More Reports of Rapes and Robberies Emerge from Northern Maungdaw

More Reports of Rapes and Robberies Emerge from Northern Maungdaw

Anwar M.S.

By Anwar M.S.December 9, 2016 17:10

More Reports of Rapes and Robberies Emerge from Northern Maungdaw

RVision TV News | December 9, 2016

Maungdaw — Burmese soldiers and NaTaLa Rakhine villagers raided Myau Taung village in NORTHERN Maungdaw on December 4 and raped a Rohingya woman and her two minor daughters.

That day, at around 1 pm, seven of the armed men forced into the house of ‘Mr. Su’ (real name withheld) in the middle of the village.

Fearing of his arrest, as ‘Su’ hid himself somewhere, the men found his 36-year-old wife and their two minor daughters. They pounced on Su’s wife and children and raped them in front of one other, in a barbarian manner.

Those who were raped at Su’s house are:

(1) RK (36), w/o Su.

(2) Y (15), d/o Su.

(3) Z (13), d/o Su. (The real identities of the victims have been withheld for safety.)

Rohingya-owned electrical goods shop and motorbikes were also looted at the Myau Taung village on the following days after the gang-rapes.

Riding two motorbikes, five men in plainclothes, entered the village of Myauk Taung on December 8, at around 3.20 pm, and snatched two motorbikes from two Rohingya villagers. Some of the men were apparently from the BGP or army and the others were the NaTaLa Rakhine (Magh) extremists from Tharah Oo V.T.

Armed with two guns and three machetes, the five men stopped two Rohingyas, who were riding their motorbikes in the village. As soon as the two Rohingyas stopped, two of the armed men took away the keys of the motorbikes and started beating them. Fearing arrest, the two Rohingyas ran away from the spot, leaving their motorbikes there. The five men then left the village along with the two snatched motorbikes.

After riding some distance, the men stopped in front of a Rohingya-owned shop selling electrical goods and some foodstuff. At gunpoint, they took away money and all electrical goods from the shop and ran away.

The owners of the snatched motorbikes are:
1. Kamal (40), s/o Mohammad Kobir
2. Furkhan (23)

The name of the shop-owner:
Eliyas (25), s/o Siddik.

[Guest Editor Shaikh Faizur Rahman edited Rohingya Eye’s report]

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