Fabrications against local civilian Rohingya Muslims continued

Fabrications against local civilian Rohingya Muslims continued

Since yesterday Myanmar Army and BGP started operation against civilians in the village. Read here: https://mirsdq.blogspot.com/2017/01/rohingya-in-tanamtha-on-run.html

These guns were given to local Rakhine Buddhists to kill Rohingya Muslims in Buthidaung. Rakhines from Buthidaung were trying to create mass killing many times since 2012 but Rohingya victims didn’t stand or didn’t respond them.

Now the military put the guns into Rohingya houses to destroy the Rohingyas from Buthidaung as well as Maungdaw. Since Oct 9, about 400 women have been raped, about 3000 houses have been burned, above 500 peoples have been killed, children were thrown into fire, many peoples burned alive, about 50 village tracts have been attacked like war enemies, plundered everything from entire villages of Maungdaw township, drive out above 60,000 Rohingyas from the land by Myanmar Army and BGP through the instruction of super power Suu Kyi who got Nobel award for peace. Her Peace Nobel award is now using to hide the crimes including inhumanity and genocide.

Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships are Rohingya majority townships since many years. They want to demolish Rohingya villages to be resettled Rakhine Buddhist there.


State Counsellor Office Information Committee

Four suspects with 14 hand-made guns seized in Maunggyitaung Village, Buthidaung

January 5, 2017

On 4th January afternoon, 1 trainer and 3 trainees were arrested loading with hand-made guns in Maunggyitaung village, Buthidaung.

Upon receipt of the news at about 3 am on 4th January that those who had completed an insurgent military training course were nearing the village of Maunggyitaung in Bauthidaung township carrying weapons, security forces blocked entry routes in order to intercept them. While searching, security forces detained Mamad Karat, the trainer and 3 trainees named Kumuru, De Mamud, Mardular — 4 in all. After interrogation that resulted in confessions, security forces searched for weapons and captured14 hand-made guns in a field of betel palms which belonged to De Mamud at about 2 pm.

It is learnt that legal action will be taken against the arrested in accord with the law.

(State Counsellor Office Information Committee)


Source by: https://mirsdq.blogspot.my


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