Malaysia ready to send their peace forces to Myanmar

Malaysia ready to send their peace forces to Myanmar

Malaysia ready to send their peace forces to Myanmar
Malaysia Army Chief General Tan Sri Raja Mohamad Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor said the Malaysian Armed Forces were ready to send their peace forces to any country in turmoil including Myanmar, if required by the United Nations.

He added the armed forces had been given the responsibility to set up a standby force which would be mobilised anywhere, subject to the UN’s needs.

Asked to comment on the issue of the Rohingya refugees to Malaysia which could cause a serious problem here, Raja Mohamad said one method of control was to increase the training activities at the borders.

He was speaking to reporters after attending the Appreciation Ceremony of the Army Chief for Officers and Men of the Army’s Eastern Command here yesterday.

Raja Mohamad Affandi, who is due to end his term as the 25th Army Chief and will be appointed as the Armed Forces chief to replace Gen Zulkifeli, said all army personnel must remain united in order to ensure success when faced with any threat.

Malaysian Armed Forces chief General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin raised the country’s concerns over the Islamic State (IS) threat during his meeting with top Myanmar military leaders.

In a statement issued during his visit to meet his Asean counterpart before his official retirement, Jen Zulkifeli spoke on the IS threat against Malaysia and countries in the region.

“He raised concerns that the threat was real and Malaysia took a serious view on the situation. Jen Zulkifeli also stressed that cooperation between Asean countries was pertinent to handle the threat,” the statement said.

It added that Jen Zulkifeli also brought up the issue of the Rohingya community in Myanmar.

“He said the situation, if not handled amicably, could be exploited by the Daesh (IS) to widen its influence in South-East Asia.

The meeting was part of Jen Zulkifeli’s itinerary with his Asean counterparts before he retires. He met his counterpart Senior Jen Min Aung Hlaing on Monday in which both men discussed a host of issues.

Source: thestar (Malaysia)

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