My Questions to The World leader’s And Religious Leader : ?

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30  Mar 2014


am Mr. Zafar Ahmad bin Abdul Ghani The President Of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM). I am An Ethnic Rohingya From The Arakan State Of Myanmar. I Fled my Country 22 Years Ago Due to Ethnic and Religious prosecution from the Myanmar Government .

I fled to Bangladesh, India, Thailand and finally seek refuge in Malaysia. I am not the only one who fled there are millions of Rohingya men, woman , and children fled the country due to the same reason.

The Rohingya who existed in Arakan state since 7 century became the victims of Genocide by the Myanmar Government for more than 60 Years. Now we became Stateless in our own Country. The Myanmar Government Accused from Bangladesh which is not true.

Due to continuous prosecutions from the government, more than 2 millions Rohingya force to fled the country to save their lives.

In June 2012 again Myanmar government attack the Rohingya thousands of Rohingya died, more than 150,000 Rohingya lost their house and become homeless. Many mosques has been burnt and Madrasah has been closed .

The United Nations Announced The Rohingya is The most Prosecuted Ethnic In The World. Until this moment, Rohingya continue to die in our homeland .

The Rohingya has been under the oppression by the military government for more than 60 years. The Rohingya has been the victims of GENOCIDE for more than 6 decades but there is no change despite all the condemnation by the Mandated Bodies and International Communities at large. We are regret that the United Nations and World Leaders fail to stop the GENOCIDE on Rohingyas. The United Nations has announced that the Rohingya is the most PROSECUTED ethnic in the world but they fail to stop the PROSECUTIONS

The world is playing game on our lives just because of money, business and investment with the cruel military government. Everyone is condemning what is happening but none of the mandated bodies can take real action to stop the continuous GENOCIDE on Rohingyas. Millions of Rohingyas has to flee their homeland and leaving behind their loves one.

The situation has no change until now but become worse with more killing and destroying properties. The Rohingyas who fled the country become the victims of Human Trafficking. Countless numbers of Rohingyas died in the hand of traffickers. Thousands of Rohingyas died on the ocean every year in the attempt to save their lives. The internal problem created by the Myanmar government has become the regional and international problem to other states. The world has created so many International Conventions as a guide for human life but none of these perfect Conventions can save Rohingyas from the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY – GENOCIDE.

The military government always claims the conflict is between the ethnic rakhine and Rohingya and the government is trying to solve the problem. But the real truth is the military government wants to eliminate all Rohingya and Muslims from Myanmar. The real truth is the military government is in close relationship with rakhines and Buddhist monks to killed Rohingyas at large. The rakhines and Buddhist monks have become the agents for the military government to eliminate Rohingyas and Muslims across Myanmar. That is why the government allows the rakhines holding arms with them.

The International Communities and the United Nations has condemned the Myanmar government many times but to no change. The world has seen the Rohingya openly become the victims of GENOCIDE for more than 60 years but they fail to stop it. There are lots of evidence that Rohingya are the victims of GENOCIDE in Myanmar but none of the MANDATED BODIES can stop it.

In the end of last year 14 foreign Ambassadors from Ranggon visited Arakan State. They made the announcement of bad conditions of Rohingya in Arakan State. They also sent a strong letter to Myanmar government to protect the Rohingya’s rights and grant citizenship to Rohingya. Unfortunately to date there is no feedback.

This year 2014, Myanmar is the Chairman of ASEAN. It is very shameful to Myanmar government and ASEAN as they conducted such a mass killing of its ethnic Rohingya not even a month after holding the position.

Now is the time to take real action. We urge the United Nations, World Leaders, OIC, ASEAN and International Communities to react to the injustice and cruel treatment towards the Rohingya by the Myanmar government. The world must stop dealing with Myanmar until they stop the GENOCIDE on Rohingyas. We cannot wait until the Last Rohingya on this earth.

My Questions to The World leader’s And Religious Leader : ?

(1) Why No Body can stop the Myanmar Government from Killing The Rohingya ?

(2) How The Buddhist Teaching can become so violent to the other human being’s ?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Zafar Ahmad Bin Abdul Ghani
Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
Tel No: +6016-6827287


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