Maungdaw Updates: Army Raids, Arrests and Tortures Continue in Rohingya Villages

Maungdaw Updates: Army Raids, Arrests and Tortures Continue in Rohingya Villages

By ArifaNovember 5, 2016 15:03

Maungdaw Updates: Army Raids, Arrests and Tortures Continue in Rohingya Villages

By RVISION Correspondents

Arakan: Military Assaults are continuing on Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw Township since October 9, while simultaneously launching similar attacks on the civilians in Rathedaung Township, our correspondents report.

Following are the recent updates:

5/11/16 7:30 AM: The Burmese Army and BGP plundered 3 Rohingya homes nearby the ancient Islamic institution at Nurullah hamlet in southern Maungdaw on Nov 4 night.

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

2) 5/11/16 8 AM: Burmese Army are now conducting raids at West hamlet and Foira Fara hamlet of ‘Baggona’ village tract in Southern Maungdaw.

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

3) 5/11/16 8 AM: 08:00 AM : An elderly poor Rohingya has been beaten up severely and injured heavily by Police in collaboration with Rakhine (Maghs) at early morning of 4th November in Mangala (Tha Ra oo) village, Northern Maungdaw.

The victim is identified to be Sayed karim s/o Sayed Ahmed, 62. He is in need of urgent medical treatment and the reason behind this sad incidence in still unknown.

Similrly in another incidence yesterday Rakhine extremists beat 5 Rohingya fishermen with sticks & by catapulting marble balls at ThaeDarKadi village in PunnaGyun.
[RV Correspondent, ASRV]

4) 5/11/16 3PM: Hundreds of Burmese troops have besieged 3 hamlets in Baggona village tract since this morning.
No raids have been conducted on Rohingya homes yet and no Rohingya has been arrested yet.

[MN Reports, MSRV]

5) 5/11/3:30 PM: The Lieutenant BGP In Charge at Godusara (Goduthara) village arrested four Rohingya elders from DuNyaungPinGyi (Shaira Fara) village.
They are Shafique, Azizul Hoque, Hassan and Mohammed Hashim.

But Hashim ran away from the hands of the BGP on the way to Maungdaw. Hence, the BGP arrested administrator of DuNyaungPinGyi, Mohammed Shu’aib, instead.

They are now detained and being investigated them at the Township Administration office in Maungdaw. Reason unknown!

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

6) 5/11/16 3:50 PM: Around 600 Burmese troops are still besieging several hamlets in Baggona village tracts. It doesn’t seem the troops will retreat at night.

They are now camping with Tarpaulin in their respective positions.

[MMN Reports, MSRV]

7) 5/11/16 4 PM: The Burmese army are  raiding and plundering ‘Gerak Hali & Sin Giri Fara’ hamlets of Long Doong village tract since 12 noon.

The men fled. So, the troops gathered & besieged all the Rohingya women & children from the hamlets at a mosque at the middle hamlet of Long Doong.

[RV Correspondent Reports, MSRV]

[Edited by M.S Anwar and Arifa]

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