Rohingya Homes Demolished in Southern Maungdaw

Rohingya Homes Demolished in Southern Maungdaw

By Anwar M.S.
December 21, 2016 02:59


Rohingya Homes Demolished in Southern Maungdaw

By Rohingya Eye | December 21, 2016

Maungdaw — At least 13 homes and one shop were demolished by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) at the village of ‘Duchiradan’ locally known as ‘Kilaidaung’ in Southern Maungdaw between December 18 and 20, it has been reported.

The homes were not well-built buildings but traditional country-type homes made of bamboo and covered with ‘Nipa Palm Leaves’, which don’t require any permission from authorities according to ‘the City Development Act.’ But a group of 20 BGP personnel from the ‘Goduthara-bridge post’ entered Duchirandan and forced the villagers to destroy the homes on pretext of erection of homes without official permission.

“The owners of the homes demolished the West hamlet of Duchiradan were farmers and lumberjacks. They are too poor to build a good and durable houses. Now, the BGP demolished their traditional tent-type homes rendering them without any shelter in this winter. The BGP are behaving ruthlessly”, said a local in southern Maungdaw, speaking to Rohingya Vision TV.

For a Rohingya to build a house in rural areas regardless of poor or rich, they have to take permissions not only from the administrations (both village administration and township administration) but also from the BGP and sometimes from Special Branch Police (SB) and Defense Security Service (Sarapha), which cost them more than building a house itself.

On the demolitions of the homes, a human rights observer based in Maungdaw commented “the military are setting entire villages on fire or destroying them in northern Maungdaw. In the southern part too, the BGP are demolishing homes under different pretext, thereby systematically displacing the Rohingya community with an obvious intention of ultimately expelling them from the country. This systematic displacements of people could amount to crimes against humanity.”

The victims whose homes demolished are:

1) Fayazullah (50), S/o Omar Meah
2) Sirajullah (25), S/o Mohammed Salam
3) Daw Rashida (50), (Wife of) U Rashid Ahmed
4) Madu (57), S/o Auli Meah
5) Aseem Khan (27), S/o Abul Faiz
6) Kabir Ahmed (26), S/o Baadu
7) Haroon (27), S/o Sadu
8) Mohammed Rashid (28), S/o Siroo
9) Mohammed Yunose (29), S/o Abdu Gaffar
10) Noor Islam (38), S/o Abdu Ghaffar
11) Anwar (20), S/o Sayed Ahmed
12) Anu (28), S/o Makhtul Hussein
13) Rahima Khatun (45), d/o Lal Meah

The owner of the shop destroyed is U Zakariyya (47), s/o Azhar.

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