Horrible Crimes against Rohingya Continue in Myanmar

Horrible Crimes against Rohingya Continue in Myanmar

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.December 6, 2016 02:07

Horrible Crimes against Rohingya Continue in Myanmar

By RVision TV Correspondents | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – Defying the international protests and outcry over the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, the Burmese troops continue to commit horrible crimes against the ethnic minority (Rohingya).

Following have been the recent or breaking updates of the atrocities.


5/12/16 8 pm: A 16 year-old girl died at 7 pm on December 5 and another 25 year old women has become critical as they were brutally gang-raped by the barbaric Burmese troops at MyauTaung village on December 4 night.

The Burmese troops have locked up more than 200 Rohingya women as hostages in the school of North hamlet of MyauTaung village (shown in the photo) tract since December 4 evening.

Another version of the report says as many as 100 Rohingya women were raped & 21 men were arrested by the barbaric Burmese troops at MyauTaung on December 4 night.

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

A pattern of a continuous crime against Rohingya by the Burmese military

5/12/16 9 pm: The Burmese troops besiege Rohingya villages and arbitrarily arrest the innocent Rohingya men including children and force some others to flee their villages. And they take all the Rohingya women including minors as hostages ensuring no one in their homes or in the villages.

As their homes are vacated or devoid of all Rohingya people, they call up the Rakhine Buddhist extremists from nearby villages and let them plunder the properties, rations, livestock and vehicles belong to them (i.e. the Rohingya people), while the Rakhine extremists destroy unmovable properties, cooking pots and other kitchen tools literally leaving out nothing behind for Rohingya use.

Adding to that, the Burmese government has blocked international humanitarian access to the regions. All these deliberate barbaric actions by the Burmese government are leading the Rohingyas to starvation and slow deaths.

[Rohingya Mirror Reports, MSRV]

5/12/16 3 pm: Inside this school at MyauTaung (Saali Ferang) village, the Burmese troops have locked up approximately 200 Rohingya women without food since Sunday (Dec 4) evening.

Right now, their voices or cryings and screaming are being heard from far. But none can approach. The Burmese troops keep molesting them demanding their men to surrender.

[RVision TV Correspondent Reports, MSRV]

5/12/16 10 am: Rakhine extremists supported by the military from battalion 552 are seizing, slaughtering and eating up Rohingya-owned livestocks at NgaRanChaung village in TaungBazaar area, northern Buthidaung.

[RVision TV Correspondent Reports, MSRV]

4/12/16 5 pm: 2 Natala Rakhines or BGP members in civil dress, arriving on a motorbike, torched the home of a widow, Rajuni (daughter of) Lal Meah, at Noddim hamlet of Kyikanpyin at 2 pm on December 4. The fire was extinguished before it spread to other homes.

[Rohingya Eye Reports, MSRV]

4/12/16 4 pm: Burmese troops molested Rohingya mother-daughter duo at Thalu Chaung hamlet of MyauTaung village tract on December 2. But the mother’s struggle saved her daughter from being raped.

But for that, the troops whacked the mother’s head with their guns causing her severe head injuries.

[Rohingya Eye Reports, MSRV]

[Compiled by M.S. Anwar]

Source by: http://www.rvisiontv.com/

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