Buddhist leaders condemn atrocities on Rohingyas

Buddhist leaders condemn atrocities on Rohingyas

Star Online Report

Protesting the atrocities on the Rohingyas in Myanmar, leaders of Bangladesh Buddhist Federation today condemned the ongoing repression.

The Buddhists organisation also demanded the Myanmar government and authorities concerned to resolve the ongoing Rohingya issue immediately.

The minority community’s organisation came up with the call at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity in the capital this afternoon.

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“We think such kind of repression against Rohingyas is not against religion, rather it is against humanity,” Ashok Barua, general secretary of the Buddhist Federation, told reporters.

“We hate this kind of situation and activities,” he added. “We called upon the countries of the world to stand by the Rohingyas who are being tortured in Myanmar,” Ashok said.

He also expressed doubt of any anarchic situation that might arise in Bangladesh centring the Rohingya issue.

The Rohingya crisis erupted recently with a series of army raids that left many dead and hundreds arrested in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Yesterday, different political, religious and ethnic minority organisations in Bangladesh condemned the ongoing repression against the Rohingya Muslims.

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