Four Civilians Killed in Army Shooting Rampage

Four Civilians Killed in Army Shooting Rampage

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.November 20, 2016 19:32

Four Civilians Killed in Army Shooting Rampage

By Rohingya Mirror |RVision TV News

Maungdaw — Four innocent Rohingya civilians were killed in a shoot rampage by the Burmese troops at Du’dan village in northern Maungdaw yesterday afternoon.

The casualties were 18-year-old Ubaida (daughter of) Karimullah, 22-year-old Yunose (son of) Abul Alam and two children who got drown in a river while they were trying to escape the Army shootings.

Around 100 Burmese troops — from the Battalion of Camp 24 at Kyein Chaung village (Boli Bazaar) — besieged the Laamba Guna hamlet of Du’dan (locally known as Ludaing) and conducted raids on the Rohingya homes around 2 PM on November 19.

The villagers, feared of getting arrested, tortured and raped by the Burmese troops like at KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang) village on the earlier day, fled to the nearest hide-outs. As they didn’t get chance to arrest people at the village, they vandalized homes, looted the valuables, destroyed properties and fired in the air; and left the hamlet around 4 PM.

After that, they went on to raid the Du’dan’s main village. The villagers started fleeing to their sights and the army began indiscriminate firings at the fleeing people.

The women in the village, too, started fleeing in fear of getting raped by the Burmese troops.

“Ubaida and Yunose were hit by bullets after managing to swim across the river. Yunose died instantly and Ubaida fell down on the ground at a paddy field and was still taking her breathes.
“Three armies swam across the river and shot her to death. And then, they took her corpse away” said a terrified victim who witnessed from a hide-out.

The troops left the dead body of Ubaida at a Rohingya home at Du’dan before their withdral around 6 PM.

The two children swimming across the river along with Ubaida and some other women got drown and have gone missing since then.They are also believed to have died.

One more person was also got hit by a bullet and he managed to flee.

The Burmese troops have killed hundreds of civilians, arrested more 1,000 innocent villagers, raped at least 80 women and burnt down more than 3,000 homes displacing at 30,000 people in the pretext of ‘Clearance Operation’ or the Hunt-Down on the alleged militants responsible for October 9 raid on three Border Guard Police (BGP) posts.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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