Media Group Aims to End Violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar

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Media Group Aims to End Violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar

rohingyaThe Rohingya are an ethic group based largely in South Asia and Southeast Asia, with a large majority living in Myanmar. They speak their own language, and predominantly practice Islam, and are recognized by the UN as among the most persecuted ethnic groups in the world.

In Myanmar, Rohingyas are not given citizenship rights because the government treats them as illegal immigrants.

Ethnic violence involving the Rohingyas has risen in recent years in the western part of Myanmar. Riots erupted as Rohingyas were accused by hardline Buddhist groups of fomenting violence in the country. The clashes displaced thousands of Myanmar residents, mostly Rohingyas, who are now living in refugee camps.

Unfortunately for the Rohingyas, domestic opinion in Myanmar is unfavorable. Even supposedly pro-democracy opposition leaders have remained silent over the persecution experienced by many Rohingyas.

Despite a growing peace movement in the country, racial hatred towards the Rohingyas has not abated. There is a need to promote a better understanding about the situation of the Rohingyas and  should include an appeal to end violence and discrimination directed towards the Rohingyas.

One group documenting the plight of the Rohingyas is the independent media channel Rohingya Vision. We conducted an e-mail interview with Muhammad Noor, Managing Director and one of the organisation’s founders about their work and the challenges they face.

What is the goal of Rohingya Vision?

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