saqib iqbal (Manchester, UK)

ishrat ali (birmingham): signed

Altaf Ali (london)

Nasir Khalid (Hatfield)

Nifu Miah (Luton)

Nasir Khalid (New York, NY )

Salman Moosa (Manchester UK)


Shahriar Ahad (Manchester, UK)

Omar Bhatti (Falkirk, Scotland UK): Disgusting.

shahina rahman (london)

Shazia farooq (London)

Fahim Chaudhry (Wanstead, London)

Marium Abdul Sattar (Uk): We cannot ignore the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people any more. The United Nations considers them one of the world’s most persecuted communities and yet their plight is not being exposed or discussed. Rt hon. William Hague, please use your power to help these people who have no one on their side.

Sala Choudhury (Southampton)

salam jones (london ): i know its not in the british gov interests to take note of this
i know its not politically motivated enough for u to get involved
BUT if there is a single HUMAN bone in ur bodies …u WILL sit up and take note. the world is a sad enough place without adding something like this to take place. you HAVE the power to intervene ….for the sake of decency …i PRAY that you DO !!!

shazia kauser (bradford)

Diane Williams (Llanelli,Carmarthenshire.)

Nazmul Hudha (London, UK)

Aïda ZEGHAD (FRance)

Umar Iqbal (leicester)

Leena Akhtar (West midlands): Justice needs to be served!

Maryam Ahmad (London, UK): Please don’t let these people suffer.

fahmeda rahman (london)

Umer Murtaza (London): Wow, all because you’re either not Buddhist enough, Burmese enough, brown enough or Bangladeshi enough.

Jusna khanum (London)

Mohammed sadek (London)

Farzana Lais (Essex)

Hamida Miah (London, UK)

zilal (London)

Ella Poyner (United Kingdom)

shahjan arif (london)

Ismail Sidat (London UK ): We need to see change now …may god give them patience amen

Qudsia Ali (United Kingdom)

Kalsoom Iqbal (London uk)

Rahela Rahman (London, Uk)

m ahmed (bham)

Ahmed S (Leicester): We need to be the voices of the voiceless. These people are humans. We are all one race, the human race. Imagine if this was happening in our country, we would be crying out to the world for help in the same way they are.

Subina Begum (United Kingdom)

Gabriela Kull (Portugal): What happened to Humanity?

Mohammad Uzair (London)

Saba Sarwat (London)

osman johar (ireland )

Safina Hussain (UK)

mofozzul (Greater Manchester): Please stand and start lobbing against what is happening to Rohingas in Burma for the sake of human beings.

Zaynal Faruque (UK)

Salwa Rahman (London)

Mahfuj Tuhin Ahmed (London)

Runea Rahman (Londond): I hope the british government does something right, for once.

Safina Hussain (UK)

Ruksana Yasmin (Essex, UK)

Jannath Khanom (United Kingdom): Just because it isn’t in mainstream news, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We’ve got to take these things into our own hands because if we don’t do it.. who will? I pray for the people of Rohingya.

Sayeda Rahman (London): Genocide and ethnic cleansing just CANNOT take place. EVER AGAIN.

zahra maalow (East London,uk): may god support you all, and help your voice to be heard, my pryers are with you all.

Tauqir (London, UK)

Faisal Al-Jawad (London, England): The time for compassion is now.

Waseem Khan (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

lubna (London, UK)

Mohamed Shanoon Ibrahim (Malaysia)

nabeela ahsan (manchester UK)

Asma (London)

Nafisa Ali (London, UK)

Yasmine Ara (London)

Saira sharif (Huddersfield)

Saleh Ahmed (London,UK): We all belong to one human race and we should be supporting each other regardless of their faith and ethnicity.

Ummyahya (London)

Noman (Dubai, UAE): We want peace and Justice in Arakan, we all Rohingya are peace Loving people….

Ummal (london)

Shanaz wadud (London): Please stop this injustice. They are human just like you and I.

amman (london)

Mumtaz Latif (London UK): It’s 2012. Why are we allowing ethnic cleansing to happen? Please, uphold your duty as a human being.

