Sad that the world needs the picture of a child face down to notice ignored tragedies

Sad that the world needs the picture of a child face down to notice ignored tragedies

published: 05/01/2017 19:51 CET updated: 1 hour ago

2016 was expected to be the year of democratic change in Myanmar. The free vote and without interference of November 2015, which had led to the leadership of the Asian country Aung San Suu Kyi, had been welcomed as a sign of hope. But even then the news of the persecution of the Rohingya minority , massacred indiscriminately, including women and children, had dampened the joy of the success that suggested the initiation of a process of democratization led by the Nobel Peace Prize.

Aung San Suu Kyi on the genocide taking place against this people ‘outcast’ has remained silent, he has never taken action to stop this horror. No mention, not even after the appeal made to the Security Council of the United Nations by twelve colleagues Nobel laureates , including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzai, to end the ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity against Rohingya.

A year and a half ago, on this very blog, I told how former Burma was in place a real repression contrio this ethnic group of Islamic religion, not recognized by the Constitution or the law of Myanmar, forced to a real mass exodus to Bangladesh. Only in the last four months the arrivals in the country were 50,000.

Naypyidaw to continue to reject all responsibility, claiming that the worsening of the crisis is due to the action of rebel groups based in the central part of Myanmar, Rakhine, which make continuous massacres, regardless of gender and age. Yet only today our media we realized what is happening in the former Burma. Or rather, they found the photograph ‘sensational’ to use to give notice.

Mohammed Shohayet, 16 months, is the Aylan Rohingya. Roberto Saviano is right . The image of his limp little body on a shoreline, half-naked and with her face face down, is the mirror image of the terrible pictures of the Syrian boy drowned after the shipwreck in September 2015 the barge was traveling with his family and reported, lifeless, from the waves on the Turkish beach where he started. That photograph touched the world, becoming a symbol of the tragedy of immigration.

The screenshot of the video of CNN, which interviewed the father survived told us the story of Mohammed, as Aylan went viral and is intended to be a visual representation of the unknown tragedy of its people. For us it is a deja vu that we never wanted to relive. Some people did not need a picture that goes around the world to talk of crisis and ignored genocide.

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