Rakhine ASEAN meeting APHR lawyer

Rakhine ASEAN meeting APHR lawyer

  • 21 December 2016
Image captionstand ASEAN foreign ministers from the government and no problem without 0 and turn left she says

Arakan was in Yangon on December 19 ASEAN foreign ministers meeting results disappointed the ASEAN Human Rights MP group said Sunday.

After this meeting without any concrete results can not afford to go, ASEAN ministers to protect civilians instead of Suu Kyi’s speech went just အလှတွေ final ASEAN parliamentarians Human Rights Commission chairman Charles Santiago said.

Q. The critics said that you do not think too hard.

Answer. We have not criticized it, We say in the ASEAN region, especially those in oppression talking responsible. According to a UN Rohingya You’re the world’s most threatened minority. Terrorist if you look at the situation since their meeting of ASEAN Foreign Ministry 0 decision is too soft, 0 tell you honestly not acceptable. Worst shoe Store minorities, ASEAN can do want to ask ဒါဘဲလား. ASEAN want to question at least, To protect the people,Otherwise fade from my people in this government. Case structure, ASEAN foreign ministers to stand by the government and no problem without 0 and turn left.

Q. ASEAN’s Rohingya will be able to tackle the problem, how.

Answer. Rohingya problem is problem for a long period. But now matters that people disappeared upcoming issue become much ASEAN as workers should the UN’s permission and ASEAN forces as well as the panoramic Harold place went to The army feared exceedingly, are local protect requesting should. No. 2 military human rights violations should be asked to investigate accusations against itself. No. 3 issue of humanitarian aid will not need open and transparent.

In statements after meeting the necessary humanitarian aid have been determined in the system. What are the necessary assistance, Or will her government who think the military pinch 0 accepted without competition. I know what the end, oppressed, Where minorities were murdered in the greater Horn’s face.

Q. ASEAN meeting discussed humanitarian aid to human rights violations discussed features are not found. ASEAN’s human rights violations in an attempt to stop what can act.

Answer. Our efforts are at least as important as people think. We must know that this issue is a matter of ethnic cleansing အောင်လုပ်နေ. Killing people be extremely careful weighting does not really matter. Being destroyed your home, Destroying your culture will be aware of the amount received weighting issues. Myanmar’s Rohingya understand we’re associated with geo-politics.But this fact to justify any military, ဘယ်အစိုးရကိုမှ Should not be allowed to kill people. This is not entirely a matter Acceptance. ASEAN eyes lied to conceal problems. I lied because I’ll pay ASEAN. ASEAN is a problem from a problem when you’re done soon to make these problems we must face.ASEAN’s strategy was wrong. Deal with the problem of government should be allowed to allow time to resolve their own responsibility ASEAN can hardly close my eyes. People are being murdered. People die. Pay to tackle the situation now. Time is not the issue that will be addressed. This will immediately make an emergency situation.


Source by: http://www.bbc.com/burmese/burma-38387037

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