Winking at Life

From Conflict to Captivity

The plight of the Rohingya People is urgent! Persecution and statelessness are not the only oppression they face. As undocumented asylum seekers and refugees fleeing virtual ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State,which they call ‘Arakan State,’ in Myanmar, they face intense suffering in places where they hope to find safety and to live peacefully in freedom.

But, this is only a dream, which in most instances becomes a nightmare. Running from conflict and persecution only to end up in captivity in a foreign land where refugees are not accepted because they are poor, undocumented foreigners. It is a vicious circle for most who end up behind bars, with no exceptions made for young children, minors, old people or women, even pregnant women. Unprotected, they are vulnerable to the worst elements of society that poverty can bring; among the slum lords, there are flesh traders, the traffickers of human beings whose interest lie in profits from this illicit  and barbaric trade.

See this:



Think about it.


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