More boat people escape Taimbru

Burma Times Correspondent: September 9, 2015

At least seven people have ran away from the migrant shelter in Taimbru in Maungdaw North in the last week of August.

All the seven people are reportedly Rohingyas who were rejected by both Burma and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has been increasingly cautious in taking back migrants after many of those taken back have turned out to be Rohingyas. Many of the boat people pretend to be Bangladeshis as those identified as Rohingyas face harassment and even beatings from the authorities.

For a few days, stones were thrown at Rohingyas as they performed their night prayers in one Taimbru camp after all the Bangladeshi migrants were taken back to their country.

Burma has been vocal in trying to convince the international community that the boat people are Bangladeshis fleeing economic hardships and not Burmese Muslims escaping political persecution at home. The government has relied on desperate measures including utilising the release of a kidnapped Bangladeshi paramilitary soldier as a bargaining chip for getting the neighbouring country to accept the Rohingyas as their citizens, albeit unsuccessfully.

In another instance, all Rohingyas rescued at the coastal area of Arakan were whisked away before the media arrived on the scene. The affair later blew over causing much embarrassment to the government.

Earlier, at least 14 more Rohingyas have escaped. The immigration officials say the escapees are Bangladeshis who fled over the nearby border at Taimbru. However it seems unlikely that Bangladesh nationals would flee over the border when they are being taken back by a legal process by the government of their country.

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