Myanmar Army and Border Guards police launch mortars, launchers and machine guns on Rohingya in DaGyiZar Village Tract at noon on 13 November 2016. (Photo – Cincds)


NLD government so-called first civilian government of Myanmar announced that the Muslim-terrorists attacked Border Guard Posts of Maungdaw and Rathedaung with swords and sticks ; killed 9 BG police on 9 October 2016.

Starting on 10 October, Myanmar Army and Border Guards have been running clearance or genocidal operations against Rohingya civilians. They torched 100s of Rohingya’s houses, launched air strikes, fired motors and automotive sub-machine guns on Rohingya civilians.

Many Rohingya from Wa Baik, Kyi Kan Pyin, Kya Gong Taung village tract, Yae Khet Chaung Kwasone, village tract, Da Gyi Zar village tract, Thu Oo Laa village tract, Myaw Taung Vt, Mayantaung, Pwin Phyu Chaung, Long Doon, Sin Thay Pyin, Zedi Pyin, Ga Yat Chaung, Sein Gyi Chaung, Mro Mi Chaung were shot to death without asking any question 100s of Rohingya were arbitrarily arrested and announced them Islamic terrorists with the most inhumane and sustained genocide of the Rohingya people.

Myanmar military is forcing Rohingya to hold sticks and swords for self-defense. During the operations, Myanmar military and Border Guards continue oppressions in Rohingya villages mentioned above with non-stop killing, raping woman, looting, burning and mass arrest.

Approximately 50,000 Rohingya were forced to be displaced, nearly 4,000 Rohingya injured and 700 were killed during the genocidal operations. They locked civilians inside their houses and burnt them alive in Yay Khae Chaung Khwa Sone South Hamlet in Northern Maungdaw.

Myanmar state media and most of the Buddhist media blamed only Rohingya for all the destruction. They explained Islamic terrorists torched their own houses, killed their own people and Myanmar government is charging them according to law.

I have been trying to contact those who hold sticks and swords for self-defense. On November 13, I could contact Maung Tin (a) Zahid through him I had an interview with a member of Faith Movement. The complete interview is as follows:

Aung Aung    : :  Are you really from the Faith Movement?
Kyaw Maung : :  Yes, I am in it for self-defense.

Aung Aung  : : New civilian government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi formed Rakhine Commission leading by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to solve the problems. International Community and Rohingya politicians have been trying to solve Rohingya issue through diplomatic and peaceful way. On this situation, why do you stand with sticks and swords against government?

Kyaw Maung : : Rohingya had rights to vote and to be elected as parliament constituency up to 2010. Since 2012, government accuses us illegal Bengali immigrants, conduct violence against us, and keep us in the concentration camps and ghettos, depriving all fundamental human rights including livelihood, education and healthcare.

We hoped new civilian government would restore our rights but it became worse than Thein Sein government. During new government, we are being forced to accept NVC cards instead of Scrutiny cards like other ethnics, increase persecution and arbitrarily arrest. It held 21st century peace conference with all ethnic ignoring Rohingya.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi urged not to use Bengali for Rohingya but State media and all Buddhist media use Bengali immigrants. If we are illegal immigrants, government can deport us to the country they refer. They have no right to persecute us and keep us in the ghettos for destruction blocking from our daily needs.

Aung Aung : : Did you attack Border Guard Posts which government announced terrorist attacks that killed 9 BG police on 9 October, why?

Kyaw Maung : : We are not terrorists. In September, seven of our colleagues were arbitrarily arrested by Border Guard and tortured them inhumanely. In the beginning, they demanded 500,000 kyat for each to release them but later, they were disappeared and BG refused arrest of them. We had no intention to attack the posts. We attacked to find our colleagues back thinking they might be inside the posts.

Aung Aung  : : Armed struggle to get your rights is not easy. Shan, Kachin, Kayin have been fighting decades without any result. Though they have strong armed force, they can do nothing. How can you stand with sticks and swords against powerful and notorious army? Have you got any training from any country for the revolution?

Kyaw Maung  : : We have no intention to be rebellion against government. But it does not stop persecution; we have no rights at all. If we stand for self-defense, we will die once. Now, we are dying every minute. We have no foreign contact. If we are connected to any terrorist group we might have explosive weapons, not only sticks and swords. We attend no training. Persecution taught us to determined self-defense instead of dying under slow burning genocidal program of Myanmar army.

Aung Aung   : : How many people participate in your Faith Movement?
Kyaw Maung : : We have no systematic organization victims who lost their family members because of persecution join us voluntarily with their own free wills. At the beginning we had nearly 100, later only 40 members remain. We hope the members will increase soon because of State’s terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

Aung Aung  : :  State claims that you torched the houses and ran away. Does it true?
Kyaw Maung : : After 9 October attacks, when army and Border Guards torched hundreds of Rohingya’s homes, killed in mass, arbitrarily arrested 100s of people; we decided to give up our self-defense activities. But army and Border Guards continue genocidal operations one village after another killing and burning inhumanely.

Unfortunately, we confronted army while we were moving to another village on 12 November 2016. Then we had to fight to save our lives. Based on that confrontation, government launched air strikes, fired mortars and automatic sub-machine guns on civilians randomly that caused many Rohingya families into ashes in Yae Khet Chaung Kwa Sone Village tract, nearly 700 Rohingya were killed by army through operations, nearly 4,000 people injured and have no doctor, 50,000 became homeless.

We announced openly who we are, our video clips are available, and government knows our faces. Why does it need mass killing of innocent civilians if it has no intention for Genocide?Why did army torch the whole village into ashes? State has been deceiving public as well as the world that terrorists burnt the houses and ran away, no rape case there and no injustice, everything is under the law.

If government is true on its claims why can’t it allow journalists for free investigation? Let international investigation come and let them to discover the reality. We have concrete evidence of genocide committed by the army.

(Watch) We are not terrorists. Myanmar Tatmadaw and Border Guards are the real terrorists


Aung Aung  : : If a reliable media wants to see you, can you meet to discuss?
Kyaw Maung : : Any media who respect human rights and justice are welcomed for dialogue.

Aung Aung  : : If government restores your rights, will you give up self-defense struggle?
Kyaw Maung : : We never demand anything that harms Union, peace, and reconciliation. We just demand our own rights to restore all rights that the former parliamentary democratic government of Myanmar had approved. We are not insurgents or rebellions. We want to be good citizens and serve for the country.

(Watch) Rohingya families burnt into ashes Kya Gaung Taung village tract on 13.11.2016

In the name of clearance operation in Maungdaw district, Myanmar army burnt to death many Rohingya who were in their houses using heavy weapons and burnt down the whole village into ashes. Some of the bodies could not be identified as they became ashes. 167 Rohingya from Kya Gaung Taung village tract were missing. Most of the missing numbers might be die there while army launched heavy launchers.

Source by: http://www.aungaungsittwe.com/real-terrorists-tatmadaw-rohingya/

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