Self-made Primary School in Kyauk Pan Thu Zedi Ywa of Maungdaw by Rohingya who have been deprived educational rights since 1990.
Rohingya children who are eager to learn asking questions to volunteer teacher about value of education, in the playground of self-made primary school in Kyauk Pan Thu, Zedi Ywa of Maungdaw on Nov 21, 2016.
 Torching Rohingya’s homes, killing, torturing and arresting arbitrarily became habits of Myanmar military, Border Guards and police force. Since 10 October, horrific violence against Rohingya have been taking place in Arakan; 1000s of people lost their homes, 100s of people lost their lives and 100s of them are trying to escape the military crackdown.

Though “Rule of Law” does not exist in the region, State Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi stated that the government is responding to the situation based on the principle of the rule of law.

Does “Rule of Law” mean torching, killing and arresting civilians inhumanely?

In the morning, I received a message that Myanmar military surrounded Kyauk Pan Thu, Zedi Ywa (Shitha Furiqqa) Rohingya village of Maungdaw. A friend gave me a contact number of that village. When I called the number and an elderly person picked up and answered me. I was so pleased conversation with him.

Aung Aung : : Could you please tell me your name and the situation of the village?
Fazal : : My name is Fazal Karim. I am 67 years old. Our village is safe. Yesterday, some soldiers came but they did nothing to us. As situation getting worse in other villages, we are worrying.

Aung Aung : : Do you know who attacked the Border Guards Posts on 9 October?
Fazal : : I don’t know exactly who did it but innocent civilians are being targeted by army and Border Guards. Government plans destruction of the whole Rohingya community in the name of clearance operation. Under persecution, people became desperate. State’s policy caused occurring such a horrific violence.

Aung Aung : : Do you know how many people died since 9 October?
Fazal : : I don’t know exactly. Those villages are a bit far from us. I heard that nearly 700 died and more than 40,000 lost their homes.

Aung Aung : : What is the reason of violence in Maungdaw? Why have some of the Rohingya rebelled against government?

Fazal : : The only reason for all violence in Myanmar is discrimination and apartheid policy of the State. State must restore rights of Rohingya. It keeps us in the ghetto-like villages depriving all fundamental rights including educational rights. Dissatisfied and desperate youth has lost their spirituality. Some people take advantage of such people, persuade them to stand for their own rights or they may voluntarily want to fight for their own rights.

Aung Aung : : Can your children attend school?
Fazal : : Deprival of educational rights is destruction of the whole Rohingya Community. Ne Win regime did not build schools in Rohingya villages. After formation of NaSaKa in 1990, no Rohingya can attend higher education. Myanmar generals do not want to develop the country. They are destroying their own energy, human resources. If they educate Rohingya instead of operating genocidal plan, 1000s of Rohingya would serve for the State. They must restore our rights in order to serve for the State.

Aung Aung : : Is there primary school in your villages?
Fazal : : There was no school until last 6 months. Our children had to attend the school more than one mile far from here. But since 2012, our children could not attend school .We appealed Township Officer of education to build a primary school in our village 6 months ago.

We got permission to build self-made school. We collected money from the villagers and build a small school. We have 300 households and more than 400 students. Though we built school, we have no teacher, 3 under graduate students teach 370 primary students voluntarily. If possible, please help to educate people.

Aung Aung : : Sure uncle, Thank you very much.

The sign board of the first self-made primary in Kyauk Pan Thu, Zedi Ywa of Maungdaw by Rohingya who have been deprived educational rights since 1990. (Photo taken on Nov 21, 2016)

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