More Atrocities Loom on Rohingya Village as Commander Issues Ultimatum

More Atrocities Loom on Rohingya Village as Commander Issues Ultimatum

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.November 18, 2016 15:45

More Atrocities Loom on Rohingya Village as Commander Issues Ultimatum


Maungdaw – More atrocities are looming on the Rohingya village, Kyikanpyin, in Maungdaw Township as a Commander of the Border Guard Police (BGP) yesterday issued many ruthless ultimatums to be fulfilled by the villagers by 19th November.

The Commander, a colonel, of the Four-Mile BGP Post in Maungdaw threatened the villagers to completely destroy the village unless his commands are followed.

It has been learnt that yesterday at 9:00 AM, the Commander summoned the locals of the tree hamlets of Kyikanpyin (locally known as Hawar Bil) village for a meeting, where he investigated the villagers about the raids on the BGP Headquarter by some random assailants on October 9 and angrily asked them if they were anyhow related to the assailants.

“The villagers spoke the truth as it is as none of the villagers knew anything about the raid and is related to the assailants in any means”, said a villager (on the condition of anonymity). “However, disregarding the statements of the villagers, the commander issued following ruthless commands to the villagers to be fulfilled by this Saturday.

  • ‘We could raid your village at any time and by any means suitable to us but you can’t run away. If you do, we will not hesitate to open fires at you and kill you.
  • ‘You must hand over all of the sticks, knives and swords in your possessions to the nearest BGP Office within two days.
  • ‘You must inform us if you spot any suspicious person in your village.
  • ‘You must remove all the fences surrounding your homes.
  • ‘We will conduct inquiries as per our wish and you must follow our orders. Else, we will treat the way we want.
  • ‘Our armed forces will enter your villages in your villages at any time and in the way they like and you must endure it. IF not, we will destroy your village. You can look at the villages of ‘Dar Gyi Zar (Shudo Gozi Bil) and Pwint Phyu Chaung (Zammoinna) etc’ as examples. We will turn your village exactly like those villages.
    If you try to resist, we will launch assaults on you with our full-capacity no matter how big weapons we need to use including AIR-STRIKES.’”

After that, some villagers of the ‘Middle Hamlet’ — a hamlet of Kyikanpyin that was uprooted by the Border Guard Police by using force to remove all of the residents from their homes – asked the BGP Colonel where they would be inquired as they had no homes now. “To which the colonel replied ‘you will be inquired wherever you stay now. It’s because you are still suspected to have links with militants.’”

“The BGP Colonel completely ignored the dire issue of the displaced WaPaik (WaBek) villagers whose homes were completely burnt down as if they don’t exist all”, said an elderly person.

Similar ultimatums have been issued to the Rohingya villages under the BGP Regional Command 21 in Buthidaung Township.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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