We Are Mistreated in ACTS Clinics, says Rohingya Refugee in Malaysia

We Are Mistreated in ACTS Clinics, says Rohingya Refugee in Malaysia

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.December 8, 2016 18:56

We Are Mistreated in ACTS Clinics, says Rohingya Refugee in Malaysia

‘We are mistreated in ACTS Clinics’, said a Rohingya refugee in Kuala Lumpur on Monday

By KM Adam | RVision TV News

Kuala Lumpur – A chief interpreter of ACTS (A Call-To-Serve) who goes by the name ‘Loreal’ is a Rakhine Buddhist migrant woman from Myanmar racially discriminating and mistreating the Rohingya refugee patients in the Free Medical Clinic center at the Batu Arang branch in the city of Rawang.

It has been reported that the Rakhine woman deliberately misinterprets the statements of the Rohingya refugee patients rendering them with little medical services or without proper medical services at all.

A Rohingya refugee with months of experiences having medical services at the clinic said “there are no Rohingya interpreters for the services of the Rohingya patients at the Batu Arang clinic. Burmese language interpreters interpret for the Rohingya patients, too. Ms. Loreal is one of the interpreters working in the clinic for more than three years pretending herself as a Chin ethnic refugee.

“Since she is an interpreter working at the clinic for long, their boss — who is a Chinese woman named Ms. Rose Marry Chong — listens to her and believes what she says. Taking advantage of that, she abuses Rohingya patients visiting the clinic for medical services on the referral of the UNHCR or on their own using racial slurs like Kular. She misinterprets their statements. So, the doctors in the clinic don’t understand actual health problems of the Rohingya refugees.

“When international investigation teams or humanitarian groups arrive at the clinic to ask about the Rohingya situation in Malaysia and back in Arakan state in Myanmar, she doesn’t let them speak freely and interpret them even before they say something. For example, when the patients try to say ‘we are Rohingya and have left Myanmar due to persecution’, she interprets they don’t anything about Arakan situation as they are Bengali immigrants in Myanmar and left the country for economic reasons. That leads the international visitors to wrong conclusions.

“Some disabled or physically challenged refugees are having medical services there. But they dare not speak up in fear of expulsion from the clinic. We, the Rohingya refugees, are mistreated.”

A reliable source also reports that the Rakhine woman is one of the leaders that leads a gang of some 50 Rakhine extremist migrants working all over Malaysia. They are reportedly involved in abusing Malaysia and inciting racial hatred against Myanmar Muslims through social media; and final sponsorships of Rakhine Buddhist extremists against Muslims in Myanmar.

Similar misconducts against the visiting refugee patients or their caretakers by the Receptionists/Interpreting Staffs of ACTS’ at other branches have also been reported.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Source by: http://www.rvisiontv.com/mistreated-acts-clinics-says-rohingya-refugee-malaysia/

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