Rosheda Bagoung’s son holds his malnourished brother inside a tent at Dar Paing refugee camp on May 10, 2014 in Sittwe, Burma. (Photo – Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)


Myanmar government, including the senior army generals embraced Rohingya officially as well as verifiably as one of the indigenous ethnic of Myanmar. Up to 1965, Rohingya had rights like other indigenous ethnics of Myanmar, to broadcast news in their own language. In 1973, Major Aung Than Operation was held by the State to deprive ethnic rights and promote Rakhine State.

In 1974, the term Rohingya was changed into Chittagonian and had started dismissing all Rohingya government servants including teachers. Soon another operation called Sabe Operation was run to drive all Rohingya out of Arakan.

In 1978, the Government, using King Dragon Operation forced 300,000 Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh. Though many of those refugees were repatriated under the supervision of UNHCR and UN recognized Rohingya the most persecuted ethnic on Earth, Burmese regime continued persecution applying operations such as Shwe Hintha, Galone and Pyi Thaya one after another.

In 1990, Ex-general Khin Nyunt formed NaSaKa which confiscated Rohingya’s National Identity Cards and replaced them with white cards (temporarily Scrutiny Cards), banned married education and travelling, used contraceptive injection to Rohingya women and girls arbitrarily arrest and tortured to death 100s of Rohingya.

Thein Sein government started genocidal campaign in 2011, publishing books and spreading propaganda against Rohingya; hate speech of state-back extremist monks led by Wirathu and Sitagu. In 2012, State sponsored violence was staged against Rohingya that caused more than 150,000 internally displaced and the rest has been being kept under genocidal ghettos. Ex-general Thein Sein proposed to the head of UNHCR in August 2012 to effectively evict them; transmigrates them to other countries, with UN financing. UN rejected the proposal on grounds that Rohingya are not refugees.

They are the country’s people, born and bred there, and it is the Burmese State’s responsibility to look after them. Keeping all Rohingya in the ghettos, State targets to kill all youth distributing free drugs such as WY or Yarba narcotics in the concentration camps. The result of institutionalized persecution two third of the whole Rohingya population left the country, 100s of them died in the sea and in the forest of Thai and Malaysia.

Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi is reportedly very racist towards Rohingya and Muslims. She unilaterally made the decision to not allow any Muslim MP in her party during the 2015 election. She shares military’s institutionalized view that Rohingya are illegal or just colonial era migrants with no root in the country. Suu Kyi’s pandering to the military and popular Buddhist racism towards Rohingya is extremely troubling. So, Suu Kyi is no longer seemed as a force for good, but rather a supporter of genocide, with Myanmar military leaders being the main genocidal perpetrators.

As the generals attempt to wipe out as many Rohingya villages and communities as possible and build Buddhist settlements in the Rohingya’s lands, they staged violence on 9 October 2016. They framed Rohingya attackers as terrorists but the impact of their attacks on the Rohingya got caught on satellite cameras. Their Air force involved in the ethnic cleansing by flying gunship helicopters.

The lies, denials and fabrications by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and State Counsellor, Suu Kyi are remarkable while social media enables to tell the World witness the Genocide.

In the name of “Clearance Operation” Myanmar army and Border Guards have killed as many Rohingya as they could, raped 100s of Rohingya women and girls, burnt down 1000s of their homes, arbitrarily arrested 100s of them since 9 October. Nearly 80,000 were forced to leave, or displaced internally within two months. When international Community condemned torching of civilians’ homes, army started using another method instead of torching, they forced Rohingya to demolish their own houses as an excuse that “if any house has no family list, it must be demolished”.

State has not issued family list for every Rohingya family since 1980. So Parents and their married sons and daughters are in a one family list but live in different houses. Authority is forcing to demolish them. Nearly 300 houses were demolished in two weeks.

State Counsellor, Suu Kyi, is now forcing Rohingya to accept NVC Cards which is designed for aliens, not Myanmar citizens. Since June 2012, when the latest wave of anti-Rohingya violence broke out, attackers have burned entire Rohingya neighborhoods, butchering the populace with knives, sticks, and machetes. Since then, half the population of Myanmar’s Rohingya has been displaced. Some have tried to escape to other Southeast Asian nations on rickety boats often operated by human traffickers.

Rohingya are treated worse than animals. Stripped of their citizenship, rejected by neighboring countries, they are rendered stateless. No human being deserves to be treated this way. Whatever the perspectives – and there are, within my country, a variety of perspectives – about the origin of the Rohingya people, there cannot be doubted that those who have lived in Myanmar for generations have a right to be regarded as citizens, and that all of them deserve to be treated humanely and in accordance with international human rights.

Seeing thousands of people living in dire, inhumane conditions in camps; seeing the segregation, the apartheid that has been established in Sittwe; seeing thousands risk their lives at sea to escape these deplorable and unbearable conditions – this is not a basis for a stable, peaceful future for my country.

We have 1000s of disturbing pictures and videos, Myanmar’s generals and Rakhine extremists’ crimes against Rohingya. Since 2012, 100s of reports have been released by several organizations throughout the World but Myanmar government still keeps Rohingya in the concentration camps and ghetto-like villages, deprives basic human rights, and attempts to annihilate name and history of Rohingya.

Whatever name one applies to these heinous acts—crimes against humanity, genocide, mass atrocities—they seem to be the hardest crimes to deal with. China is a state party to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, should end urge Myanmar Generals to end crimes against Rohingya rather than supporting them for the advantages of Golden Gas in Arakan.

Universal jurisdiction was included in the 1973 United Nations Convention that declared Apartheid in South Africa to be a “crime against humanity”. As Samatha Power chronicled in her study of Genocide,” A Problem from Hell”, United States, as a party to the treaty, to take action to prevent ethnic cleansing in Arakan; State’s policy to annihilate Rohingya and should punish those who committed crimes against humanity in Myanmar. Myanmar generals will never stop persecution and annihilation of Rohingya unless the international community takes action against them.

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