Suu Kyi tried to save themselves

Suu Kyi tried to save themselves

Kuala Lumpur 5 December – The recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi should stop looking for excuses to escape by throwing slander against the Muslim Rohingya ethnic and even actions that exacerbate it shows he was desperate to find a way to cover his own mistakes.

Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani
Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani

President of the Association of Human Rights Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Malaysia (MERHROM), Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani said Suu Kyi was not entitled to hold Muslim Rohingya insurgents while what is done by the Myanmar military against Muslim Rohingya in fact far worse than anything that can be imagined by the public world.

“So glad he threw such accusations. If we just defend themselves, he accused Muslim Rohingya insurgents and terrorists. If it is true what it says, what’s the difference between us and what is done by the Myanmar military?

“The brutality of Burma is very clear, killed, raped and denied our rights. Why do we need silence if we continue to be persecuted? We certainly will not give up and let them kill and oppress at will, “he said when contacted by Utusan Malaysia, here today.

Zafar Ahmad was commenting on reports Reuters news agency that Suu Kyi has appealed to the world to understand the difficulties faced by the country and claimed that the military operation was launched as a counter-offensive by the Myanmar military against attacks made by Islamic rebels (Rohingya) before.

According to Zafar Ahmad, he was confident that the world community can judge wisely and Suu Kyi’s statement and believe they will not believe that statement to be a ruthless and clever specious as evidenced by the woman at the moment.

“Look at the character first. He who we know very well then but now change after achieving what his dreams. On this day when many people helped us, Suu Kyi began to worry and find new tricks to save themselves.

“His actions clearly show that began slandering he now began to fear with the support received by the Rohingya. He certainly anxious when there are countries that oppose cruelty Myanmar and it puts pressure on them, “he affirmed.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Rohingya Association of Malaysia Kedah, Yusof Ali said, it is true there are ethnic Rohingya who attacked police outposts in October as claimed winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I do not deny there are some Rohingya who attacked police outposts but it is a response to the atrocities of militants armed with Myanmar Rakhine Buddhists against Rohingya people since 2012.

“We have been patiently with their oppression but lately, they are increasingly ruthless until the burning village and let the elderly, women and children who could not escape death (burning).

“We (Rohingya) not labeled Islamist insurgents such as Suu Kyi, but we want justice and want the atrocities committed against the Rohingya stopped immediately,” he said.

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