Disabled sentenced for exposing genitals

Disabled sentenced for exposing genitals

A Maungdaw judge has sentenced a disabled man to a year in jail following allegations of lewd behavior in the presence of a school head mistress, according to a relative of the accused.

Riot police (Hluntin) from Maung Nama village tract in northern Maungdaw arrested Nazir Ahmed, 30; on Nov. 14 after the man, who sells bananas in the market, raised his longyi in the presence of Saya Ma Gyi.

Saya Ma Gyi claimed that Nazir Ahmed displayed his genitals after arriving at her school to sell fruit. But the man who was washing his face at the time may not have known she could see him.

The headmistress, who is well respected in the community, called the police, said an anonymous community leader. Police held Nazir Ahmed at the detention centre at Aung Mingal police out-post camp before sending him to Maungdaw police station. Nazir

Ahmed appeared in court several times within a month of his arrest. After the third trial he was released on bail. On Dec. 14 Nazir Ahmed was arrested again and tried on Dec. 16.

Locals expressed shock at the heavy handed sentencing of a disabled man that might have been completely unaware his actions were considered offensive.

Source by;http://www.bnionline.net/index.php/news/kaladan/16602-disabled-sentenced-for-exposing-genitals.html


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