Burma Times Editorial interview at Sahar TV2

Burma Times Editorial interview at Sahar TV2


Frankfurt ,12. December  by Mohamed Ibrahim (Burma Times) On 10th December 2013, world popular Sahar TV2 Insight hosted a show on editorial interview of Burma Times concerning the ongoing atrocities against the Rohingya ethnic minority in western Burma, Arakan, Rakhine state.

During the Insight Show of Sahar TV2, Our Chief editor of Burma Times Mr. Ibrahim Shah responded the curious questions of the reputable Anchor of Sahar TV2 in accuracy according to what is taking place in western part of Burma against Rohingya by Burmese genocidal regime led by world class liar and the so called reformist of western powers President Thein Sein. The most terrible massacre ever happened over the Rohingya ethnic group is in this pseudo- democracy era of genocidal president Thein Sein. No soul on the planet knows how many Rohingya people are diappeared and massacred in this fourth ethnic cleansing of Rohingya by state backed Burmese Buddhist radical monks and Rakhine extremist?

Here is the interview:

Burma Times Editor interview Insight- 10-12-2013 from dubashi on Vimeo.



Source by: http://burmatimes.net/burma-times-editorial-interview-at-sahar-tv2/


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