Zahra Shah (slough)

Abdul Samad al-Maliki (London, UK)

Huseyin Cicek (London): where ever you go, what ever you are, we are all the same and every one shall be treated the same, having to notice such awful massacre. i have not much more say.

Yasmin Monaf (UK)

Sid Haque (London)

usman ahmed (london )

Fahima Jilani (Wirral, UK)

Hossain Siddique (Makkah, saudi arabia): Please raise voice for us.

Adeeba Kauser (Britian)

aishah iqbal (United Kingdom)

mohammad shamim khan (coventry uk): i want stop killing bring those involved to justice

Umar Hamid (Dewsbury, UK)

mohammed islam (london): that problem should be sorted.. this issue is hanging for long time.. that would be completely against the humanity if we dont make our good judgement in to it…salam

Shahima Begum (United Kingdom): Injustice is being done! sign the petition if you believe in Human rights!

Orinta Juknaite (Essex)

Carol Anne Grayson (United Kingdom): It is our duty to humanity to support Rohingya. I have been very disturbed by recent reports received from a journalist friend reporting from Dhaka. Men, women and children that have suffered violence and fled for their lives are being turned away at borders. In recent times Britain has had increased contact with Myanmar and hosted Aung San Suu Kyi … now that positive relationship can surely be used to push to change the situation for this persecuted community.

Hezbullah Shinwari (London UK)

Aye Nu Saynuwhara (United Kingdom): We, rohingya are peace loving people. We want justice. We want international observer to go check what is really going on in arakan now.

asma noor (London uk)

Nouman Dr.Siraj Hamid Hussin (Indonesia): WE ARE PEACE LOVING COMMUNITY

Anna Klein (London, UK)

hajera rahman (london)

Nida Kidwai (London)

Lily ali (London)

nida ul iman (london)

Roman Rassoul (Huddersfield): Be the voice of the voiceless.

nomXz (Karachi, Pakistan.): Pls help the most oppressed and helpless Rohingya community and raise ur voice against the Genocide of Innocent Rohingya Community in Arakan State of Myanmar.

FARIDA BHULA (United Kingdom)

Mooktakim Ahmed (London, UK): Support the Rohingya’s

Bushra Malik (Manchester, UK)

Aysha Samjoo (United States)

Mona H (Swedan): You´re in my du3as!!!

Tuqire Hussain (Londin, UK)

Abdul Halim (United Kingdom): Stop this ethnic cleansing!

TanZina Rahman (Uk)

Aniqah Vorajee (MIDLANDS)

alisha eggleston (United States)

Raiyan Ali (London)

Shipra Begum (UK)

saad (London, UK)

Abdool Deenmahomed (london, UK)

kiran (london)

Farhana Ismail (London, UK)

junaid Dr.Siraj Hamid Arakani (KSA): Save US

rahima begum (London, UK)

Miss R Begum (London, UK)

Maleesa Mariym (london)

Kiran M (Manchester)

Ruhima Sarder (Manchester): Inshallah this situation settles soon

Adel Raslan (London)

Ahmed (London)

Lisa Grant (United Kingdom)

yasmine (uk): we must get together and stop this

Maryam Marhaba (United States): My prayers are with the victims of this atrocity. Justice will be done.

Anisah Mackmood (Manchester, UK)

Aswad Miah (london)

SheReen zakaria (Hayes)

Carina Tran (United Kingdom)

Tuffail Hussain (london)

Javid Salloo (UK)

mac miah (london)

Farid Arakani (Jeddah,KSA): Please raise your voice for us, stand for us regardless to race and religion simply because we have right to live as they do in the Arakan.

Zain Qureshi (London): Please ensure something is done about this awful situation ASAP

Bilal Tahir (Luton, UK)

Ali Touchene (Edinburgh): Murder is Murder anywhere on the globe.

