Military and 969 robs villagers

Military and 969 robs villagers

Military and 969 robs villagers

Muslims who protested were assaulted and arrested

Burma Times Correspondent: February 10, 2015

Military personal and 969 activists apprehended four Rohingya Muslim men and assaulted two women when they protested their stealing of goats and chickens from the neighbourhood.

At around 3.30 pm on Monday, five military personal from battalion 352 along with members of the anti-Muslim movement 969 entered Mujai at Rathidaung and started picking up goats and chickens belonging to Rohingyas. During the robbery, they also killed many of the chicken.

Four Rohingya men came forward and told them they had gone through much hard work to raise these animals and these were the only property they had. These angered the robbers who started assaulting them and told them they should not be raising goats and chickens in this country. The military then took the four men to a nearby base.

The 969 men then assaulted two women who had come out to protest the incident, cursing at them.

Afterwards they left the village with chickens in cages and goats on their shoulders.

Villagers at Mujai and the nearby Anang parang are targets of the security forces and anti-Muslim groups for protesting Muslim persecution in recent times.

The 969 is a Buddhist nationalist movement that spearheads much of the growing anti-Muslim violence in the country.

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