Women raped in Bura Sidhar para, dead bodies floating in the river

Women raped in Bura Sidhar para, dead bodies floating in the river

October 20, 2016

More women have been raped in Bura Shida Para, Maungdaw, during a raid by the Tatmadaw on the houses of Rohingya Muslims in the area on Wednesday.

At least two women one in her 20s, and a teenager have confirmed they have been raped by soldiers. The victims said the army went into their homes and raped them. Local sources say that it is likely many more young women have been raped during the Tatmadaw raid, but are keeping quiet so as not to bring dishonour on themselves and their families. Some women also keep quiet because they do not want to cause added agony for their families.

Human rights activists have accused the Tatmadaw of using rape as a weapon of war against the ethnic minorities fighting against Burmese rule.

Most of the male members in Bura Shida Para stay away from home as the military arrests or execution.

The military has continuously raided Bura Shida Para, leading to an unknown number of casualties. Earlier on Tuesday, eyewitnesses reported three corpses floating in the river adjoining the neighbourhood. Locals could not retrieve the dead bodies as they are always looking out for the military.

At least 20 people have been arrested from the neighbourhood and subjected to brutal torture. Many of the arrested have been confirmed dead, while there are fears for the fate of the others who continue to be missing.river


Source by: http://myanmarobserver.com/

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