Eight women raped in Nari Bil amid tensed calm

Eight women raped in Nari Bil amid tensed calm


December 18, 2016

army agai

Army personal raided Nari Bil in Maungdaw North on Friday and raped at least eight women.

More than 80 soldiers entered the village tract at around noon, apprehended eight women and proceeded to gang rape them.

They also smashed up property and looted valuables.

In a separate incident, Hlun Htein personal set fire to houses in Kawa Bil. The villagers were earlier forced out in late October for allegedly providing shelter to Muslim rebels.

In Maungdaw South, Hlun Htein forces demolished 12 houses in Kiladong on Saturday. The incident happens a week after security forces ordered the demolition of a mosque and houses on the roadside on December 12.

While Kiladong and other Maungdaw South villages have been spared the terror of the recent crackdown, it is a traditional hotspot for violence. In one of the worst incidents, scores of women and children were hacked to death when a Rakhine mob backed by security forces attacked the village tract in January 2014. Since then there has been tension in the area as security forces cracked down on the survivors.

Local sources have also said there has been a steady movement of Tatmadaw troops into Maungdaw South.

Altogether while there has been incidents of rape and arson attacks on Rohingya settlements, there is an eerie calm in the area. Rohingya activists however warn the situation might take a turn for the worse anytime.

Hundreds have been killed and arrested, while many women have been raped since Tatmadaw forces unleashed a draconian crackdown on Rohingyas since October 9. Many of those arrested have been tortured to death, with some having their eyes gouged out and wrists cut off

Source by: http://myanmarobserver.com/

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