Christians & Muslims are “parasites” & “dogs”: Spread of Genocidal “Buddhist” speech acts in Burma

Christians & Muslims are “parasites” & “dogs”: Spread of Genocidal “Buddhist” speech acts in Burma

“Christians and Muslims are “parasites” and “dogs” in Myanmar.”

A well-known “Buddhist monk” delivers this certifiably GENOCIDAL speech in Burma.
Myanmar governments, neither ex-General Thein Sein’s regime nor today’s Suu Kyi government has addressed the issue of genocidal hate speech in public life.
Instead these regimes have used the Law to jail activists for “insulting” President, Suu Kyi, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
All faiths and faith-based communities are a fair game in the “democratic” Burma.
There are signs of the emergence of horizontal conflicts, triggered by the regime’s “strategic tolerance” of hate speech – a very potent genocidal strain – in Burma while the vertical conflicts (the conflicts between state actors – the military and the NLD – and non-state communities – such as genocide and civil war deepen).
If you speak Burmese and have a facebook account worth studying this categorically genocidal speech.
Myanmar Saffron-robed man delivers a genocidal speech.
Here is the gist:
Muslims and Christians as “parasites” and “dogs”
1) Muslims and Christians are “parasites” in our Myanmar Buddhist Society
2) even our proverbial monkeys on the hrone are not as dangerous as these creatures because monkeys just climb up and down the throne, and don’t live on.
3) But these Muslims and Christians are like dogs that live on the steps of a stair casse: they will urinate on the steps.
4) Kachins, Karen, Mon, etc. are our Taiyinthar; but Christians and Muslims are NOT (Zarni’s remarks: 90% of Kachin, and a majority of Chin, and 25% of Karens are Christians. But this man is too ignorant to know that or facts don’t matter to him).
The Burmese as the Stupidest Race on Earth: We let these creatures in and don’t see the danger they pose to our Buddhist society.
Starting with the (last) King Thibaw (of 1885) down to everyone of us, we have been stupid. Not only did we live under the British colonial rule for over 120 years, we let these dogs and parasites in – from different gates, like Western Gate (reference to Bangladesh-Burma Border region.
1) Repeat after me:
What is our society? What is our country?
We are Myanmar Buddhist Society and Myanmar Buddhist society.
Buddhist Monks as Leading Liberators of Buddhist Burma
Who fought and won independence from Britain?
Not Christians. Not Kular (the usage here is referring to Muslims).
Why the past kings were great?
Why do you think our past kings were great?
Because they were educated at Buddhist monasteries – not like today’s political leaders who barely knew a few Buddhist prayers.
What they learn in non-Buddhist (secular) schools is good only for this life.
Buddhism is good for eternity.
It is imperative that we Buddhists must protect our Buddhism and our race.
Sixty years after independence from Britain, what is the progress?
What has grown?
The only growth in Myanmar is the growth of Christian and Muslim populations.
Economy has not grown, and poverty is pervasive.
Well, when their populations grow they will revolt and they will fight us.
Even with us Buddhist Myanmar being the dominant majority here our people are afraid of these anti-Dharma (the Dangers to our Buddhism) elements.
Burmese Buddhist Women and the Dangers
Our Myanmar women migrate to Thailand because there are no jobs here.
In Thailand, Thai police would pick up women from our country – Karen, Mon, Burmese, etc. – arrest them, and take them to hotels and do as they please, 10 years ago.
Now the Burmese are no longer putting up the abuses.They are fighting back. Recently a group of 3 Burmese men killed a Thai man.
The Thai race look down on our Myanmar people and use our workers only as useful labourers.
We will get to the point where Buddhism and Buddhists will disappear.
However, these anti-Dharma Christians and Muslims are not yet capable of destroying us.
We must keep faith in the Infinite Wisdom of Lord Buddha.
All the same we must strive to maintain and protect Buddhism and Buddhist race.
So, if you really love your own children – sons and children – please pass on to them Buddhist heritage.
We must put the fate of our Buddhist children in the hands of Buddhist monks. We must give them Buddhist education.
We must never entrust the Muslims and Christians to take care of our children.
Christianity and Islam are IDEOLOGIES. they have no God – like our Buddhism.
The most crucial thing is to give our children Buddhist education.
Only Buddhist education vis-a-vis modern education is the most profound, the most intellectual and relevant infinitely.
We must protect our RACE and Buddhism.
Our women must prefer to marry dogs to marrying Christian and Muslim men.
If they marry Muslims their married lives would be the worst form of slavery in the world.
It is our duty to protect Buddhism. To protect Buddhism we must protect Burmese Buddhists.
If we don’t protect Buddhism all the pagodas and temples will be replaced by mosques.


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