Police arrested Rohingya en masse in Buthidaung

sources by : http://burmatimes.net/police-arrested-rohingya-en-masse-in-buthidaung/

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CONDEMN OR CONDONE: NO FENCE SITTING ON RACIAL INTOLERANCEBurma Times: 29 April 2014 As you all might aware, there has been gathering of Rakhines parties at the Arakan National Congress. The participants include some overseas Rakhines, Rakhine political parties — surely the RNDP one amongst — and some members of Buddhist clergy, according to this Irrawaddy report. The members of open press and, obviously, Rohingya (Bengalis) were not invited. On viewing this gathering, we know the anti-Rohingya policies of RNDP. In addition, possibility of [more]

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Police arrested Rohingya en masse in Buthidaung

By Ibrahim Shah 29 April 2014

Burma Times: Kay Jeppa, Buthidaung, western Burma- Yesterday, on 28th April, police and Lun Htein(para-malitary) arrested about 40 Rohingya  people en masse — head of family(man), women and children  from Kay Jeppa( Aaliyaung) and kept in Buthidaung jail.

All the arrestees are being interrogated and police torture them in many kinds of brutalities.

Moreover, it is learnt that three trucks of troops are reached in Buthidaung today in the morning and nobody knows which kind of brutal military operation will be conducted against Rohingya.

Apparently, the main reason behind such arbitrarily arrest of innocent Rohngya is the forcibly attempt of Burmese higher officials to implement forced Bengalization in UNFPA sponsored controversial Burma census 2014.

A delegation led by Immigration Department Director-General Maung Maung Than, director general of department of immigration and population U Myint Kyaing, Deputy Immigration and Population Minister Kyaw Kyaw Win and Rakhine  held meeting with Rohingya in Maungdaw Township on 27th April afternoon.

“You did not participate in census recently.  It is very crucial for your further survival here to participate in the census in the way that is accepted by the government and other people.  Don’t write in any term of ethnicity, and leave blank the ethnicity and be participated. Your participation will be a good reputation for both the nation and your community. You will be granted citizenship sooner or later”, said U Kyaw Kyaw Win.

Finally, the delegation warned the Rohingya people to think carefully whether they will participate in census as government’s decision.


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