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David Ward MP organises Parliamentary debate on persecution of Rohingya & minorities in Burma (David Ward MP)

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Merle A. Jacobs,PhD – David Ward, MP for Bradford East, has arranged a Parliamentary debate on the persecution of the Rohingya people and other minorities in Burma for Wednesday 25th June. The Westminster Hall debate on…

Myanmar: Burma’s Rohingya Left to Die in Concentration Camps – TIME

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Abbie – Several days before he was born, Mohammad Johar’s family escaped the Buddhist mobs that attacked their Muslim neighborhood, leaving bodies and burned homes in their wake. The threat of renewed viol…

Rohingyas screened to assess citizenship claims

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Abbie – A programme to register stateless Muslim IDPs is continuing at Myebon camp in Arakan State. The project invites those born before 1982, around 700 out of the camp population of 3,000, to prove that…

Rohingya Blogger: From Myanmar to Malaysia, Rohingya Hussain Ahmad’s incredible trek to peace

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Raimo Kangasniemi – Rohingya Muslims gather together at a traditional wrestling festival at Kyaukpannu village in Maungdaw, Myanmar, June 6, 2014. (Photo: Reuters) CHERAS, Malaysia — Six years ago, Rohingya refugee Hu…

An Open Letter To The Burmese

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meltemarikan – Muslims, who make up some 15% of the population of Myanmar, are a blessing and bounty for the state. As the moral values of the Qur’an require, these Muslim brothers of ours possess great virtues, …

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Editor’s note

I’ve not curated any of these articles, they are just pulled in automatically. Thought it might help you see at a glance new stories on the Rohingya. There’s actually a lot being written about them (just not so much from the main stream news outlets). It might happen that some propaganda against the Rohingya slips in here from time to time, so read with discernment.

“I’d Kill Him” – Racist Violence as State Policy in Burma 

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Eliza – In some areas of remote Rakhine State in western Burma (officially the Union of Myanmar), mothers struggle to find medicine for their sick children, people avoid visiting clinics for fear of violen…

Rohingya Blogger: The spectre of ethnic violence reappears

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Voice of Rohingya – In the light of a recent series of bills proposed by the Myanmar government that seek to restrict an individual’s right to religious freedom, critics fear a further increase in discrimination and v…

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EenVandaag :: De kampen van de Rohingya

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Mohammed – De Rohingya, een islamitische etnische minderheid die vooral in Birma leven. Ze zijn niet welkom in Bangladesh en worden verketterd door de overwegend boeddhistische bevolking van Myanmar. Ondertus…

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Rohingya Blogger: Changing Dynamics in Myanmar Impact Bangladesh’s Geopolitics

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Rohingya Blogger – Image Credit: Bangladesh via Myanmar’s opening to democracy and investment are changing Bangladesh’s economic and security strategy. On May 28, as the latest skirmish unfolded betw…

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