Malaysia’s success in helping Palestine

Malaysia’s success in helping Palestine

Give a ray of hope also for Rohingya


Kuala Lumpur 25 December – Malaysia once again believed to be a key pillar in helping to liberate the ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar’s military grip of violence after the country successfully urged the United Nations (UN) passed a resolution banning Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories.


President of the Association of Human Rights Malaysia Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas (MERHROM), Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani said Malaysia’s ongoing efforts to propose a draft resolution to the United Nations to help the Palestinians establish the country is also capable Girlfriend Rohingya.

“Malaysia’s success in helping the Palestinians to give a ray of hope to the Rohingya for freedom someday because they are oppressed like the Palestinians.

“I also hope that Malaysia will never stop helping and supporting Rohingya as support the country against the Palestinians,” he said when contacted by Utusan Malaysia, here today.

Yesterday, the Special Representative of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to Myanmar, Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said that the actions of the ASEAN countries such as Malaysia to fight for rights and justice to Rohingya Muslims does not mean that this country wants to intervene in the administration of Myanmar.

In the meantime, Zafar Ahmad also urged the UN to put peacekeepers in the restive region to ensure the safety of a group of volunteers who wanted to send food and medicine to the Rohingya guaranteed.

He said the move was necessary because the state can not be expected and ensure that relief supplies can be delivered directly to the Rohingya.

Meanwhile, the President of the Council of Ulema Rohingyas (MUR), Mohd. Jaber Mohd. Subahan also threw the same view that the Malaysian business firm in proposing a draft resolution to the UN for Palestine shows that the government uphold justice.

“It is not impossible if Malaysia also managed to free ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar’s military atrocities, just as help Palestinians defend its territory from Israeli colonies.

“Malaysia is not a step in the administration of Myanmar, on the contrary help the oppressed and any country will do so on humanitarian grounds,” he said.

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