Rohingyas deemed as Non-Humans in Myanmar

Rohingyas deemed as Non-Humans in Myanmar
On 20th October 2012 at 9:00pm, a group of Nasaka from Pa-Nyaung Pin Gyi (Daung Kharli)
Nasaka camp, Maungdaw south, entered to Gawdu Tha Yah village tract, Naw Yah Fara, Maungdaw
South, and chased three Rohingya youths to arrest. These Rohingya were walking about in the village
road since the Section-144 effects from 10:00pm to 4:00am. But, from the point of Nasaka, the time
does not matter at all if it is related to Rohingyas. Fortunate to these three Rohingya, they were able
to escape from the arrest by running away. This Nasaka group intentionally and falsely informed to
(7) Commander after the hour effect of Section-144 (which was after 10:00pm) that all the villagers
Attempted to do something wrong to them. The Sector Commander sent another group of Nasaka to
Join the first group. When both groups were in place, they angrily surrounded the village. At 12:00am,
Nasaka knocked the gate of a Rohingya house. No sooner did the owner open the gate than Nasaka
fired two bullets to the owner directly and he dies on the spot. In addition to this, Nasaka arrested
three of his own sons and one son-in-law. The dead person is identified as: U Abdul Hakim (F) U
Inneah Amin, 72 Years. The arrestes are:
S.NO Name of the person Age
1. Abdul Aziz (F) U Abdul Hakim 25 years
2. Abdul Hamid (F) U Abdul Hakim 18 years
3. Mohamed Roshid (F) U abdul Hakim 15 years
4. Mohammed Rofique, son-of-law of U Abdul Hakim 35 years
Moreover, two houses, one opposite and another adjacent to this house, were raided continuously
and arrested five more Rohingyas. They are: Name of the person Age
1. Roshid Ahmed (F) U Esark 30 years
2. Eliyas (F) U Abu Tahayr 15 years
3. Noor Kobir (F) U Abu Tahayr ?
4. Aman Ullah (F) U Abdu Shukkur 22 years
5. Salim Ullah (F) U Fozol ?
All the nine arrestees were brought to and detained in their camp while the shot corpse was animally
thrown in the paddy field. Nasaka guarded the corpse till 2:00pm of today (21th October, 2012) and
handed over the corpse to Maungdaw General Hospital while the arrestees were handed over to
Myanmar Police Force (Maungdaw Station). Nasaka told the remaining family members that the
corpse will be given back in the evening of today. Up to this reporting time (7:00pm), the corpse has
not been handed over to family for bury.
Source : Inside Arakan
Media : BRA UAE


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