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6th JULY 2014

Dear Chief Editors,


Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) is deeply concerned about the recent riot in Mandalay that claims two lives and wounded 14 others to date. We are very sad that the riot took place when the Muslim all over the world just started fasting in the Holy month of Ramadhan. The accusation by the Buddhist mobs that a Buddhist women was raped by the Muslim man have no basis at all. Until now they could not prove that the Muslim man rape the Buddhist women. The accusation is not logical at all as the whole world is aware that the Muslims in Myanmar were oppressed and prosecuted very much by the government. The Muslims in Myanmar are defenceless, hopeless and stateless, how can we do that especially in the Holy month of Ramadhan. We do not have any rights in our own country, we do not have any freedom to do anything, and we are not in the position to commit any crime. How could we rape a Buddhist woman in a prominent Buddhist country?

The information received by MERHROM from Mandalay reveals that the police, monks and Buddhist mobs have roaming the Muslims area in Mandalay for 3 days before the riot. We strongly believe that this is a continuous plan by the Myanmar government to eliminate Muslims from Myanmar. The Genocide continues even in the Holy month of Ramadhan. The statement made by the Buddhist extremists stating that they wants to kill all Muslims in Myanmar are in line with the Myanmar government policy to eliminate Muslims from Myanmar.

Currently the government has imposed a curfew in Mandalay but the curfew is only for Muslims. The curfew was imposed to control the Muslims and to restrict the Muslim from moving from other places so that the can target the Muslims easily. The curfew was not applicable for Buddhist and the rest of population.

In this Holy month of Ramadan we were expecting a peaceful fasting. However the Muslims in Myanmar going through the holy Ramadhan in the blood, starvation and oppressions. There is no food for morning breakfast and break fasting. Many children died due to starvation, no shelter and medication. MEHROM feel very sad when this happening in the Holy month of Ramadhan. The Muslim Rohingyas cannot perform Ramadhan prayers and other religious duties. Many mosques has been burnt down and lots of the remaining mosques especially in the Arakan State has been lock to by the Myanmar government to stop the Muslims to conduct religious duties.

Back in 2012, the Myanmar government using the same reason to attack the Muslims in Arakan State. The reason is also rape but there is no evidence to prove the Muslim men committed the raped. The court process was closed to public. Finally the suspects who are three Muslim men were imprisonment. The Myanmar government always creating a reason in order to attack Muslim minority in Myanmar.

We condemned the arrest of the five Muslim leaders including the Imam of the Mosque as they have not committed any crimes. The government cannot continue to arrest anyone with suspicion. We do not know how many more Muslims they will kill and arrest. The current situation is very worrying for the Muslims as they have no protection from the authority. The Muslims were surrounded by the Buddhist mobs with knives and arms. Anytime they can be attacked.We cannot hope for the Myanmar government to stop the riot as they are behind it.

All World Leaders praising the Myanmar government for the Investment Opportunities. Why United Nations and the World Leaders play game on our lives? Do you think we are not human enough to be saved? Is it because we are Muslim, we are not deserve to be saved? We are dying day by day but the United Nations and World Leaders are busy talking about their investments with Myanmar government. We are dying in front of you but you are only looking and talking without taking real action to stop the biggest crimes against humanity – GENOCIDE.

The United Nations has sent an envoy to visits Arakan State as well as Meikhtila for many times. The envoys are the witness to the real conditions of Rohingya and Muslims in Myanmar. They already look at the impact of this violence on Rohingya. Then, what stopping the United Nations from taking further actions? Do you think our suffering does not enough for you to take further actions? What is the most Mandated body is waiting for while we are dying day by day under the cruel government.

We have everything in the world to save us from the GENOCIDE but it was not use to help us. We have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a super solid declaration which guides us how we suppose to live in this world. The UDHR clearly state our rights in very detail way. Unfortunately in our case, NONE of these RIGHTS are belong to us. It is shameful that we only can see the UDHR in a paper but we cannot practice it in our life. All our rights have been taken away by our own government.

Therefore we Urge the United Nations, World Leaders, OIC and ASEAN to intervene to save the remaining Muslims and We condemmed those who silent about the GENOCIDE in Myanmar.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Zafar Ahmad Bin Abdul Ghani
Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
Tel No: +6016-6827287


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