Myanmar’s BGP Police In Maungdaw Kick A Pregnant Rohingya Woman’s Dead Body Like Football

Myanmar’s BGP Police In Maungdaw Kick A Pregnant Rohingya Woman’s Dead Body Like Football

RB News
December 5, 2014
Maungdaw, Arakan – A pregnant Rohingya woman died at Maungdaw hospital and her dead body was abused by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) while on the way to her village for burial. The men accompanying her body were extorted and tortured.
On December 3rd, a pregnant Rohingya woman named Hasina d/o Fazal Ahmed, age 35, from Kyauk Pando village of Maungdaw Township had difficulty delivering her baby at home. Her family sent her to Maungdaw Township hospital to assist with delivery and complications. But as the discrimination against Rohingyas is pervasive, she did not get proper treatment. She died at the hospital.
On the next day, Abdur Raukeem s/o Fazal (Age 45) and Abu Halam s/o Sirazu (Age 38) took her dead body from the hospital to Kyauk Pando village which is in southern part of Maungdaw Township. Their car was stopped by BGP police at Oo-Daung village and the men who are accompanying her body were tortured without questioning. Later they were extorted Kyat 150,000.
In an especially inhumane and cruel act the BGP police kicked the dead body of Hasina like a football three times, according to locals.
Myanmar’s BGP police in Maungdaw district have been behaving as licensed robbers and thugs since the time it formed. Although the union government led by Thein Sein is well informed, recently Thein Sein said accusations against the BGP are media fabrication. As tortures and extortion are increasing day by day, it is clear that persecution against Rohingyas is state policy and the police and military in Maungdaw district were instructed to persecute the Rohingyas.

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