8 comments on “CONTACT US

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My vulnerable life has been left in an imminent danger despite I have been seeking protection giving you details of death threats from human traffickers. I have lodged my police reports against constant death threats hoping protection. Having no any from you/UNHCR and police. On the other  hand, I had no any alternative to feed my two little kids and wife and to pay my monthly rent with water and electricity bills. So, I left the house and stay with a friend.I leave my wife and two little girls in my friend’s house and I go into hiding at night. Some agents came to my friend’s house to look for me. My friend opened the door while they entered and searched for me. They dishonored and punched my wife just below her eyes when they didn’t find me. My wife’s hurt eye’s photo is herewith. 
    I continuously ask for my protection from you/UNHCR and lodge report with police station the agents give me death threats. My life is in a danger. I don’t know how long I can avoid the threats. Consequently, my wife and two little girls suffer from hunger. 
    Therefore, I am fervently seeking your kind help to protect my life. 
    Best regards
    Your faithfully,
    Mohd Anwar.

  2. Hai. Im want to donate cash to your organisation. Is it okay if i could have a bank account tk transfer to? Preferably CIMB. Thanks!

  3. Aung San Suu Kyi must be stripped off, of her Nobel Peace Prize. We need to begin an international campaign via Facebook and Twitter to oust of the title since she has not lived up to it. Please call for the campaign and initiate it.

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