Pakistan a Chinese proxy at International forum

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Pakistan a Chinese proxy at International forum

Pakistan a Chinese proxy at International forum Burma Times – Exclusive by By Mike Joseph 24, March 2014 “China will give Pakistan every support and assistance and by helping you, we have to help ourselves”. This was more than just a statement stated by Chinese Premier Mr Li Kegiang on 23 May 2013, during his visit to Pakistan. A perusal of this statement would highlight how China has subtly acknowledged the geopolitical location and strategic importance of Pakistan for the China. Since time immemorial [more]

US assures help on Rohingya issue

US assures help on Rohingya issueDiplomatic Correspondent Burma Times, Dhaka Tribune The United Stated has assured Bangladesh of full support in implementation of the latter’s first-ever national strategy to address the issue of refugees and undocumented Myanmar nationals here. The assurance came at a meeting between Anne C Richard, assistant secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration, and Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque in Washington DC on Thursday. The Bangladesh cabinet on September 9 last year approved the National Strategy Paper to [more]

French satellite image shows possible plane debris

French satellite image shows possible plane debris Flight MH370 is said to have vanished from civilian radar screens less than an hour after take-off Burma Times – Images taken by new French satellite shows possible debris from missing Malaysian airliner MH370 deep in the southern Indian Ocean, said Malaysia on Sunday. This adds to growing signs that the plane may have gone down in remote seas off Australia. This new information comes as the international search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 entered its third [more]

A referendum in Rakhine state?

A referendum in Rakhine state?22 March 2014 Burma Times: A solution can be sought in a referendum to separate Sittwe and Muangdaw from Rakhine state and join them to Chittagong division. A full 42% of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, bordering Bangladesh, is ethnically South Asian and speaks a variant of Bangla. The districts of Sittwe and Muangdaw are nearly 95% so, and their persecution in a xenophobic and oppressive Myanmar is well known. They are not welcome there and are considered foreign. [more]

Rohingya Village Raided by Security Forces

Rohingya Village Raided by Security ForcesAwful Situation in Northern Maungdaw, Arakan, Myanmar On Friday 20-03-2014 at 18:20 pm, a group of security forces arrived to Kyari Parang from Hluntin Sector No.5 leading by Major Myint Aung, included only 12 persons but with heavy arms and ready to shoot any one whoever they suspect. They were planned to check all the houses of Ywama, Kyari Prang and to fabricate new problem as Du Cheeyatan village but the villagers put “a big piece of [more]

Rohingya persecution

Rohingya persecutionBurma Times – Murky side of the new Burma, C.R. Abrar FOR investors, corporations and governments of the West, the last couple of years were perhaps the beginning of the best of times in Burma. The opening up of the economy and the concomitant liberalisation of the country’s political process has been welcome by all. Such moves of the Burmese government have been reciprocated by rather quick return of the one-time pariah state back into the comity of [more]

Muslims Rebuild Homes as Communal Tensions Ease in Central Myanmar Town

Muslims Rebuild Homes as Communal Tensions Ease in Central Myanmar TownBurma Times – Meiktila, Myanmar. Thousands of residents displaced by inter-communal violence a year ago in this central town in Myanmar are being allowed to rebuild their homes. “We want to finish them as soon as possible,” Phoe Ti, a 35-year-old Muslim bricklayer whose home was burnt to the ground in the violence, told IRIN. New brick homes are under construction nearby in the Chan Aye quarter of Meiktila where Buddhists and Muslims once lived peacefully [more]

Alarming: Rohingya Hamlets to be Raided by Burmese United Armed Forces

Alarming: Rohingya Hamlets to be Raided by Burmese United Armed ForcesExclusive Burma Times: Maungdaw, western Burma- Over 500 Burmese United Armed Forces—army, police and paramilitary ( Lun Htein)— gathered in these Rohingya hamlets—Kharu Prang, Naing Chaung, Pahwang Chaung and Nasagguru . Tonight, Friday night, on 22nd March, the inhabitants of those hamlets are terribly alarming that the said Burmese United Armed Forces may raid every house  It is reportedly spread that every inhabitants of those hamlets will be scrutinized taking off their clothes including women. Moreover, the inhabitants are deadly [more]

Ethnic groups hold press conference to oppose “Rohingya” in census

Ethnic groups hold press conference to oppose “Rohingya” in censusRepresentatives from Rakhine State ethnic groups—including the Rakhine, Kaman, Myo, Kamee, Maramagyi, Dainat and Thet—have released a statement opposing the recognition of “Rohingya” as a legitimate ethnic category to be registered in the 2014 national census. The statement, released at a press conference held on Thursday (March 20) at the “M3” restaurant in Yangon, said the ethnic groups strongly oppose official registration of “Rohingya” in the census. The statement was signed by Rakhine representative Kyaw Sein; Zani [more]

Smuggling rings exploit fleeing Rohingyas

Smuggling rings exploit fleeing Rohingyas21 March 2014 Burma Times: HAT YAI, Thailand- Myanmarese Muslims feel they have little choice but to leave their homeland He had already endured a treacherous journey down the Bay of Bengal, squeezed in the belly of a fishing trawler, then squashed in a pickup truck as it hurtled down Thailand’s southern coast. Malaysia, his final destination, was tantalisingly close. But under the towering trees of a rubber plantation, the smuggler who had brought Abdul Musid, a 30-year-old [more]


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