Suu Kyi Lets Maungdaw be “Rape Haven” for Military

Suu Kyi Lets Maungdaw be “Rape Haven” for Military


December 20, 2016

Suu Kyi Lets Maungdaw be “Rape Haven” for Military

RVision TV
By Qutub Shah

While Rohingya women, regardless of their age, including virgins, widows, minors, and even crones, mothers and married women are being raped or gang raped by military, border guard police and some Buddhist settlers in quite impunity, Suu Kyi never paid attention to their screaming.

These victims of sexual assaults are not in ones or tens, but in hundreds. As these cases are so frequent and in big numbers happening beyond the curtain of alien media access denial, lack of any action against these abuses looks as if they are jokes.

At the same time, the lady, who is supposed to console those victims as a lady or advocate of ‘Rule of Law’, she laughs out loud at them saying that accusations of rapes were just ‘fabrications’. Instead, she urged the Myanmarese to not only disbelieve such ‘fabrications’, but also to counteract the allegations.

MP Aung Win, Chairman of Rakhine Investigation Committee mocks at those victims telling to the BBC that Rohingya women are too dirty for soldiers to rape.

The day the investigation committee led by the Vice President Myint Swe visited Ye Kae Chaung Kwat Sone on 12 December, three women were from the same village were forcibly brought to forest and released at the evening and they are not virgin anymore as they told to the RVision. Another six men were arrested and tortured for they met the committee.

In Kya Gaung Taung, after the committee left the village, 30 women were summoned and 15 of them tortured severely and another 15 were exposed to sexual abuses like rape, molestation and dalliance. Among them are 2 minor girls and another one, mother of 3 children. There were similar incidents that happened by the visit of Kofi Annan.

Despite allegations, criticisms, condemnations and reports, there are several cases of sexual assaults on daily basis in northern Maungdaw. Here Suu Kyi was briefing ASEAN on Arakan situation and latest development in her term on 9 December amid continual atrocities in Du Chi Yar Dan and other villages at the same day.

In addition, she requires space to terminate Rohingya issue. By this, of course, she wants to terminate not their issue, but their existence.

So, investigation committee was nothing but for justification of the government denial of violations and an endorsement for further atrocities.

Myanmar government blames the Guardian for using unrelated footages and wants to take legal action against it, but why not against its criminal armed forces committing such a serious crime, whose real footages are available at on daily basis?

How about the real footages of the burnt corpses of Ye Kae Chaung Kwat Sone; of the mass graves of Nga Sa Gyu and Wapeik; of the rape victims of Oo Kyi Kya, Sin The Pyin, Kyet Yoe Pyin, etc.?

Is the recent report of HRW and Amnesty International fabrication as well?

Suppose that villagers of about 10 villages have burnt down their villages and homes to ashes and became homeless in the kingdom of statelessness just to get people’s attention, as the government claims. As for those burnt alive, I think they have burnt down themselves to get rid of their suffering and go to Nibbana.

If we read on front page of a newspaper “Suu Kyi gang-raped by military”, it will be emotionally stirring and shocking to hear violation of the Lady’s dignity, while the dignity of 100s of Rohingya ladies doesn’t matter. Rohingya women hold within themselves the same dignity as Suu Kyi does. And “Rohingya hold themselves—within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do.”

If there is no justice for them, at least provide them with contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy; or anti-bleeding and pain-killer pills.

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By Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia ( MERHROM) Posted in Uncategorized

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