Refugee arrested in camp

Arakan Is Burning

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Refugee arrested in camp

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Teknaf, Bangladesh:  A refugee from Nayapara camp was arrested by police of Teknaf police station today over the allegation that he is involved in human trafficking, according to Ms Kulsoma , the wife of the victim.

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Arson attack again to Du Chee Ya Tan village of Maung Daw

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Maungdaw, Arakan State:  On February 24, at night, the Rakhine villagers of Kray Mryin village and Budu Khong villages set on fire three houses of Du Chee Ya Tan west village of Maungdaw south while the family members were not present at homes at night for fear of Rakhine villagers’ attack, a villager named Kalu (not real name) said.

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Rohingya discrimination, state policy

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Chittagong, Bangladesh: A report released by Fortify Rights, on Feb 25 alleges that Burmese government has in place official policies that reject Rohingya Muslims the same rights as others in the country.

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Bangladesh, Burma finalized third border road agreement

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Dhaka, Bangladesh: Bangladesh government has finalized the third arrangement of the Balukhali-Gundhum border road that will connect Bangladesh and Mynmar so as to establish regional connectivity through its link with the Asian Highway and the BCIM, according to officials of the ministry of communication recently.

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USA assures Bangladesh’s National strategy over Rohingya refugees

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Chittagong, Bangladesh: Bangladesh adopted a strategy to identify, locate and deport the undocumented Burmese citizens to their homeland and the USA has assured Dhaka of its full support for adopting the National Strategy recently, according to foreign ministry of Bangladesh.

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