Myanmar State’s Counsellor held third meeting with army officers and Ministers to show the implementation of Peace, Stability and Development in Rakhine State at Nay Pyi Daw on November 18, 2016.(Photo – State Counsellor Office Information Committee)

As State’s media is under control of a genocidaire Zaw Htay who spread nationwide hatred and violence during Thein Sein Administration, all news are bias and include propaganda against Muslims and Rohingya.

When US foreign minister John Kerry came to Myanmar, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi requested him not to use sensitive terms “Bengali” as well as “Rohingya” and call “Muslims of Rakhine” instead. But Zaw Htay has been continuously using “Bengali” “illegal Bengali”. The attacks of Border Guard Posts on 9 October is a golden chance for Zaw Htay to eliminate all Rohingya and present them “Islamic terrorists” to public.

State’s media and most of the Buddhist news write “Islamic terrorist attacks”, “Muslim terrorists” “Bengali terrorists” to spread hatred against Rohingya. State’s media has been announcing and publishing only allegation against Rohingya instead of revealing the reality; Bengali terrorists torched their own houses and ran away, army is handling violence according to law, no army raped any Rohingya woman, they did not use heavy weapons etc. 100s of short videos and photosregarding cruelty of army and Border Guards are available in social media.

On 17 November, newly formed State’ Counsellor Office Information Committee released news as follow:

Jamal, 42 years old, 10 houses group elder, from Gaw Du Thara of Maungdaw was invited for dinner by Habibullah, 40 years old from Taung Ywa of Maungdaw. Jamal went there at 6 PM on 17.11.2016. When Jamal called his family to pick him up but no one answered him. At 7:25PM, Habibullah sent him off but when he did not reach home, his family came out to find him at 7:30PM.

He was found dead with the wound of chops on neck, head and chest between Taung Ywa and Anauk Ywa in the paddy field near prawn pond. His family informed Ward Administrator who reported MaKyi Chaung Border Guard Post about the murder case. Meanwhile, villagers arrested Habibullah on suspect of his murder Inspector of Border Guards Post and team went to the place where Jamal was murdered at 6 AM, on 18.11.2016 and charged Habibullah.

Screenshot of news which was posted on State Counsellor Office Information Committee page on Nov 18.
Screenshot of news which was posted on State Counsellor Office Information Committee page on Nov 18.

After reading the news mentioned above, I called a Rohingya lives in Gaw Du Thara to know the detail. He sent me a written paper through Viber in which he wrote “Habibullah is close friend of Jamal, they ate dinner together at 5PM, Jamal left from Habibullah’s house at 5:30PM because curfew is active and no one can go out after 6PM.

While Jamal was leaving he told Habibullah that he had appointment with Police Officer Kyaw Myint Htun. When Ward Administrator was going out, he found the dead body of Jamal at 7:30PM. Habibullah cannot be respondent. Someone else might kill him. Police Officer Kyaw Myint Htun should be asked when did he departed from him.”

When we analyse the information,we can see the big picture that murder case. State’s Counsellor Office Information Committee wrote some wrong information; no one can go out after 6 PM in Maungdaw.

How could Jamal and Habibullah go? Suppose, as a 10 houses group elder officially Jamal can go out but not Habibullah. Ward Administrator can go out for certain purposes instructed by the authority. From the house of Habibullah to the place where Jamal was murdered takes at least 5 minutes.

According to State’s information, they left at 7:25PM and family found dead body at 7:30PM. Villagers of Habibullah arrested him on suspect.

Another source said “Police Officer Kyaw Myint Htun killed him on suspect of an attacker. No rule of law in Maungdaw. Border Guards and Police arrest innocent civilians daily and announced them as terrorists. Victims are accused of respondents.

The news regarding the meeting was translated in many languages to deceive the World. State concealed the actual situation in Maungdaw blaming Bengali terrorists. But when the World Media highlighted the reality, Myanmar army’s cruelty, State Counsellor Information Committee was formed to deceive time to time.


A letter regarding the murder case from Gaw Du Thara of Maungdaw via Viber
A letter regarding the murder case from Gaw Du Thara of Maungdaw via Viber








Myanmar generals commit Rohingya Genocide. To conceal their crimes, they are bungling with 100s of wrong things to conceal the reality and continue genocidal operations against Rohingya.

Source by: http://www.aungaungsittwe.com/bungling-news-myanmar-deceive-world/








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