Burmese Troops Gang-Rape 3 Rohingya Women and Arrest 50 Men

Burmese Troops Gang-Rape 3 Rohingya Women and Arrest 50 Men

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.November 19, 2016 16:15

Burmese Troops Gang-Rape 3 Rohingya Women and Arrest 50 Men


Maungdaw – The Burmese troops gang-raped three Rohingya women and arbitrarily arrested 50 men at a hamlet in northern Maungdaw yesterday, a reliable source reports.

The army gang-raped the women for hours and arrested the 50 men at ‘Lu Pan Pyin’ hamlet of KyetYoePyin village tract during a day-long siege of three Rohingya villages – KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang), NgaSarKyu (Nashaa Furu) and Oo Shye Kyar (Bura Shidda Fara) – by a joint force of the army and the Border Guard Police (BGP) from 5:00 AM to the late evening.

“They entered our homes saying they would need to search and investigate. When they didn’t find men present in some homes during the raids, they raped the women there. As far as I am concerned, they gang-raped three women in my neighborhoods for hours. They were screaming and crying for help” said a woman who managed to escape the horror scene.

It has been learnt that the military are committing rapes and all other crimes against humanity in disguise of ‘Clearance Operation.’

“The military order us to stay at home cool and calm; and not to run away. But when we do that, they simply arrest every one of us or kill us when we try to escape the arbitrary arrests. What should we do” exclaimed a Rohingya man while on the run.

Going by the current trends of the arrests in Maungdaw, the Burmese armed forces simply arrest random civilians they encounter and declare them to be militants through the state media and other domestic media under the instructions of the military.

On this unfolding situation, a human rights watchdog based in Maungdaw commented “the army arrests any Rohingya men on sight whether or not they have connections with the alleged militants in the region. They declare these civilians as militants through the state media as soon as they are arrested.

“So they run away in that fear. When they flee, the army and the BGP get free hands to rape women to their hearts’ content. I estimate the numbers of Rape Victims could exceed 100 by now.”

Hundreds of the innocent civilians have been killed, more than 100 women have been raped, many hundred people have been arrested and many villages have entirely been destroyed since the army offensive on the civilians in northern Maungdaw began on October 9 iin the name of ‘Clearance Operation.’

These pogroms, mass arrests and rapes are now leading to mass exodus of people especially to Bangladesh.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Source by: http://www.rvisiontv.com/

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