NGO Calls Suu Kyi An International Terrorist, Urge The World To Boycott Myanmar’s Economy

NGO Calls Suu Kyi An International Terrorist, Urge The World To Boycott Myanmar’s Economy

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Following her indifference towards the fate of her own people, especially the plight of the Rohingyas, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has been likened to an international terrorist instead.

According to Tan Sri Ali Rustam, President of the Malay and Islamic World (DMDI), Suu Kyi, who is also the the State Counsellor of Myanmar, has been held in high esteem as someone who fought for peace, democracy and humanity but has suddenly changed her stance.

Ali said that DMDI is shocked at Suu Kyi’s appalling inaction, seemingly willing to keep her eyes, mouth and ears turned away from the sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims.

“Suu Kyi is also trying to create confusion that brutality is not only felt by Muslims but also by the Buddhists-majority Myanmar population.

“She also claims that this tension was a result of the existence of a group of Muslims who want to fight for the liberation of the Arkan Territory.

“She also seems to agree with the previous military junta allegations that there are rebels who want independence for the territory,” he said in a speech at the Rohingya International Forum: Stop Genocide at Dewan Perdana Felda, today, according to a report by Malaysia Gazette.

Earlier, the United Nations (UN) urged Suu Kyi to visit the conflicted territory in the northwest region of the country to assure the Rohingyas that they will be protected when there have been allegations of the military raping their women apart from burning down houses and killing civilians.

Ali also asserts that DMDI has vowed to use all of its resources spanning 20 countries in the world to pressure the Myanmar government, acknowledge Rohingya as citizens by amending the 1982 Constitution, and stopping the brutality that is unfolding daily.

He said, the Nobel Peace prize and nine other awards bestowed to Suu Kyi need to be revoked if this issue is not settled.

“We also would not hesitate to ask the cooperation of the DMDI in the world stage to call for an economic boycott if the route of democracy and tolerance meets a dead end.

“A resolution will also be formed at the end of this forum,” he said.

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