Rohingyas continue to suffer

Rohingyas continue to suffer

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 December – About 500 people were killed and thousands of Rohingyas continue to suffer and mistreated in just two days, although ethnic oppression has gained worldwide attention after some parties are trying to help.


President of the Association of Rohingya in Malaysia,Faridullah Dudumiya said the murder was protracted and increasingly bold army violent acts without feelings of humanity after receiving former Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Kofi Anan to Rakhine, early this month.

“I contacted the sisters there and they told, about 500 people were brutally murdered and raped women after the suppression of the world’s attention.

“They are now under increasing pressure and live in fear, but had to hide themselves in the refugee camps for fear of being raped by soldiers, while the men were hiding in the fields and gardens just to find food,” he told Utusan Malaysia here today.

As activists who were active in the country, he said, the food supply is dwindling population while the assistance provided to the population is also blocked at the border.

“People become desperate after the border to Bangladesh also closed so many died of starvation, including two close family members after the outage,” he explained.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Rohingya Ulama Council, Abdul Sattar Abdul Gaffarsaid that his party will continue to provide assistance to the people there through the middle that is reliable and has worked with the Rohingya Ulama Council.

He said the assistance was channeled to help reduce the burden of the population to buy basic necessities such as winter will arrive soon.

“We will continue to send aid to active activist there to hand over the donation to the people there were now only be placed in a field after 18 villages were burned by the army,” he said.

Elaborating, Abdul Sattar said the donation had to be sent through an intermediary for the assistance provided by ‘the right way’ is not distributed to the affected population, otherwise disposed of or given to other parties.

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