Rohingyas denied Inclusion in the Census of Myanmar

Rohingyas denied Inclusion in the Census of Myanmar

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui March 23, 2014 In recent days, Myanmar government is carrying out a census in which the Rohingyas are excluded. This stance should not surprise us at all knowing the apartheid scheme of the rogue regime and its war criminals.  As I have mentioned numerous times, the racist Buddhists of the Rakhine state (the Maghs) don’t want Rohingyas to be included and have been behind the series of pogroms dating back to the…

Kindly Suggest Solutions to the Chemical Material Used by Rakhine Extremists to Put Rohingya Homes on Fire

By M.S. Anwar RvisionTV 23rd March 2014 Nowadays, another usual and regular case in Maungdaw is that Rohingya houses catch fire from rooftops. It is the consequence of chemical powders used and thrown by Rakhine extremists on Rohingya houses through the use of balloons or by going to Rohingya homes in the context chicken or other stuffs. They put the chemical powders in the balloons and release in the air nearby Rohingya villages. The balloons…

A referendum in Rakhine state?

Rohingya Muslims are constantly routed, detained, tortured and murdered by the Burmese government and Buddhist mobs. By Zeeshan Khan Dhaka Tribune  March 20, 2014 A solution can be sought in a referendum to separate Sittwe and Muangdaw from Rakhine state and join them to Chittagong division A full 42% of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, bordering Bangladesh, is ethnically South Asian and speaks a variant of Bangla. The districts of…

Myanmar: Meiktila memories still fresh one year on

By Assed Baig Anadolu Agency March 21, 2014 Many Muslim victims continue to live in Internally Displaced People camps, still dreaming of returning home. It’s been one year since a Buddhist mob rampaged through the central Myanmar town of Meiktila, killing local residents and setting fire to their homes. Today, the violence is over, but many of the Muslim victims continue to live in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, still dreaming…

Upper House Approves Ban on Politics for Non-Citizens

A session of Union Parliament in Burma’s capital, Naypyidaw. (Photo: The Irrawaddy) By Lawi Weng The Irrawaddy  March 20,  2014 RANGOON — Burma’s Upper House on Thursday passed an amendment to a clause in the Constitution, removing the right of temporary citizenship card holders to form parties. The decision could further reduce the rights of stateless Rohingya minority in Arakan State, many of who only hold such cards….

Party calls for security for Rohingya during census

By Tim McLaughlin The Myanmar Times March 19, 2014 A political party has called for Rohingya to participate in the upcoming national census but also urged the government to ensure they are able to respond to questions freely and without intimidation. The Democracy and Human Rights Party said it “enthusiastically welcome[es] the 2014 nationwide census” and “urged all Rohingya to fill in your ethnic name correctly and independently without…

Rohingya Rescue a Buddhist Monastery from Blaze in Buthidaung

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar March 18, 2014 Buthidaung, Arakan- A Buddhist monastery at the village of Guta Pyin (Godam Fara) in Buthidaung Township caught fire around 10AM on 16th March 2014. Monks at the monastery shouted out for help and local Rohingyas came to extinguish the fire. “It was around 10AM on 16th March 2014 that some structures of the monastery at Guta Pyin (Godam Fara) caught fire. Monks shouted out…

Rohingyas need attention

By Mashhood Roohul Amin  Arab News March 19, 2014 Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been the target of atrocities perpetrated by the local population. The international community has all along been indifferent to their plight. World leaders who claim to be the protagonists of human rights have done nothing to alleviate the sufferings of these people. More international issues have lately cropped up placing the Rohingya problem on the…

For Rohingya in Nepal, it’s a life in limbo

By Eric Randolph, AFP March 18, 2014 Amir Hussain, a Rohingya Muslim, lost a dozen members of his family to sectarian violence in Myanmar last year. He fled to Nepal where the country’s policy on refugees has left him among hundreds trapped, jobless and mired in debt. This photo taken on March 13, 2014 shows refugee Amir Hussain (L), a Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar, posing with his family in their rented accommodation in Kathmandu.(Photo:…

Master Plan incomplete, nationwide protest by Thein Sein

By Aung Aung  The Stateless March 16, 2014 Sittwe Arakan State: Demonstration is taken place with the help of authority in Arakan state against Rohingya. The 969 terrorist’s leader of Burma, Wirathu, was sent to Arakan State to preach on 10th March 2014. “How can we protect Arakan”. Protection the land of a country, Burma, is Army’s duty, but it is not the duty of Saffron-man like Wirathu. Who gave him chance to preach that?  On…

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