Leaders show a little solidarity at the opening of the 28th and 29th ASEAN summits in Vientiane on September 6, 2016. (Photo – AP)

When Malaysia Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak raised voice to end “Rohingya Genocide”, State Counselor, Aung San Suu Kyi decided to use another way to deceive the World covering atrocities with delusive words. Though Malaysia said the plight of Rohingya in Myanmar was a regional concern, Myanmar tried to change its atrocities into an internal humanitarian issue on 19.12.2016.

The meeting held on Monday December 19, was a rare departure from ASEAN’s usual policy of not interfering with other country’s affairs, and came after Malaysia’s Prime Minister described the killing of Rohingya as”genocide”. Rohingyas have been facing deeply rooted discrimination from State’s policy of Burma.

There continue to be reports from many sources alleging arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings including of children, rape by soldiers, burning of Rohingya villages as well as destruction of homes and places of worship,” said Anifah Aman, Malaysia’s Foreign Minister, according to a speech released later by the ministry.

State organized a journalist team to send Maungdaw and deceive the World again. Amir Hamza, 22 years old from Kya Gong Taung Village Tract of Maungdaw said “We don’t trust any Burmese journalist, even though they represent foreign media because we expressed every atrocity of army and border guards to 13-members investigation Commission but result was negative. Doesn’t matter whoever comes, if they are Burmese, we never trust.

Let Foreign Journalists come here to get the real facts of atrocities in Maungdaw against us”.

On 20.12.2016, at 8AM, police officers came to Chilkhali IDP camps and surrounding villages and demanded detail information of every mobile phone belongs to Rohingya. Their main target is to stop widespread news about army’s atrocities against Rohingya. Since October 9, Myanmar government has been concealing State’s genocidal operations; extrajudicial killing, gang rape of Rohingya women and girls, torching their homes and looting their properties. Myanmar, denies its crimes as every criminals does.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met local Buddhists, Tatmadaw men (army officers) and border guard police doing area security tasks on 20th December 2016. He encouraged Buddhists for unity and work for the nation. He also highlighted to them that illegal Bengali are the threat for the sovereignty of Myanmar and army will continue what is the best for the country, not necessarily need to care any country or any person locally or internationally.

Referring Rohingya, he said “Our most important duty is to protect and maintain independence from the danger of international armed insurgencies and alien intrusions. We have been striving to remove all these danger but could not do that because of shortcoming among us. We should not be careless now. Take lesson from last attack and strive harder to destroy all enemies.”

Town Administrators ordered all Rohingya to destroy their own homes that has no official family list. Min Aung Hlaing directed all government officers to find a legal way for the destruction of Rohingya community. As government does not issue family unit list (အိမ္ေထာင္စုစာရင္း) for new couples of Rohingya since 1990s, a family list contains many houses. Married children are in their parents’ family list but live in separate houses.

Now, government ordered to destroy all those houses though there is no such law that “A house must have a family list”. This is another type of atrocity against Rohingya. If Hitler be alive, he would be surprised that “Myanmar generals are 100 times crueler than him“.

Before her ASEAN counterparts, Aung San Suu Kyi used delusive words and plead for “time and space” to solve Rohingya issue, Rohingya became the most persecuted on Earth since 1970s, how long does it take to end genocidal atrocities against them. World Leaders as well as Regional Leaders must step up and not hide behind the verbal diplomatic niceties.


Authority forced Rohingya to demolish their own homes in Northern Maungdaw in this way on 20.12.2016.

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