Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi delivers her acceptance speech during a Nobel Peace Prize lecture at Oslo City Hall on June 16, 2012 in Oslo, Norway.


A person’s true colors are revealed when he or she gets carried away. “Freedom From Fear” in which Daw Aung San Suu Kyi encouraged public to raise their voice against Myanmar’s notorious generals is a remarkable book. Her lectures on democracy and human rights caused to call her “Myanmar’s democracy icon”.

To make a first civilian government, majority voted her National League For Democracy in 2015 election in hope that she would make Myanmar a democratic Nation. But her attitude changed completely when she became State’s Counsellor.

A Myanmar Proverb says “Affinity with fishermen makes one a fisherman, affinity with hunter makes one a hunter”. I wonder affinity with genocidaires makes her genocidaire. A Rohingya Proverb says ” A tree can be known by its skin and true colors of human being can be known by his or her ideology in the mind , not in the mouth or writing” Thein Sein Government kept all Rohingya in the ghettos after State’s sponsored deadly violence in 2012.

During one year of her administration, Nobel Laureate has not uttered a single word to lift genocidal blockage on Rohingya and restore their rights instead she is following the foot steps of genocidaires saying “I should defend my father’s Tatmadaw. I don’t know Rohingya.” She requested the World not to use the term “Rohingya” and instructed State’s media to write “Bengali terrorists for “Rohingya”.

Because of unbearable persecution in the ghettos, some Rohingya stand for self-defense holding sticks and swords in Maungdaw since last October. Excusing crack-down of terrorists, State has been purging Rohingya civilians inhumanely using heavy weapons and deadly air strikes that caused the lost of 700 Rohingya and 1000 of them became displaced persons as it burnt down many villages and looted all their properties. Authority is also arming and training Rakhine for further bloodshed.

Recently, the UN’s special rapporteur on Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, criticised the government led by Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi for their handling of the crisis and called for ‘urgent action‘. Up to 50,000 people are now estimated to be displaced and thousands more affected; 100s of short video records and photos about rape, burnt alive, mass grave, torture, arbitrarily arrest, looting and torching houses by Myanmar military and Border Guards Forces are available.

Although many activists have proved that Myanmar army killed civilians, raped women and torched 100s of Rohingya’s homes, the government has vehemently denied all. Authorities have heavily restricted access to the area, making it difficult to independently verify government reports or accusations of army abuse.

While a delegation of UN officials and foreign diplomats made a brief trip to the area in an effort to get aid deliveries reinstated, State did not allow them to visit certain areas where many victims were waiting for them.

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi has recently stated that the government is responding to the situation based on the ‘rule of law‘. Yet I am unaware of any efforts on the part of the government to look into the allegations of human rights violations,” the UN’s special rapporteur said in a statement.”The security forces must not be given carte blanche to step up their operations under the smokescreen of having allowed access to an international delegation. Urgent action is needed to bring resolution to the situation.”

On 19 November, Myanmar military surrounded Rohingya village, Ngan Chaung of Maungdaw at 9AM, took out all people including children to a school. After that they separated all other villagers whose houses were burnt down by the army one side. Among them, there are people from Kyet Yoe Pyin, Pwin Phyu Chaung, and Yae Khet Chaung Kwasone. All those IDPs including elderly persons were forced overturn position and beat with bamboo slat.

No one knew the reason why were they beaten in such a cruel way. Later, 108 Rohingya were taken by the trucks of army. Out of them 55 people were alleged as terrorists from the State media. And the villagers of Ngan Chaung were warned not to keep any other villager. An army officer also announced that if any stranger come to your village, the person who can firstly inform to us will be rewarded 100,000 kyats.

If any person keeps a stranger will be fined 200,000 kyats. Army burnt villages, victims are not allowed to take refuge in other village means whoever survive from army’s cruel massacre “leave to death” in open fields without food and shelters. Army open fired in DuDan Village of Maungdaw at 5PM on November 19, where 4 dead bodies were found and 15 were missing including 5 children. As Nobel Laureate ignores Rohingya and does not want resettle IDPs in their own places and restore their rights , R2P should be implemented to save them.

Myanmar army and BGP tortured and arrested 108 IDPs whose houses were burnt down in their villages and refuged in Ngan Chaung on Nov 19, 2016. (Photo – State Counsellor Office Information Committee)

Source by: http://www.aungaungsittwe.com/will-nobel-laureate-spare-rohingyas-lives/

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