Masuma Firdowsi (United Kingdom): What is happening is outrageous. It needs to stop. Its atrocious to see racism to this extent still happening in the 21st century. Its sad to know, some people are still living in ignorance, how can they allow history to repeat itself… It sounds like the holocaust happening all over again, the only difference is, its not hitler doing it…

foreda begum (london): Everyone should sign this petition if they believe in the value of life and basic human rights. This petition is not only in response to the current events but also for all the years of torture which the Rohingyas faced AND it also has the full belief that change, equality and justice will be restored for the rohingyas not matter how long it takes.

Hichem Maafi (Brighton)

abdul samad (london)

yasmin aktar (london)

Sarah Anwar (London): Burma is breaking international human rights laws. The international community must step in and stand up for the Rohingya who are being ethnically cleansed as we speak. This is not a religious or political issue, but one of humanity. Please help voice the Rohingya.

Amatullah Rahman (London)

Fathima (London)

ruhul abdin (Darlington): Its frustrating to see how people continue to treat other people as if they are better than them.. We are all human beings. the line should be drawn there.

Runa Rahman (London, UK): Must prevent a repetition of the holocaust- on whatever scale it may be.

Farhan Patel (United Kingdom): Britain and the UN made an error during the Palestine, Bosnia and Uganda please don not let Burma also be in that list.

Rahad Chowdhury (London): Keep up the good work guys-your voices will be heard!

Shamaela Perwiz (London, UK)

Aysha Begum (London)

Jahirul ‘Jay’ Haque (Essex, UK)

Syeda Ruzina Begum (UK)

Robbie Robb (Brighton)

Megan Morrison (Huddersfield)

Rizwan Abbasi (Hertfordshire)

Shazia Bashir (Glasgow)

Amir Abbasi (Hertfordshire)

romina khanom (United Kingdom): STOP THE GENOCIDE!

Farah Abbasi (Hertfordshire)

Mariama Elhadad (London)

Sana abbasi (Birmingham)

Faisal Shah (London)

Rahima Begum (London, UK): We have the right to belong. This planet is large enough to accommodate us. In the face of a crisis like this, we have to put aside everything from politics, to location to ethnicity and religion. We must return to what we are – BLOOD AND BONES – and this is our connection. These people are being rejected from a country which is there home, all because of the colour of their skin, the faith they follow and the language they speak. How can we allow Burma to justify their actions with these reasons and continue to marginalise and kill a community… The British Govt with enough human will, can put the needed pressure on the Burmese govt…

Quavi Aurongozeb (London)

Sana Abbasi (Hertfordshire)

Farzanah Rana (UK)

m graham (manchester)

Dilruba Wadud (West Midlands, UK): Lets all unite together to voice the struggles of the oppressed…This is not about race, religion or creed; it is about standing up against oppression for the sake of humanity!!!

Aisha ali (London)

Sufia Begum (Manchester, UK)


Malika Barakat (London)

rumie ahmed (herts)

Nancy Kamal (United Kingdom)

Amrin Rahman (london): We all need to sign and make the government aware of the cruelty going on !!!!

Tasnia Aurongozeb (United Kingdom)

Bilal kamil (Uk): Justice needs to be done

Rrita Recica (United Kingdom)

Samiya Najib (London)

Safia Abdullah (London )

Hanan Chehata (London, UK)

Toni Martin (United Kingdom): Time To ACT NOW. These People Need HELP.

Farhat Amin (London)

fahmida ahmed (herts)

Kiran Ahmed (London)

Eirteqa Sultan (London, UK)

Mabrur Ahmed (Bham UK): The UK community demands that the inhumane treatment towards the worlds most persecuted community – the Rohingya stops and that their human rights are restored immeadiately. Come on Hague, youv’e seen it for yourself and spoke about the issue too – lets bring some humanity to this situation.

Mobien Miah (United Kingdom): Stop the Genocide. NOW.

fahmida ahmed (london)

mahfuja ahmed (london)

Koyrun Begum (London)

Silja Thorbjornsdottir (Iceland)

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